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So sad you sit alone fishing recreational fishing, my friend the noodles are delicious so please give me some The noodles you put chili in here are so spicy spicy huh? had Dr Thanh tea Purify the body fresh every day Hey you what's up you? Stop fishing, let's ask Mr. Phu to go filming But what clip now? people commented telling us to make a video of hide and seek on the roof With the hot weather like this, it's great to make the hide-and-seek clip you say i see something wrong? It's wrong because, it's hot like this to go to the roof to hide and seek but everyone likes it if you like it, then go God you change your mind so fast Hello all of you Welcome back to Anh Ba Phai TV channel I heard that recently a lot of you asked us to make a hide-and-seek clip, right? right about that But you have to do hide and seek on the roof, Mr.

Phu There are many hide and seek positions but why hide and seek on the roof? The roof is sunny, playing hide and seek has to run and jump right? How can you run and jump on the roof? is it right? Mr. Phu is so right Or should we change the subject? no way, you guys comment a lot, they're all diehard fans hard fans like who can tell me? as Quach Tuan Du disgusting Thuy Tien Dan Truong there's more Tran Duc Bo not all Teacher Huan Rose My channel is full of artists watching also famous have a heart, have a reputation but don't let the scandal just kidding actually those fans are fans of those people they idolize with their names back to main topic hide and seek on the roof, I feel unreasonable right but do it so go, go You guys focus on going here listen to me before going to the roof I have some rules for you first don't run and jump on it How can we play hide and seek without running? I'll tell you why I don't let you run and jump one more thing what is it? in general all must obey my orders for your safety, okay? okay Hey you What's going on? I'm scratching my butt this guy kicked my ass in the head It's sunny like this, how can you hide? That's right What did Mr.

Phu bring? It's sunny, isn't it? Yes sir what is it, Mr. Phu come here for you to see this know you guys it's sunny I feel sorry for you, so I bought Dr Thanh tea for you to drink It's sunny, it's hot had Dr Thanh, purifying the body fresh every day Our hide and seek position is the area around this house there is one thing to be safe This game won't run like last time what is it? which means we will search by feeling don't run and jump Do not run to the location to find, but have to speculate and use the senses what does it mean? which means you use your senses and infer these guys are hiding there is it right? Exactly We must use our judgment feel with the senses see where the person is and guess the person correctly then you will get 1 point this game is fun, no one has done it talk about inference I'm the leader That's right, you have the best reasoning in the class This guy is the best in class from algebra he switched to geometric math I'm like that, can you do it like me you are young and inexperienced I switched from the Pythagorean theorem to the apple theorem I will paste positions from one to six numbered one through six, and you hide in those places Seekers will find in those locations now we will paste each position Have you seen the stickers yet? okay Now will be shepherds, whoever is the oldest will blanket first The others will run away then Dang blanket first, turn over there Dang stands in that position, no need to blindfold, we play fair That's right, standing in place, right Mr.

Phu exactly you guys run away You've run away, haven't you? no one dares to answer You guys have escaped, Mr. Dang comes back here now in front of you are six positions 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th positions let me analyze normally he is afraid of heights so it will be in positions that are not outside the roof edge playing hide-and-seek deductively, it's harder than searching 2 minutes out of time finished yet Who do you think is number 1? it's Mr. Nha Is Nha right? please number 1 stand up wrong one person Oh my gosh, this guy almost guessed right Nha was here a while ago but ran away and didn't know where? Who do you think will be number 2? Mr.

Nha are you sure? sure why do you know? because Mr. Nha and Mr. That always go together are you ready? ready please number 2 stand up congrats number 2 is correct a point for Mr. Dang how do you know i'm there I feel according to my senses This is your luck for sure stop it my sense is good next is position number 3 who do you think number 3 is think Miss Ai are you sure? I'm sure 3rd place please stand up yes that's exactly Ai so good this is we play for real promise everyone not to cheat, or set up any script must admit you are very lucky It's really good to find two people in exactly two positions Who do you think is at number 4? Mr.

Thanh Nhai Number 4 is Mr. Thanh Nhai right? are you sure? already 100% okay? only 99% 99% huh? please number 4 stand up now, only two friends left You only need to guess one person correctly and you will guess the other person If you guess wrong, then the other person is also wrong Of course, we won't be able to guess who's in 6th place Hey, your 6th sense has run out If the 6th sense is gone, I will switch to the 7th have a 7th sense right? please watch me show my 7th sense is Go ahead and see who's face guess that person's name and now who is number 5, guess what Mr.

Thanh Nhai are you sure? I sure please number 5 and number 6 stand up yes exactly congrats Mr. Dang and Mr. Dang got 4 points, congratulations What did Thanh do when he revealed his head earlier? Show your head and say hello Oh my God never mind it's your fault That's called doing it yourself exactly A stupid phase from Mr. Thanh showed his head for what I don't know the player is Mr. Dang got 4 points, congratulations and invite the second person is Mr. Thanh Are six people ready? okay this friend closes his eyes 5 minutes of hiding begins this place is mine ok i give you This is mine, go over there you go to the other side You go over there, I'm sick, give me this place What are you doing in my place? you're too much, you just escaped here and gave it to me I'll leave it to you, I'll go somewhere else to hide Please hide well, don't show your head you take care of yourself, don't worry about me, many things Everyone is already hiding, go look for them first place is number 1 Who do you think is at number 1? According to me is Mr.

That are you sure? I sure how many percent? 100 percent so good so excellent Based on what do you guess number 1 is him? because of this place, not an adult can hide here I can't even hide yes Do you have any feelings or hunches? you tell everyone, listen because I know such a small place where only he hides please number 1 stand up what's wrong, are your senses wrong? slightly wrong a bit technical error I'm lucky I don't say exaggeratedly, it's shameful to say too loud 2nd place over there Who do you think is number 2? This time it's Mr. That are you sure I sure why do you keep watching him you guess this place is the same as before, it's also small so it's there please stand number 2 you made a big mistake So strange today, my senses have problems the problem is that you are too confident guess too much Who do you think will be number 3? It's definitely Mr.

That are you sure? sure okay, understand You've been watching him for a while, guess right? I see something similar So far, there's only been one speculation, one inference, and one feeling Do you have a grudge against Mr. That? how do you know that, i'm so angry What's up? he used my game nick to plow the rank but dropped, like blood pressure are you sure? sure If you were given a chance would you guess again? are not I know this number is not him, the other two numbers are him The remaining three numbers will be Mr. That.

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