Aplikasi Penghasil Bitcoin – Airdrop #Handypick

Want to trade crypto but don't have funds Want to get free coins? Yes … today I will share how … (dizzy …) Wow, there are dropped coins! Yes … today I will share how we can get free coins / crypto from the airdrop program held by the developer coin crypto It's completely 100% free! Without KYC No deposit and later it can be exchanged into rupiah, dollars, or bitcoin because the developer is so kind, friends, don't miss this opportunity, this is a rare opportunity So what is an airdrop? Airdrop is a distribution of new cryptocurrency tokens or coins and is usually free Airdrop is shared between various wallet addresses. Airdrop is a way for coin developers to distribute coins, get new attention and followers, the goal is to generate a larger user base as well as for a wider coin payment application.

So when the coin is widely circulated, it is used by many people, airdrop recipients and coin developers will both benefit. But this is different from ICO or launchpool, guys. Because ICO or launchpool, you have to deposit an amount of capital which is possible … in the form of other crypto coins which will later be exchanged for new coins. but what I inform you here is really free-tis-tis guys curious friends? Watch this video until it runs out, guys .. I will explain how to get it and how we can exchange it into bitcoins, dollars, or rupiah. So in essence, this airdrop is a way for coin developers to distribute new coins so that they can be known by many people, and are used by many people.

At first, friends must install an application first, the name is Handypick. Handypick, you can download it on the playstore or appstore, the link is in the description column, guys and don't forget to use my referral code, okay … later my friends will get 10 free coins Now the question is what coins will be distributed? The coin that is currently being distributed is Handy Coin. Handy Coin is a coin that originates from Korea, and is already listed on Coinone or Hotbit. So this is not a completely new 100% coin. But they only want distribution. Handy guys operate on the Ethereum platform with their smart contracts.

His daily transactions at the time this video was made reached more than $ 700,000 per day. For the most up-to-date prices, my friends can check the coinmarketcap.com link and the Handy Coin whitepaper is also in the description column. After this video, my friends can slide there The mission of Handy Coin is to become the currency used by advertisers who promote their brand or brands on the Handypick platform, or other platforms that they might develop later.

Handy Coin can also be an option as a virtual asset that is very growing now. You can also buy Handy Coin on crypto trading exchange platforms like Coinone and Hotbit. So in the meantime, Handy is only listed on those 2 exchanges. But if you can get it for free, why should we buy it? This time I teach you how we can get Free Handy. once again, don't miss this opportunity, guys. because it is certain that the developer does not always distribute the developer, not always the developer distributes free coins. They also have a maximum supply. Rah, I'm really impatient, I can get Handy for free! Now, after installing Handypick, what should we do? After installing we play the game! Wow, it's so nice to get free coins, it turns out that you only get to play games and the game isn't time consuming guys because we only need to play 1x a day and indeed we are only given the opportunity to play 1x a day and the good news is that this application is also available in Indonesian so there are more or less several ways to get free Handy, the first way is to play general games, so we try games in general, yes, here there are several pools, there are paycheck pools, coffee pools and daily games, just choose play, I will explain in detail, so my friends will understand The rule of the game is the number of coins distributed as a prize this is the number of users who join this is the remaining time and this is the announcement of the game results.

Well the point is, this is a game of guessing, for example, these coins … you just have to guess. -I think in this time remaining – up more than 2% – up to a maximum of 2% – down more than 2% – or down to a maximum of 2% the small number below is the number of users who choose this option, choose one of the 4 options Yes, guys, then click select and continue to select, when it's finished, click Send then watch the ad until it runs out. If you win, your Handy will be sent automatically. You can see it on my page. The second way is to play a special game. But for this choice, you have to collect 300 handsy first. In a special game, the reward is certainly much greater because there are far fewer users than in the general game. So the main mission is how we can get 300 Handy first and the method is really easy, I will explain later, keep up with the video, guys. The third way, is to take part in the event. Well, for example, here are 3 events that are being held, the first is to sign up for the event.

