Are Cryptocurrencies The FUTURE? Doge Coin, Shiba Inu, Bitcoin prices and wages in the future 2049

Is cryptocurrency actually the future? You're 
watching Pelitic! Now before you click away i   know what you're thinking am i actually gonna 
listen to somebody about cryptocurrency that's   playing a video game while talking about 
it well before you click away please listen   alright so today we're gonna be talking about 
bitcoin ethereum doge coin shiba coin and all   the currencies that are out there are they 
gonna replace the dollar no why because the   american dollar is selected by the american 
government they selected that the american dollar   is used as a currency and they're never gonna 
replace an untraceable currency for the dollar   this makes no sense the government loves credit 
cards and stuff like that where you can trace all   the transactions and all that stuff let's picture 
a scenario where cryptocurrency is the future   let's go in 2049. let's say you're gonna get the 
christmas bonus it's christmas you're gonna get   your christmas bonus you've been working so hard 
and finally you get some extra cash so christmas   comes around the employees are gonna get their 
bonuses in bitcoin now everybody is buying bitcoin   like crazy the companies are buying 0.1 bitcoin 
for each employee that's working in the shop or   whatever they're working on now the bitcoin is 
gonna go up like crazy at the time it's gonna   go up to let's say it's gonna hit 100 000 even 
though it's probably gonna be way more but let's   say it's gonna hit 100 000 all right they got the 
bitcoins and the price of the bitcoin is 100 000   and then christmas comes around everybody's 
getting bitcoins everybody every employee got 0.1   bitcoin and what are they gonna do well let's say 
you're the person that got 0.1 bitcoin and you're   gonna be happy you've been working so hard for 
the year and you finally got your christmas bonus   over ten thousand dollars which is a lot you got 
zero point one bitcoin and it's worth ten thousand   dollars well what's gonna happen next everybody's 
gonna be selling bitcoins so more people are gonna   be selling bitcoin that there are people buying it 
at the time nobody's gonna be buying at the time   bitcoin because the the price is way too 
high so and when everybody decides to sell it   well the price is gonna go down it's gonna go down 
maybe to ten thousand dollars even maybe even less   because it's the time of the year 
when everybody is selling bitcoin and   when you wake up if you didn't sell your 
bitcoin when you wake up and if you're one   of the last people that you're selling bitcoin 
which is going to be probably every time because   once they got their christmas bonuses they're 
gonna try to sell it immediately so at the time   bitcoin is gonna plummet it's not gonna be worth 
anything so the ten thousand dollars that you got   your christmas bonus it's gonna go two thousand 
or five hundred it's not gonna be worth anything   so do you really want bitcoin to be the future 
they want really to get paid in a cryptocurrency   that's not stable at all it's going up and 
down and the difference between up and down   is thirty thousand dollars or ninety thousand 
dollars or whatever the price is going to be   i really want that to be the future now please 
let me know in the comments what do you think   is cryptocurrency actually the future, 
or is it the future of global gambling?

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