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hey good day guys and welcome back to my youtube 
channel so today i'm going to be telling you   a new platform called photos how you can actually 
anybody so what is football football is a platform   that allows you to watch videos and any money like 
you're watching youtube videos and actually any   money from it so do not hesitate to wait to the 
end of the video so let me move it to the video in   details all right now so this is how the platform 
look like i'm going to be sending the link down   to the description for it to register so i'm going 
to be showing you how to actually work so once you   come into this platform you're going to be getting 
a you're going to be getting you're going to be   coming to the platform so we're getting this free 
vip 0 we're getting it for free so you're going to   be able to perform some tasks but they depend on 
whatever they bring to you okay so let's go to my   like now you're coming and this is vip zero 
so for vip zero you can actually perform this   particular tax right now and see you'll be 
getting like zero point zero four dollar   so that you're going to be getting so you need 
to do just to click on or you need to click on   it so once you click on it it's going to direct 
you after i directed you so once you go you're   going to have successfully after that you click on 
coming home on mission so but i'm going to explain   because i'm going to be moving to vip one now so 
you give it to understand i just want to show you   in case once you register first you'll be able 
to get this for free without recharging for now   so you click on this so after you click on this 
particular cluster all you need to do is just   click on omission after you log in there you 
click on this or mission i'm going to show you   very well you're going to understand so you need 
to do just click on jump tax like you click on   this particular task because you need to direct 
it to youtube video so right now it is going to   youtube video so this is this video is going to 
be playing so you just have to wait for like five   seconds sometimes for like five seconds i skip 
up so you need to do just to go back so after   i've gone back you need to refresh so after you 
refresh you're going to click on this particular   submits so once you click on something as you can 
see it has submitted the search right has gone so   i'm going to check on that review yes so the 
one i submitted now is actually on that review   you check this those one that has been completed 
to show you and this one that i filled that i'm   going to show you so let me go back to completed 
okay it's not here to complete this once it's   when it is work once it does actually finish me 
to come to computers so that's why you're going   to end to make that a particular performance so 
when you register if you're getting that for free   and for you to end more you need to move 
into the high p1 so the vip one i'm going to   move it to vip one now i'm going to register so 
to go into vip one you actually need to wait to   input 25 usdt dollar to this particular platform 
so before then let me show you something right now   how you can actually move off of the 
particular platform all right so income   so for you to email from this particular platform 
oh and it's jesus once for the vip level for the   vip level as i said earlier so what's it coming 
you'll be getting making five tax freely for party   and making 0.04 usd so in one day we're making 0.2 
dollar and in a month making consistent for free   per day that you'll be getting you get number 
of tags that are breaking maybe so once you add   in money into this particular performance it will 
direct you to vip one so for you to enter vip one   will be you have to deposit 25.25 years ago down 
around 10 000 naira yeah around ten thousand five   hundred euro here you know in our usd nigeria and 
do not forget this particular platform is actually   working for any body in any part of the particular 
country in international so for you to get more   updates about the platform or any question i 
will send you my link down to the description   on my telegram link that's the description join my 
telegram and i'll try to ask any question you want   to ask and i'll also throw more light on how to 
register on this particular platform so right for   the vip one so you are going to be making 10 order 
per day so once you can make paying the other   party you'll be getting 0.1 per each order and in 
a day we're getting one usability as one dollar   so in a month we're getting 30 years between 
and i know in a year we're getting 360   editing so it actually moved to the next platform 
that's the level 2 vip 2017 so you are going to   input 12 123 usd that's 120 editing so that will 
actually give you a chance to able to perform 20   tax per day and you'll be getting 0.3 per tax per 
patent attacks and in a day you'll be getting six   dollars so in a month so as goes on in level 
three or so that it's going to be and that's   going to be so and also okay now i'm going to let 
me let me go back to where i'm going to register   so let me show you my dashboard actually so you 
can actually see now actually yeah we did tax our   challenge today and the one after you deposited 
though after you have 25 dollars so and i said i'm   going to be upgrading to vip one so to upgrade 
to vip one as i said earlier i need 23 dollar   and i also need a two dollar so making it five 
dollars making it 25 to make this tax so to   register this particular video i'm going to send 
you the link later so those do not forget to hit   the describe button and subscribe to the channel 
so that you don't miss any update i can also join   me on telegram to get this update feel free up 
so all right now i'll be making this particular   attachment so i need to just come to my vip 
so when i come to the ip i'll click on vip   vip one because i rather retract it i'll 
give one vip one so once i click on v ip1 so   after clicking on vip one i'll click copy ip1 
right now so all right now so i'm actually going   to be taking it out to recharge on this particular 
platform so i need to do is you click on this part   to class idea which is called me so my writer so 
when you click on my so once you click on my it's   going to bring you back to code so we're going to 
click on click on my wallet so after you click on   my wallet you click it up so when you click on 
my wallet you click on the charge after i click   on retouch it's going to blink again so i wanted 
to know this particular stock they're going to be   sending money to usdt trs 20 not usd erc 20.

