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prediction about Bitcoin. He predicts the Bitcoin will sell at a whopping one million
dollars. The Morgan Creek digital partner is obviously a staunch
believer in Bitcoin, but how is this possible? Let's consider this together.

In an interview with Stansberry Research, the co-founder
and partner at a hedge fund, Morgan Creek Digital, divulges his modest twenty twenty one Bitcoin price prediction, as
well as his very bullish long term prediction for the flagship digital asset, as well as twenty twenty one price
target pump. Liano stands by his twenty nineteen Bitcoin forecast in
which he estimated that Bitcoin would reach one hundred thousand dollars by December 31st. Twenty twenty one. Even if the prediction appears
conservative compared to some other bets circulating around the crypto world, according to him, there is no digital
product that replaced an analog product and failed to become bigger than it. The question, he said, is how much bigger
is it going to be with Bitcoin? It's worth noting it isn't just working as a replacement
for gold, but it's also being used as a replacement for cash by corporations looking to hedge against potential
inflation and currency debasement. Pantoliano said that corporations buying Bitcoin in the
near future are going to create a wall of demand that people aren't accounting for right now. Only Wall Street institutions are showing up, he said, as
Bitcoin heads aren't selling.

There's an imbalance between supply and demand that's led
to Bitcoin's price rise. Bitcoin is traded above forty one thousand dollars at a new
all time high. The price looked like it would not stop rising after it
broke through the twenty thousand mark late last year, Pomplamoose cautioned. However, there will be volatility over time and drops of
twenty five to 30 percent are expected and can either be rapid or prolonged. He also said that Bitcoin will have a market cap equal to
that of gold and that he's being overly conservative in this could happen by 20 30. Social capital CEO and former Facebook executive Chairman
Polycarp Idea was an early Bitcoin investor.

He bought a lot of the cryptocurrency back in 2013 when the
Bitcoin price was around eighty dollars per coin. And he claims that at one point he owned around five
percent of the entire Bitcoin monetary base. In a recent discussion with Morgan Kreig, digital partner
entity Pump Liano, he shared his views on the current state of the global economy and governments different options for
getting things back on track. Additionally, he explained how Bitcoin could stand to gain
from the major economic crisis of the twenty twenties. Although he thinks Bitcoin is still too volatile for mass
adoption today, he believes the chances for Bitcoin to succeed as a global reserve currency have increased over
the past few months.

When first asked for his thoughts on Bitcoin in the context
of the currently unfolding global economic problems, he pointed out the Bitcoin is not ready for prime time as it
exists today. He noted that it's still a speculative instrument and it's
too speculative for it to be reliable, saying that if you're going to make the case that it should replace fiat
currency, one thing you have to look at is the volatility of the US dollar.

You can't replace it with something that's
Nine Sigma more volatile. It doesn't work. He added that traditional fiat currencies
are critical pillars of how businesses operate today due to the relative stability. In his view, Bitcoin's volatility is a crutch that is
holding it back from further adoption, extreme volatility pushes Bitcoin into this ghetto of day traders and
speculators, according to him. And right now we're in that ghetto. In his view of the day, traders and speculators must be
flushed out in order for Bitcoin to get out of the ghetto of volatile assets. Additionally, the interest of long term holders must be
maintained, and the potential for the traditional financial infrastructure to implode must appear increasingly likely. The good news for Bitcoin holders is that, according to
him, the existing financial system looks much weaker than it did just a few months ago. He said that we are driving slowly, but we're driving
towards a cliff and then we're going to drive much, much faster down that cliff or down that hill. And at the end of it is a huge brick wall.

According to him, the world will have to choose between
inflation and removing inefficiencies in the economy once we run into that brick wall. He also thinks that the path dependence for Bitcoin is, if
it looks like the basement is likely, it will really emerge as a safety option. The former Facebook executive noted
that this move towards a brick wall will take 10 years to take shape. Like many others, he sees Bitcoin as a binary
investment. And in his view, these price swings in the thousands of
dollars don't matter in the grand scheme of things. In the case where a single Bitcoin is worth one million
dollars or more, he sees the cryptocurrency as the basis for a quasi gold standard where the hard money is held by
everyone rather than central banks. He thinks the probability of the scenario playing out in
the real world has recently increased. He said that if the probability was one percent that
Bitcoin would be valuable. Unfortunately, the probability now is like five or 10
percent, and there's a real chance that by 20, 30, we don't find a way to inflate our way out of this.

