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Hey guys… let me introduce myself, I'm Jonas I work as Blockchain Developer In one of many Blockchain Company in Indonesia I wanna talk and share my thoughts about one of the trendiest coin right now without further ado, let's get into the video… first of all, lets play a guessing game about the coin that i mention Do you guys know what coin has the biggest ICO in 2017? Secondly do you know that you can stake this coin in Coinbase and generate revenue from there? This coin also has Proof of Stake as its consensus mechanism And also there are issues about how this coin is the biggest competitor for Ethereum Network The second biggest coin in the world As you can guess…it is the Tezos Coin At 1 July 2017, Tezos did an ICO And in the span of only 13 days, which is 14 July, They already generated revenues worth of 232000 dollar or about 3,248,000,000,000 rupiah There's so much zeros..

If we see the top 5 ranking for the biggest ICO in 2017 Tezos is the biggest ICO after FileCoin And followed by other famous coin such as Sirin Labs, Bancor, Polkadot but you guys must also asked yourself why do so many people invested and trust in Tezos What is the advantages in the Tezos protocols? So the strongest feature from Tezos are its Self Amending, and upgradability from their protocols Every user has a right to choose features or optimations that can be used and added into their protocols This way the protocols have customized characteristic according to the comunity needs to understand further, lets learn from the kirby characters Who don't know about this famous cute pink characters For those of you who don't know, kirby is actually a pink character that can eat any elements in his environment and then he will have the power of those element In the video, it will show kirby eats a fire and the transform into fire kirby that has a flame power [Music Intensifies] Okay, so this is a rough visualization of Tezos's Feature and Protocols We can think that the kirby as Tezos's Protocols That are ready to eat the element chosen by the comodity or the most voted element For example, right now the majority chose the fire element Therefore the kirby will eat the fire element The moment that kirby eat the element, he will transform into fire kirby This elements are actually list of new features from Tezos's protocols In this case the fire elemenst is actually the staking number adjustment feature and the metal element are the memory allocation optimation in smart contract And the earth element are block reward increment these represent list of features that can be added And submitted by the community After the new featuress voting and testing period the selected feature will then be implemented in the Tezos mainnet Next, we will discussed about consensus mechanism You guys must be familiar with Proof of Stake The point is to stake or stash the coin in your wallet And then you will get the chance to mine and can also be used as a validator If you do you will get the revenue, which is the coin that you staked before Liquid proof of stake is actually similiar with normal proof of stake In the proof of stake we said that we'll be 'validator' but in the liquid proof of stake we call it 'baker' and we need minimum of 8000 Tezos coin to start mining or to act as one of the 'baker' when succeeded in mining a block, then a baker will receive 512 Tezos coin as reward Some of you must be thinking this question (what to do if you don't have 8000 xtz?) If we need 8000 xtz to validate or confirm a block and if 1 xtz is 3 dollar that means we need about 24000 dollar or about 300 million rupiah Do we really need that money to start mining in Tezos protocol? That's so much money, if you want to be a baker or to validate a block and to get the rewards but no need to panic, Tezos have what is called 'delegation' it means that you can collect Tezos coin with other users So that together, the staking can be combined into 8000 xtz or more It will seem like you loan your xtz coin to one of the baker so that you can stake together and receive the rewards After the baker succeded in validating a block you will get your rewards according to the portion of your xtz coin There are a lot of people that offer this delegation service The list will be put in the description below, if one of you want to try How about the smart contract development in Tezos? smart contract in Tezos already covered a lot of programming language This makes it easier for programmers to contribute The main language is Michelson But the community already develop other high lever programming language for example, smartPy with python base and Fi, for those of you who understand solidity well or Ligo which also uses python next is Archetype for formal verification And then there's liquidity and also morley Honestly, as i am also a programmer i can say that the documentation for these language is good enough So for those of you who want to start learning, you can google it I can guarantee that you will find various documentation that can help you learn So to recap this video First is Self Amending and Upgradeability that tezos have The protocols will have features that the community already agreed upon Secondly is Liquid proof of stake where you can be a baker with holding or staking 8000 xtz but you can also delegate your xtz to other baker Lastly is smart contract development which covers various programming language with decent documentations What do you think about the Tezos project? If you have any question of suggestion for the next topic You can comment down below Don't forget to like and subscribe…

See you on the next video…Bye ! .

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