get this is actually correct this is not correct   so so this is correct actually so this is how 
you this is what you're going to be using so you   need to have a finance account or a trust wallet 
account too so i'm going to be showing you how to   register just how to retire this particular store 
with trustwallet so you need to do is to click on   this address just a chat address so i'll actually 
click on this youtube address right now so what i   need to do okay let me go to my cross wallet 
so that i can actually locate this particular   platform so to look at my for you to get it down 
you just come to the particular then click on tr   you you as usdt so usd can you see trl so you're 
going to make sure it is under tr 20 i turn it on   so that i am going to data that is going to 
work so you need to turn it up so i already   turned it up already and i already have like 
33 so i'm going to be sending 10 so let's see   how it goes so i'm getting clicking on send 
here so i'm going to go back here to copy my   address so i'm going to click on copy so after 
i click on copy i'm going to come in here   so once i come here i'm going to paste it down 
here so after i paste it i'm going to click on   the you guys see i actually want to send so i'm 
clicking on 10 so i'm clicking on 10 okay let   me click on 10 usd i'm actually going to send so 
i'll be sending 10 okay so i'll click on continue so my continue is actually taking me 
to a way to confirm my transaction i'm actually waiting for it to load 
because i'm generating a code for me i think this is taking more time 
okay they're actually gone so   this oh these are i would actually going to go so 
we having a okay so they'll be taking a network   fees of 0.69 thousand dollars and close to one or 
not close to 0.60 i need to click on send so i'll   just click on sent so i've actually confirmed 
it so i'll be clicking on send right here it's actually loading loading up mine okay so that actually i have introduction printing yeah so after your deposit after your debits are 
actually wrote successful so all you need to do   you need to keep on these more details like yeah 
from your trustworthiness you click on this more   details so once you click on this one it is going 
to be taking you down here so it will bring you   around this button so you bring your received 
away register and you are going to locate this   part to class for which you call trash so we 
actually need this because we actually need   the last four digits number that is actually on 
this particular platform not for this number so   my this particular last four digit number so my 
last question number will be 963c you do not share   this particular story with any other body so you 
have to just come here and make sure you have t on   this particular page so i'm going to click on 
the amount of reality i sent and i'm clicking   on my particular amount 9 okay let me check 
again so now i'll make mistake nice is dvc nine six three and with a small letter c so while i've 
actually done that i'll just click on submit so   it's actually the last item submitted successfully 
you can actually see that right now so it's   not successful so after i i'd like everything 
successful so what i need to do is to go back what i need to go is to go back and so it actually it actually writing pending 
my my transaction is actually writing 20 so i'm   going to be holding up for it to actually for the 
money to actually come into the account right now yeah so as you can see i've actually waited for 
a while so i actually waited for a while you can   see so it is it's actually completely just 
not going to make sure you follow the step i   actually followed obviously you can see my money 
has actually increased here and we ask though so   all right all i need to do is come back to my vip 
so my vip one so what i need to do is to click   on my vip one link and i have to so i'll just 
click on this particular part which is confirmed   so i click on confirm so vip retards will set 
foot so all i need to do is to come back to nina   so i can see the vi i was having 
35 as i have been 35 years before   and i actually deducted it already reduced so i 
need to come to i need to come to my tax my tax   performance for the day so i'll click on because 
i've actually upgraded so i'll click on vip one   so i click on vip one i click on you'll 
be seeing this particular two icon here   this is facebook and youtube so i need to click on 
click on this particular site which is youtube so   after you click on it's going to load in your 
