Are You Apart of The 0.0055% XRP Hodlers? [Find Out]

lawsuit i think is misguided in fact the united 
states is the only country on the planet that has   suggested extra visa security the idea that xrp is 
a security it has traded out there for eight years   you know it's kind of like 
well if it was a security   i guess we should have known that a long time ago the point i wanted to make though is you know 
in a quarter where we had a record quarter   signed up more than a bank a week the price 
of xrp went down 70 so many of these tokens   don't have usefulness the long-term value 
of any digital asset will be derived by the   usefulness of that digital asset by the utility 
it delivers and what the economy requires even   cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin ethereum and 
ripple are vying for a spot in the cashless world   constantly reinventing themselves in the hope 
of offering more stable value and quicker and   cheaper settlement welcome back ladies and 
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quick overview on the market we are seeing it in   the reds we are seeing turbulence this weekend and 
hopefully you know goes even a little bit lower so   uh we could stack up our xrp or any other digital 
assets that you guys are uh stacking up i surely   am and i will be sharing with you guys in this 
video another altcoin that i have been heavily   going into in the past couple weeks um it is on 
the cheat sheet whoever purchased it it is on the   cheat sheet but i'm disclosing that you know i'm 
this one i'm going pretty heavy right now um but   nonetheless let's get into the xrp stats 
uh so this is xrp ritualist if you guys   are not aware of this this is uh keeps track of 
the xrp you know rich stats and all the wallets   that are active currently there was 3 million 106 
835 active wallets and i have calculated a number   for individuals holding more than 1 000 
xrp i personally being 100 honest and i   everybody could agree if you have been 
you know invested in xrp for over a year   now if you don't have 1000 xrp uh you're doing 
something wrong and again it doesn't matter it   it it might be like a bold statement you know it's 
like you know some people don't have jobs blah   blah or they don't have you know steady income but 
at the end of the day if you know the vision of   xrp there's no excuses that you do not have 1000 
xrp by now so and if your question is you know   how much xrp is good think about it from this way 
even holding 1000 xrp when it goes to 100 that's   about 100 000 dollars and for a lot of people a 
hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money and   you could create a lot of passive income um using 
that hundred thousand dollars you could you know   invest it accordingly start up a little 
business you could do a lot of stuff you buy   you know you could mortgage a house and then 
rent it out again when the time comes we'll   talk about that in the in the future videos 
but let's get into this number so the way i   got this number um what i did was i subtracted 
276 060 from it because these are xrp accounts   um that have 0 to 19 xrp this could be residual 
so basically when you sell xrp sometimes there's   drops left over now exchanges the same could be 
same meant for stocks as well when you sell stocks   uh there are some residuals that are left over 
and you guys some of you guys may know this if   you're guys in the financial sector and i also 
subtracted 2 million 262 119 because you know two   these are individuals holding xrp between 20 xrp 
to 500 xrp and i've also subtracted 118 uh 118 921   from this number and these are the individuals 
holding approximately 500 to 999 xrp and then   we the calculations were all from 1000 and above 
and i have also subtracted the additional 15 000   from our number because there's individuals with 
multiple wallets okay i surely i have 10 wallets   and that and there's multiple multiple people out 
there that have multiple wallets and that 15 000   is a very conservative number so let's get into 
the breakdown so after all those subtractions   from those numbers we get a value of 434 735 
wallets and these are active wallets and we divide   that by the world's population of 7.9 billion 
my previous calculations were based off of seven   uh 7 billion 764.

