Anonymous investor is Dogecoin’s first billionaire

it's time for the morning buzz first up the world's first dogecoin billionaire one lucky investor share and doge now valued at over 11 billion dollars the search coming after tesla ceo elon musk tweeting this week calling himself the doge father ahead of his hosting saturday night live next weekend tom the identity of the new billionaire is unknown but some rumors are that it could be musk himself it could be we don't know and he certainly played a big part of dogecoin's rise over the past few months in fact my oldest son was on robin hood back when it was you know less than a penny or something and there were all these rumors about dogecoin and elon musk was the one who started driving the price up so um i we may never find out who the uh who the dogecoin billionaire is but um it could be elon musk what do you think of dogecoin james well i don't know how many retailers in your downtown take dogecoin right now you know i don't think unlike uh some of the other cryptocurrencies i don't think it has any limit on the amount that can be created so yeah it's why it's like it's why you have to be careful investing in photography especially if the photographer dies because the heirs oh can you can always print as many photographs as you want that it's again there's a unlimited supply if you will potentially so i'll second that

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