Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown Launch Trailer

Weapons are not allowed on the transport ship Any violence… I was about to close the bar Then I got a call Pack your things, we are going to the new area I just thought, whatever I want, I'm not afraid to go to other planets what's happenin Take it easy, brother is just a slight bump, it's common here In short, I have always said that we need to change the environment Just find the person who destroyed the tower…and then buy them a drink How about you go ask the newcomer? He is a good hacker knows everything Hey, brother! I heard that you are the second smartest person in Outland Hehe Come on, tell me, what's the matter with you…

What do you want to hide? This guy is interesting! Approaching landing zone real or fake? The landing area is in front. Ready to land. Can you count, kid? Keep up, old guy old man! ? Borrow it guys! Go! Water and electricity! 3 more For Atel This newcomer is best not to disrupt my record Or mess up my hairstyle Seven I agree that the air coming to this new planet… still tastes unpolluted High five to celebrate 10 out of 11 Hey there! Those are mine! Oh eh eh stop it, it's me kid! it's me! You thought you were going to kill me Do not be silly I'm not an idiot

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