The only way to break the back of inflation is essentially
to create some quasi form of a gold standard. But it'll be almost impossible to do that between
governments and central banks. They'll never agree on an instrument and they'll never
agree on an exchange rate. But then bottoms up. People could decide to do it with Bitcoin. On the other hand, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently shared his
view that he doesn't think Bitcoin will become the primary database for money. Additionally, billionaire investor Ray
Dalio agrees with the negative thesis around fiat currencies, but he thinks gold will be a better option for
those searching for a safe haven in terms of potential price movement. In twenty twenty bid, Pasolini's Singh predicted
the crypto asset would hit a new all time high above twenty thousand dollars by the end of the year.

Back in January, report from around the same time indicated
that more financial advisors were planning to add Bitcoin and other crypto assets to their clients portfolios this
year. Some other people share Liana's idea. The Bitcoin is going to hit one million dollars. One of them is Klemm Chambers of Forbes columnist, who also
said that he has come to the conclusion that Bitcoin is even going to hit one million dollars soon because of the
current economical issues. He cited that the second virus wave is already apparently
shaping up and countries are unlocking at a pace that might go on into the autumn and perhaps will take even a year or
two to revert to a status where economic activity can fully recover as the timetable for a return to normal levels of
economic activity going to allow state expenditures to continue at anywhere near old levels, it's hard to imagine
it will.

While it's easy to imagine a biblical outcome, he is of the
opinion that giving up millions of new money is the classic answer to such chronic straits. So Bitcoin to one million dollars could happen in short
order. In such circumstances and in real terms, that might be only
a few multiples higher in purchasing power. Right now there are only about 18 million bitcoins with a
maximum of twenty one million. And if any major economy, a group of minor countries melted
down into hyperinflation, that alone will drive crypto into orbit in dollars. So while the Haverton chips away towards
higher prices for Bitcoin, there's an inflation bomb ticking away that in short months will quickly resolve its

Some other high profile individuals have also made such
predictions as well, most notably Ron Paul, the former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager. He stated in an interview with Stansberry Research that an
enormous wall of money could pour into the cryptocurrency. Paul believes that this wave could see Bitcoin hitting
seven figures in five years time. We've all seen what virtual currencies can do by now. Therefore, it wouldn't be right to dismiss outlandish
forecasts offhand. But I'm sure you agree there's a big difference between
Bitcoin hitting one hundred thousand dollars versus one million dollars. Yet when we analyze the Bitcoin chart
against the logarithmic scale, where the emphasis is on magnitude of change, not nominal price changes, the dynamic
to support much higher prices doesn't seem unreasonable.

Rather than an asset that shoots straight to the moon after
years of sideways trading, we see a gradual progression followed by a corrective phase. Critically, the period between September twenty fourteen to
now roughly six point three years featured Bitcoin growing at a compound annual growth rate of a little over eighty
eight percent. Apply that same eighty eight percent compound annual growth
rate to the following six point three year period and you get a one point seventeen dollars million price tag in
early spring. Twenty twenty seven. While it's not sure that history will
repeat itself, it is worthwhile to mention this. This chart shows the path Bitcoin's price is expected to go
through to one million dollars by twenty thirty. This would imply that one cent will be equal to one satoshi
some whoriskey. Scenarios are also depicted on the chart where one Bitcoin
can be worth one hundred dollars or one thousand or ten thousand, that's illustrated with the red dotted line, but
that will be some huge retrogression.

The having of the coin is expected to contribute immensely
to the increase of Bitcoin price as shown in the chart as well. Anthony Pompliano has predicted a huge price for
Bitcoin in the long term, but it's also important for people to do their own research before they invest into Bitcoin or
any other cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is very volatile, and that is why it's always
advisable to use funds meant for investment and not money that will be necessary for your livelihood or survival. Thank you for watching this video. We hope you liked it and found it informative, kindly click
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