Aportando Liquidez en Uniswap 🦄 Token GHST/ETH 🦄 Tutorial Celular 2020

Hello crypto lunatic, I hope you are great, I am El Lunax today we are going to see how to provide liquidity and we are going to do it with an example of ETH / GHST if you do not know what Uniswap is and would like to deepen, I will leave you a folder above, where I show you different aspects of this decentralized exchange before starting, I invite you to subscribe to the channel so that we can continue to see and learn about the interesting world of cryptocurrencies and if the content helps you, remember to leave me a like to know it well crypto lunatics Once we enter Uniswap, the first option that appears marked is to exchange this, we will not use it this time so we must select the one next to it and that says pool here at the top informs us that liquidity providers win 0.3% of all operations proportional to their participation in the group commissions are added to the common fund, accumulated in real time and can be claimed by withdrawing liquidity not We are going to be earning commissions for having our capital here at the bottom it tells us if we want to add liquidity and next to it it tells us if we want to create a pair, in this case we are not going to create anything, we are only going to add liquidity, so We select to provide liquidity in Uniswap means that we must contribute two tokens in the same proportion 50% of one and 50% of another but they can only be tokens that are in the Ethereum network, here this menu is displayed where at the top we can put the token that we want to add and below we can select with the token that we want to combine this is the fastest way to provide liquidity, but it does not give us much information now I am going to show you a longer process, but that will give us more information to We select the three points below and put analytics here we are going to enter all the information of Uniswap it will show us the volume that it has had in 24 hours and the total liquid ez that Uniswap has in all the pairs of tokens that can be exchanged in this exchange but we are interested in providing liquidity so we are going to come to the top, we are going to put the token that is the GHST that is the Aavegotchi here in the At the top, it shows you the pairs that exist regarding this cryptocurrency and below it will show you the tokens, you must be careful because some of these can be scams so you must check well which is the cryptocurrency you want in this particular case, the first token here, it is the one I am looking for, so I selected it and here it will show you all the information regarding this token, the price at which 0.54 dollars is currently being sold, the total liquidity provided there is 545,000 dollars and the volume that is has traded in 24 hours it has been 104,000 dollars if we go down a little it will show us that today there have been 98 transactions and shows the graph of how this token has changed if we we go down a little more, it will show the different pairs that exist and that can be used in Uniswap in this case if you look at the most traded one is the first which is GHST / ETH here we select the pair that we want to enter in this case I will to enter the first one, which is GHST / ETH and here all the information of this pair will appear at the top it says that the total liquidity is one million below it indicates the volume that has been traded which is 105,000 in 24 hours and this number is important, which is the one shown below, the fees, this is the commission that has been earned in 24 hours and this will be distributed to all those who have provided liquidity once we have already analyzed the pool and saw We select the important information where it says add liquidity and here it takes us to Uniswap and immediately marks the pair that we are going to provide GHST / ETH and now what we need to provide liquidity would be to connect our wallet so we click here below and click We need to connect wallet we put wallet connect here it will tell us connect it will show us which wallet you want to use, in this case I am going to use Metamask and here you have to authorize it to connect to Uniswap, so you put connect now we have to return to Uniswap and your wallet is already connected and is reflected in the lower part therefore now it reflects the balances that we have in our account if you look at GHST tells me that in my balance I have 222 and ETH I have 0.31 in this case I want contribute the total of GHST so I'm going to put the maximum so it reflects the maximum available that I have of GHST that would be 222 and immediately below it puts the equivalent in ETH which in this case would be 0.26 and a fraction also here is another important data which is the total pool that we are going to have for contributing this amount, I will have 0.02% from the entire pool and with this I will be able to calculate how much of the commission corresponds to me now we are going to calculate how much profitable d we are going to have to provide this liquidity the 222 GHST are equivalent to 121 dollars the 0.26 Ethereum are equivalent to another 121 dollars which gives us a total that I have contributed 242 dollars the commissions in 24 hours were 316 dollars and what I have 0.02% of the pool this means that of these 316 dollars I am going to earn 0.032 cents this equates a daily profitability of 0.026% also equates to a monthly profitability of 0.78% and an annual profitability of 9.4% these calculations They are based on these commissions of $ 316 being maintained for a whole year obviously this can vary, but you know how it is calculated now that we have all that clear, at the bottom it appears highlighted to test GHST What does this mean? that when we interact with Uniswap for the first time we have to give an approval that transactions can be made in these pairs therefore we have to authorize it and this is going to cost us money so we put approve here your wallet opens and it will This permission will appear where we will have to pay to authorize it here below the transaction fee that you can modify appears so we select and I will choose the fastest way so I will put it quickly and it will cost me 0.5 dollars we put save and we put approve now we just have to wait for the transaction to be done and it seems that the transaction has been made, it is complete so now we return to Uniswap and the button below has now changed and supply appears so now we go To be able to complete the process of providing liquidity, we put supply here the receipt appears, in this case we will receive 4.8 tokens from this pool, this will represent all our investment with the interests s that they will be earned by the commissions that are charged so once we have all this clear, we put confirm supply here, it opens our wallet and it will ask us for the permission of the confirmation so we go down and we are going to edit what is the commission we are going to put it as quickly as possible, it will charge us 2.3 dollars, we put save and now we simply put confirm it says that the transaction was sent, so now we only have to wait once the operation is done, from your wallet they will these coins disappear and they are not going to be reflected, I may be asking you what happened to your money? do not worry! now we must go to Uniswap and we must update the page and re-enter pool here we reconnect our wallet and now at the bottom it says searching, so you wait a few moments what should come out is the pair that you have contributed, in this case GHST / ETH and if you want more information you can select manage, here you will see the summary of all the liquidity that you have contributed, it will indicate the total token that you have which is 4.8 and this represents all the investment that is decomposed as follows 222 GHST and 0.26 ETH this of the total liquidity that is in this pair, represents 0.02% also in the lower part we will be able to provide more liquidity or we will also be able to remove this liquidity and also in That process will add up the profits that we have collected in that time.

Finally, it should be noted that if the pair does not appear here even though you have contributed, you can come to this last section, then you put im to carry here you enter the pair that you have contributed and it will indicate immediately if you have contributed or not in fact here below appears the same information that I demonstrated previously and that would be the process to provide liquidity so we already have the tokens working for us and generating profitability remember that in Uniswap there are what impermanent losses are if you do not know what it is, I am going to leave you a video above so that you learn this concept to all this, provide this liquidity in these two tokens because GHST for helping to provide liquidity in uniswap you can participate in some drawings and get token non – expendable if you are interested to know more about this project'll leave a here link above me I still thank you've seen the video, success are very good and See you in another tutorial, success if you want to continue learning more about cryptocurrencies remember to subscribe to the channel activate the bell so that you get all the notifications of when sub or a new video I also invite you to go to the playlists here are all the courses that I have created for you in order to make it easier for you to learn the world of cryptocurrencies remember also, leave me a like if the video has you liked

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