, if you install and register , you will definitely follow this event automatically. The reward is 100 Handy as I said at the beginning of the video. well, if you want to play a special game … the requirement is 300 Handy , for the first time you join you will get 100 Handy Plus, my friends if you use my referral code Friends get 10 handy, so the rest, just less 190 Handy What we have to get to play a special game now, I want to explain first about the referral event.

Here we are given the opportunity to invite our friends to join in installing the HandyPick application and both get Handy Coin airdrop. You can invite all your friends to install the Handypick application, of course with your referral code, now, if your friends use your referral code you and your friends will get 10 Handy Coins each. Now where you find your referral code, you can check on my page, and choose to invite friends. You just have to copy your code or you can blast the special link that has been provided, you can share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, yes any social media So back to the special game How can we play in a special game … We just have to invite 19 of our friends to install and join in the Handypick application. Everything without money, guys, without deposit / KYC, you just have to play the game.

If your friends ask, how can you play this YouTube link Or friends can also join the telegram group that has been provided by the Handypick application later friends can learn there, get the latest information about Handypick & Handy Coin The fourth way, is to become a Handypick Influencer Namely, by creating a Handypick Community and if your post becomes trending, you are entitled to 10 additional Handy Coins. Then, is this Handypick a Money Game? Obviously not. Because there is no level system here. there is no deposit here … So no one will be harmed here. This is purely an airdrop program held by the developer Handy Coin. I guarantee you, we will not be harmed by anything. In fact, we can get free coins, namely Handy which can then be exchanged for dollars, Bitcoin, or Rupiah Or my advice, you can also accumulate While waiting for the price of coins to rise I want to tell you about James Howells, an IT Engineer from England Who lost his 7500 BTC In 2009, Howells did mining activities and then stopped.

For reasons of computer noise and the value of Bitcoin which was deemed not very valuable in the following years, he accidentally threw away his computer hard drive. Even though it was 7500 Bitcoin during the video This is written as worth 6Trillion rupiah hmm .. Maybe the same thing could happen to Handy Loh Could it be that in the future the value is much more valuable than today So I suggest my friends not to rush Handy into rupiah Then, what the heck? how to exchange our Handycoin? So my advice is still … I suggest my friends accumulate Handy until there are many friends. Don't rush the transfer to your wallet. Because the minimum transfer is 1000 handy, so it's better if we have tens / tens of thousands of handy first. While waiting for the coin price to rise. Be considered to play the game + investment without capital If you want to transfer handycoin us or transform into rupiah, my friends had to transfer Handy coin we used to exchange / platforms that traded Handycoin and when this video is made Handy terlisting in Hotbit and Coinone If my friends wear Coinone, I suggest my friends just use Google Chrome …

Accessed on a laptop or PC should be more comfortable. Because the default is Korean, you can choose English first. After transferring to Coinone, you can exchange it into any coin there. want to be used to trade there too. Or if you want to convert it to rupiah, you can also convert it first to usdt or btc and you can transfer it again to a platform that trades USDT / BTC pairing to Tokocrypto, for example.

After that, after from Tokocrypto, you can cashout into rupiah. To be clear, you can download the infographic. I put it in the description column, yes. But if you hurry, change it for ja. i rupiah, yeah, really, yes guys, in my opinion. Because this is still the initial stage of the coin. They are currently airdropping and still have the potential to experience price increases.

Because those who want to advertise on Handy's platform have to buy Handy first, where do you buy Handy from? Yes, it is from us who get the Handy airdrop. and the more it is used, the price of our Handy is getting more expensive. Well, what are you waiting for friends … it's already without deposit … just playing games, giving free coins or waiting for the airdrop program to finish? let's hurry up and download the Handy Pick application and invite your other friends to install, play, and get Handy, Everything is Free!.

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