Are Memes the #1 BEST Opportunity in Crypto? ($MEME Token)

i recently taught you guys about non-fungible tokens or nfts last week in that video i explained what nfts are and how they are being used to change the worlds of gaming and collectibles as well as the potential they have to bring blockchain to the mainstream what i didn't mention is how divine nfts have recently been combined and what is the latest craze in the crypto space is a lot of people are making massive gains by using nfts to yield for today i'm going to be explaining how you can do it too trust me defy and nfts are the best duo since shaq and kobe let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben every day i tell you how to make money in crypto in this video i'll be talking about the latest big thing in crypto which ironically started as a satire of yield farming talking about meme an experimental protocol that originated from a joke by jordan layal in which he created a tool named the degenerator that allows users to easily create new device projects at a time when the craze was going strong well jordan probably didn't imagine at the time what his joke was going to accomplish less than one day later meme was born in what would be one of the biggest events in the crypto world since the start of d5 the internet works in mysterious ways and started as a joke but has now become quickly one of the hottest projects in the last few months with a trading volume of over three million dollars in the last 24 hours the market cap of over 10 million dollars while the coin started as a joke it quickly obtained the support of the internet community and turn into something else an experimental protocol mashing up some of the most exciting innovations in defy and crypto collectibles you can think of meme as the child of defy and nfts how cute by locking meme tokens users can farm limited edition collectibles in the form of nfts there are different pools where users can lock meme coins which can provide investors with a determined number of pineapples depending on how much they lock with users being able to redeem their nft once they have obtained the necessary number of pineapples just don't put it on your pizza different pools have different nft tokens available for redemption the enft tokens that users can redeem as rewards are the equivalent of digital collectible cards which will vary depending on the pool users are using to lock their coins each pool will also have different requirements in terms of accepted crypto rewards and amounts needed for redemption of the reward meme coins also serve as the governance token for the platform with any user who has more than 100 being able to take part in the decision making so summarizing meme is a device like protocol that allows investors to farm for digital collectibles instead of farming for yield and hey i must admit these cards look great nft cards can then be collected by users or traded as any other crypto assets with specialized markets like open c allowing users to quickly sell and buy them this marketplace works with all sorts of nft collectibles in different categories like art sports trading cards and utility which even includes services like insurance policies openc is basically a digital pawn shop where crypto investors can sell and buy rare nft tokens openc is the biggest marketplace for nft tokens at this time having over 90 thousand eath ethan trading volume since its creation in 2017 and over 12 million digital assets in it think of it as the uniswap of the nft niche but openc is far from the only nft marketplace as there are a big number of marketplaces ready to fight for its throne it's the iron throne have a seat your grace wearable is another big player in this niche while open c uses eth wearable has its own token rari platform allows its users to get rari tokens as a reward for buying and selling nft collectibles this means that users are incentivized to grow their collections by being rewarded with tokens but also to create content and add it to the marketplace which of course if you guys didn't know i have my own nft collectible bitboy cards available on the rari platforms make sure you go and check those out they're pretty sweet but rory is a place where artists can harvest blockchain to create art and share it with the world while monetizing their talent rari hasn't been around for long but has seen incredible success over the last months showing a gain of about 366 percent over the last month this shows the potential gains you could be making within ft farming and trading i understand that this might come as a surprise to a lot of you it honestly baffles me a little bit but is this really different from other art pieces people pay millions for paintings and pieces of art just because they like them how is digital art any different if the pandemic has taught us something it's that our world is way more digital than we ever imagined we can basically live our lives from home without the need of going out we have virtual reality video calls home banking virtual stores virtual concerts esports world is really moving to a ready player one kind of world and blockchain is leading that charge don't be fooled though the only applications of nfts are not gaming collectibles in digital art the unique nature and security of nfts mean they can be used to represent any kind of unique assets such as real estate insurance policies ids ownership over real assets sneakers or anything you can imagine that would require proof of its uniqueness and ownership this has been the case for a while the difference in the last months being that with applications like nft farming trading and incentives we found a way to liquefy these assets this means to give them value beyond what they represent as a collectible let me show you another example of what i mean by this let's now talk about avegachi a startup project that has funding from ave which is the gamified version of d5 avagachi's are virtual avatars that can be used in the game's world as well as functions as the governance token of the game as they are in fts these avatars can be customized by adding wearables in-game items that can provide avegaches with added bonus or just some swagger as these wearables are also nfts which means you're basically just grouping nfts together to get more value now you got to keep in mind that as in most games there will probably be what is called a meta or some know it most effective tactics available this means that most players usually end sharing the same strategies that have proven to be more beneficial when it comes to being as strong as possible in the case of nfts this would mean that rarity would be lost if everything follows the same recipe i'm waiting to see how users and developers address this now some people might think that this is very similar to something like cryptokitties and for all intents and purposes it is similar but you see the most important aspect of avegachi's is their value is not only dependent on rarity and demand but they also have innate value each of these little avatars represents a stake in the ave ecosystem which can be recovered by liquidating the steak that's right avegachi's are just defy stakes transformed into cute little nfts so what you have in the end is all the benefits of device farming plus rarity and collectible value of nfts plus the interactive experience of blockchain gaming avegachi is powered by the ghst token which is used to purchase in-game assets in the form of consumables wearables and portals this token can also be staked to earn friends which can be used to purchase raffle tickets to earn exclusive wearables all of these projects are the result of an increasing interest in the nft niche by investors and developers who are looking to expand their applications to other markets while looking at avegachi's page it was clear the importance that the project's team is giving to internet culture as they look to capitalize on an unexplored public of chads and members of internet communities we've all seen mean coins like dogecoin get everyone's attention from time to time and then return to obscurity but nfts and tokenized yield farming could be the next big thing for the world of crypto that's all i got be blessed boy out [Music] you

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