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Hello everyone Welcome back to Anh Ba Phai TV channel These days, we have made many survival clips is it right? yes And people also want to change the atmosphere ask us to return to the topic of the game And 24h survival challenge However, Mr. Nha has yet to recover from the wound. Don't say anything more, Mr. Phu That is too difficult to say, just put it aside In general, Mr. Nha is having a minor injury So we can't do the 24-hour challenge Today, we will turn to the topic of the series of hide and seek okay? OK and hide and seek this time different from previous times What is that, you know? I don't know Mr.

Phu there will be a prize of 1 million for the person caught last the same, no difference that's right nothing more? Mr. Phu said this is special huh dill You guys are me so confused Let me tell you Is it that until now you have played hide and seek with no prizes, right? yes Now, there is a prize of 1 million, do you like it? like it very much Turns out your thought flow is a bit slow We like to say the rotation that Mr.

Phu is that ok? Yes, okay and do you know who the seeker is today? Who is that, Mr. Phu? Is that us? wrong is me to stimulate, I will join as well to find these friends Let's see who eventually got the best of hiding then that person will get 1 million okay? OK 1 million for people who don't know whether it's big or not but for us, it must be said very big Exactly, very, very large Real play, pay real money okay? Okay Right now we are going to start the game, don't let you wait long But wait I suddenly thought of an idea like this Now, let you hide, without having anything to contact with you I'm going to find you guys, don't know where I can ever find it It could be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next year Can't be? I have to control where you are, what area Hey hey, it's a bit wrong, Mr.

Phu I mean, for example I can't find you I also have to text to ask How are you? Is it okay in that position, let me go and continue searching Ok do you understand? understand Yes No way, let you hide from morning to afternoon until tomorrow Search forever without seeing you anywhere Do you guys understand the rules of the game? Yes I'll give you 15 minutes to hide each one a phone, okay? Yes Ok If ok then go let's go Have you got your tools ready? ready Just a phone, so I can contact you is that ok? ok I'm a Vietnam hide and seek boss you don't know? So cool Cool, better than the toilet know I hide and seek from childhood until now, expert is arrested Remember in any position, then text me in that location Oh, I was wrong Don't text like that, I'll know the location As long as you answer, are you fine or not, okay? okay Ok This is play honestly play is play honestly, that's fun is that right? that's right are you ready? ready You have 10 minutes to go hide and seek yes After 10 minutes of my alarm, I will go find you I will blindfold and face that direction You guys run back, hide comfortably and hide around the house You press this clock to ring the bell, the time is over, I will go find okay? Ok Press go, I can't see the way, how can I press it then Mr.

Phu done yet, have you pressed the camera yet one two Three here do not cheat, play practically to see how well you guys hide exactly 10 minutes, everyone, now I just go find it normally for you to hide and seek by yourself Now I play the role to find you, to try the feeling like. a long, long time have not returned to the feeling of hide and seek don't know where to start looking first Anyone diving in here? no one there is nobody Hide is quite careful nothing Where are these guys hiding so carefully no one This one is a bit stretch If about half an hour or 1 hour I do not find I will text once to see if their hiding position is okay or not? These guys are really careful hiding No one on the roof Heard that there are prizes, you guys are very careful hiding searching will also be quite tiring must admit one thing these guys hide very carefully At least up to now have to find a few friends but not yet one Any friends hiding in here? not hiding in the toilet It looks like you guys are hiding very well This situation is too stressful It seems like there is a figure of a friend here The first person found was Mr.

Dang That's good, just passed by without seeing how do you feel? suffocated too Breathless, who told you to hide here Where are the others just for me, okay? I do not know you do not know Say like that, but play properly This friend hiding in it is hard to find, everyone It's hard but I accidentally found it go out I searched the whole house but couldn't find anyone Earlier, when you saw him in here, I saw it a little bit later I came here a while ago, but I couldn't find it I really asked, do you know where the others are hiding? know a little if you know, don't just have it Pretend, go and search with me Ok These guys hide very well, everyone Good hide-and-seek Here, there are some cabinets, check it out nothing Mr.