tasks your think tasks for the day so i'll be   performing i'll be sending i'm going to do or 
in this just to click on assets accept all the   old things are set you have set everything 
you already get successfully they are set   so you click on accept you click on accept 
you click on our set you click on accept   you click on accept you are set you have 
said this you have this also i have said this so you have actually i said so you can't so 
you can't do more than 10 times for a per day   for this particular you know what you call vip one 
i've already done that so all you need to do is   just to click on this button for this on mission 
so you click on on mission as i said aligning   other parts so after you click on omission so 
all these particular details you can you don't   really understand please i will be sending a link 
down to my description my telegram channel link   just make sure you join and ask your question 
there you can ask me a question about i'm going   to explain to you whenever i i try to 
understand so let me move into the video   so you need to do is you click on jump tags so 
once you click on this particular contacts as   i said earlier you just have to come in and you 
don't need to stay long just like five seconds   yeah just have to stay looking for like five 
seconds and watch those videos so after after i've   stood for like two minutes now i need to do it 
just to skip up so after i skip out this battery   particular video i'll just reload so i load it 
up once i load it up i'm going to clicking on   enter submit rather so once i click on something 
you can actually see so there it is i'm interested   i'm going to check so on that easy 
you can try this is under review here   so again to check any attack that i actually 
completed like the one i did the other time i   completed right there and anytime that this field 
is going to show you as you can see so this is   actually under review so now i think it's still 
on that review so what this computer is going   to be showing yeah so before that you just make 
one more to get it it's like actually in process so that you actually going to understand so 
these are these items right now so i will be   clicking on the next one right now it's been 
taken to a youtube platform to play in a video   just for a few seconds you don't 
you don't actually need to watch yeah so i can skip right now so you actually need 
to watch all this project live video what you   just do to click on the jump tags once you 
click on this particular page don't ask   just click on this and come 
to this side also and click on   your submit so i'm clicking on my submit 
and i'll submit again so that i going to do   for the whole thing stop your actually done to 
click on submit so that i again to get it done   yeah so i'm actually waiting for this to 
actually load also and once it's loaded objecting i think my network is somehow yeah so that is how it is for you to perform tasks 
from this particular platform so those are the   steps you just need to go into i want you once 
again please i'm going back to mine now so i'll   actually see my money has actually increased and 
my taxes are totally the tasks i've actually made   for the day i've actually seen so i'll be trying 
out to withdraw so let's move into how to draw   from this particular platform right now yeah so 
to withdraw from this particular platform all you   need to do is to come to same place with my wallet 
so i'll click on wallet and click on withdraw   so for you to click on withdraw you need to come 
to this particular you click on when you are on   mine so you click on this persona information so 
once you click on this personal information if   you bring it down here you are going to click 
on this particular stop this usdt address you   have the usb address and also your phone address 
and the withdrawal times actually you can so you   can actually you can only withdraw on a weekly on 
a weekday that's between monday to friday and the   withdrawal time is around 10 am to around 6 pm in 
the evening so that's how we i'll try the video so   do not forget to hit the subscribe button and 
also join me on telegram my telegram request below   at the description button that's my telegram so 
it's there at the description so join in and once   you're joining the actually i'll create another 
questions i'll be further i will send further   information about how to draw this for the live 
video so stay tuned and click on the subscribe   button for it to get notified when i drop a new 
video alright guys see you on the next video

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