The population has been amended 
it has been updated this is the up to date as of   2021 the world's population um so 434 735 divided 
by 7.9 billion gives us a bunch of numbers   okay but i have rounded it up and remember before 
you guys comment saying the math is wrong and   there's always one person that comments that just 
know when you do the math 434 735 divided by 7.9   billion you're gonna get a lot of numbers and then 
you multiply that by 100 to get the percentage   okay so the percentage that we got and that is 
100 accurate is only point zero zero five five   percent of the world's population owns more than 
one thousand xrp so that question that some of you   guys you know may be asking yourself that you know 
if this is so out there everybody knows about it   or not this stuff that's the thing nobody knows 
about it and like you you would be surprised   people don't know this stuff the only the only 
reason why you think people know this stuff is   because you know so much and you you're like this 
is this is common sense everybody should know   the stuff no people don't know this stuff people 
aren't we have a we have a community for a reason   people don't see the bigger vision of xrp or they 
never heard of xrp because the media doesn't cover   it besides the lawsuit and when there's fear 
in the markets people tend to stay out of it   and the only news that you know ripple has 
been spreading to the media to the mainstream   media is fear it's all fear so why would anybody 
come into this sector uh with a big lawsuit on   a ripple because it's just complete fear 
so the mainstream media is spreading fear   and imagine our like imagine the videos that i 
make on this channel were actually on cnbc and fox   news and all those hardcore videos everybody would 
be buying xrp this is not financial advice but   everybody would but be buying xrp and this is why 
i say when you when you speak to somebody about   xrp and when you try to explain to them you're 
trying to better their lives and you're wasting   now you're wasting you're putting time and effort 
to educate them and if they come back to you with   a lot of what if questions and if they just don't 
see the bigger vision because xrp in my eyes is   a very very simple explanation and if the other 
and if the end user doesn't kind of synchronize   what you're saying and doesn't put a b c d 
together then their mindset isn't meant for this   this this mindset isn't meant for every single 
individual in this in this world hence why there's   only point zero zero f uh point zero zero five 
five percent of the world's population holding   1000 xrp so that should say a lot and these 
numbers are 100 accurate again it could go   lower and on top of that i'm going to wrap this 
up but keep in consideration that this number   of individuals holding 1000 x rp is only going to 
go lower it will in in the in the coming future it   it's only going to keep going lower and it won't 
rise so i do appreciate every single one of you   guys i hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your 
weekend and just know patience patience patience i   cannot stress that enough if you guys are new to 
this market just know i've been in this for four   years and it's just you don't see me crying or 
complaining about it i know the vision i know the   uh the future and it's it's again this video i can 
make it go so much longer and really get in depth   with this but the future is evolving it's changing 
everything is changing the our habits are changing   with what happened in the world dated that it was 
purposely done and how do you change somebody's   habit you know if you have a kid how do you 
change their habit if they play xbox too much   how do you change their habit well you would take 
away the xbox and you give them a piece of book or   um you would limit their xbox time and put like 
those parental time on it for like an hour a day   and then have them do like math homework for 
the rest of the day and stuff you're changing   somebody's habit well with what took with the 
events that took place in the past two years our   human mentality our habits have changed okay 
people are looking to do more online shopping   curbside pickup and things like this can't get 
implemented with a of a little six month of   you know of it actually being implemented into 
the real world for for habits to change it takes   time and when you're trying to change a habit of 
a world of 9.6 uh nine point sorry 7.9 billion   individual it's going to take two years and it's 
going to take longer right so again i didn't get   in depth with this but kind of really think about 
that our they're they're trying to change people's   habits the way we live and remember that i don't 
know if you guys saw that commercial by the imf   sorry the wef the world economic forum about 
you know saying you'll own nothing and you'll   be happy and it was taken down very very fast 
very s extremely sketchy faster was taken down   but the thing is there is an end goal 
and climate is going to be a big part   of this and when it comes to climate and 
cryptocurrencies xrp is the best digital asset   and there will be a time there will be a time it 
could be three years from now five years from now   ten years from now or even two years from now 
that this youtube channel will blow up and any   other xrp channel youtuber will blow up and that 
is 100 certain if we take a look at uh mm krypto   and carl from the moon i remember when they first 
came out i remember i watched carl from the moon   and he came out with a coin market cap video and 
he was like in his in his house just filming and   i i i watched carl from the moon when he was used 
when he was first on youtube and to see and me and   my me and my friend at the time said he is gonna 
he's gonna blow up when everybody sees like crypto   and when the mainstream media picks it up and now 
he has almost half a million subscribers but with   xrp it's gonna be completely different because 
when carl from the moon started his youtube   channel uh bitcoin was approximately about 8 000 
and came down to you know 3 500 3 400 but and   then but again at the time 3 400 for an average 
individual was you know still a lot of money but   taking into consideration that xrp youtube 
youtubers have been educating this sector   for years now and the price of xrp 
is sub one dollar for many many years   that is wealth that is wealth that is going to go 
astro astronomical when when xrp starts taking off   and this is going to be bigger than bitcoin 
it's going to be bigger than bitcoin 100   it'll be bitcoin 2.0 bitcoin on steroids xrp 
was designed around the flaws that bitcoin had   when bitcoin was first launched and then xrp was 
created and then i'm reading into some very very   confidential documentations right now but i 
will be dropping a video later that's going to   completely blow your mind and i'm just gonna 
leave it at that so i do appreciate every   single one of you guys we will be back with 
another episode enjoy the rest of your weekend   just know the future is bright extremely bright 
and you guys have nothing to panic about just   one day at a time baby and we'll 
be back with another episode

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