ARKX ETF, Archegos Capital, Visa USD Coin, Suez Canal (Stock Market News)

It's Stock O'Clock, welcome. Cathy Wood's ARK 
space ETF will likely begin trading on Tuesday.   ARK's first ETF in two years will be listed under 
the ticker symbol ARKX. It's not yet known which   companies will be included in the space ETF. 
The Archegos Capital hedge fund has blown   up last week. The hedge fund had a few risky 
bets that went bad leading to a margin call.   They were forced to sell about 20 billion dollars 
in positions. Visa allows payment settlements   using the stablecoin USD Coin. Before if someone 
paid with a Visa cryptocard it was converted into   fiat. The USD Coin eliminates that step leading 
to lower costs and complexity. And the ship in   the Suez Canal has been partially refloated. It 
can still take many days to completely loosen the   ship. The issue is affecting about 12 percent of 
global trade. Alright, don't get stuck, bye bye!

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