Phu has looked in the refrigerator yet I searched, did not find hide too well Does anyone get into this slot? These slots are too reasonable for those guys to hide nobody Now this friend will help me find it, everyone God, hide too carefully, could not find seemed tense go to the front to find Finding these friends is also a bit complicated These guys are hiding too closely Looks like we haven't searched for it in the crate yet, right? that's right there is water open the lid Mr. That also withstands immersion in water too well so cold Come out, you have been caught Poor you too, that you hid so well dare to get into the tub of water to hide too good Just now, have you been releasing floods in here? let me know I change the water What do you think is that who goes to vent in it? However, I advise you to go instead why because this friend is not clean For a while, probably pull the water out Oh my God This friend made the water cloudy You changed clothes already yes You know where the others are, whisper I know How do I know because I'm hiding alone But, I know, I won't tell you either, playing like that is weird what happen? Playing like that is very weird selling out standing friends See if there are any friends down here? Is anyone hiding here? Is anyone hiding on the coconut tree? Hey ever, is anyone hiding in here? This is tiny, how to hide What do you think? you yourself are the smallest, do you hide in this? You say those guys are hiding in here Watch out, it hides in this salt pot downright crap alo comrades hear clearly Any comrades in here? If so, go out, do not be like this person suffocating now devoid forgot This is shallow, just now, it was so good if I came in here Get in here I have seen you now I look for this Mr.

Phu, I have a disciple to follow Just now, I said, that dog used to follow him but the friend went away, the dog did not go looking for him Do you know why? because the friend is hiding in the water, losing its smell so the dog could not find it That's right, the dog doesn't smell the smell Mr. Phu huh That's right, on the roof onto the roof Come up, help me search go to the roof to find the house, everyone likely on the roof the other two are likely to be on the roof Ideal places like this why you guys don't hide Hide that place, have been arrested by you, for example you are looking for Did he ever hide over there, Mr. Phu now i am passing Is anyone hiding here, don't know These guys hide too carefully no one was on the roof There is no one, Mr.

Phu Is anyone in the jackfruit bush? have have ripe jackfruit fruit I asked if I saw the others, just the jackfruit for what? Maybe, the two of you ran home for a nap, didn't they? Those two friends, I am very skeptical, Mr. Phu It was likely that the two of them ran home to go down, text to ask test Why are those two guys hiding so closely? I dont know But why are the two of you hiding so easy to find Just now, I stuck out my leg I don't see the leg I doubt so I took a look should see you And this friend is hiding in the water tank I think I can't find it, then this friend will come out automatically cold how to stand it right and the other two were hiding quite carefully, so I will text to ask Mr.

Nha to see if this friend is still here or at home holding a camcorder for me Turn for me, that's right Let me text you two Anh Nha, where are you? that friend has read it it's preparing, Mr. Phu it is answering Earlier we had a contract, for example, looking too long but couldn't find it I have to send a message to ask you guys, how are you What is it texting? Mr, Nha: What is the tissue, Mr. Phu? oh my god, this friend The tissue is somewhere This friend is not knowledgeable in the local language tissue is where it is answering You texting slowly like a turtle compose the whole year to get the message Mr. Nha: Where am I, still a long time to say ok yet? Oh my God Are you at my house or your home? Are you at my house or your home? Honestly Mr, Nha: I'm in the bar a This young man kidding with it or something The contract is not called, otherwise I have already called Mr.

Nha: I'm at the motel, don't look for me joke forever This young man replied too shocking Mr. Nha: Up to now, you passed me several times so it is close to here so Mr. Nha has not gone far, still here are you sure? cheat is a dog Sure, don't let me get hot, I turn on the earth fan Texting is also misspelled Young people misspelled Sure, don't let me get hot, I turn on the earth fan.

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