Anh Ba Phải | Thử Thách Người Cuối Cùng Trốn Tìm Dưới Nước Thắng 1 Triệu | Hide and Seek

Hello all friends Welcome back to Anh Ba Phai TV channel The weather today is quite harsh It's very hot, have you seen it? I feel the same way Today's weather is quite hot How do you feel? no i don't feel hot what, don't you feel really hot Do you think I'm all skin and bones, how do I know it's hot? I'm not fat like you now you dare to speak ill of me it's so hot, it's darkening Mr. Dang's skin Hey Don't be angry someday i will buy you whipped cream you black take care of your black disease With the weather like this, what clip do you think is suitable for the team? With this weather we should go jogging what is this? Do you think this weather is going for a run? In this weather, if you go for a jog, you will become a dry fish I find it reasonable What is reasonable? I also find it unreasonable to run in this sunny weather Now it can only be a lagoon Now let's go swimming in the river Like what we do as a challenge is hide and seek in the river a request that has been requested a lot in the past two weeks but just made it today Do you think it's reasonable? reasonable Cool off in the hot summer One more Do the challenge for everyone to see right now go are you ready? ready the last one of course I'll go find you And today, Ai will help me find it Mr.

Dang has escaped I play fair Boys are easy to hide from each other, right? 3v3 will be divided into 3 teams 2 teams 3 teams 2 teams 3 teams 2 teams compete in 3v3 Miss Ai, let's let these guys draw lots take it high right show it to everyone No. 1 then next Mr. That No. 2 what number is this? number 3 So these three are not on the same team? so there are only three people left Thanh Nhai draws first open it number 3 No. 3 goes with the team with Mr. Dang Mr Nha and Mr Thanh Lac Mr.

Nha joins Mr. Thanh Lac's team No. 2 Hoa number 2 on his team That Ghe I bow to you Ok are you ready? ready go now Mr. Dang what you? wait for me where are you going? I'm going to change my pants I didn't swim well in the river and lost my pants, what a waste wait a minute oh my god, go hide and seek but you're afraid of losing your pants and our hide-and-seek position in this canal stretching back there This river channel is quite special with a depth of not more than 1m3 suitable for your height here Another problem is that both sides of the river are dense convenient for you to hide and swap positions very good to play hide and seek and the length of hide and seek is over 1km Hey you Hey you Can you get to the bottom of this canal? Stand then stand will come like I'm afraid the water is over my head Can you wade then? But that day I learned to swim, I'm very good at swimming, can't you see? And now I've become a professional water-drinking swimmer I advise everyone before going into the water to put on a life jacket We're in the western part of the river, we all know how to swim We're pretty good at swimming so we don't need to wear life jackets One more problem, this canal is quite shallow, only 1m3 deep This guy comes down to measure for everyone to see you guys watch this he stood in the middle of the river but the water reached his armpit not dangerous at all Do you guys feel cool? cool very cool, the water is not deep What are Mr.

Hoa and Mr. Dang doing? catching fish Oh my gosh, go play hide and seek and go catch fish got the topic wrong? gather here Are you ready? ready This friend and I hide in the ground, you guys go hide Have you guys been hiding for more than 10 minutes to find them? okay let's go find Now the two of us will go find see where? hiding in the river can only hide on both sides of the river Look carefully in bushes like this If you don't look carefully, it's hard to find there is no in this Did Mr. Phu look over there before? I've searched and can't find pay attention For example, I'm passing by you in the back you see it diving catch it up I have to destroy Mr. Hoa before I am satisfied Hoa is very good at diving, I have to catch him to win Playing hide and seek in the river is so dramatic very dramatic and fun so a lot of you asked us to make this clip don't say it out loud Take it easy, you know what to do? it didn't detect me so i caught it but it sees me as it starts diving, I won't see it it only shows nostrils to breathe take a good look hello is anyone here, come out Try searching in here Mr.

Phu What's up? What if I go in and meet the snake? then run? is that right? maybe you stand there and look at it That man's water pipe does it ever get into that pipe? the water pipe is tiny why does it get in? As big as Mr. That Ghe can get in Did you hear anything? Who moves here in the tree? who's in here? water diving lah where to run to escape siege over there don't let it run Mr.

Thanh Lac has been arrested .

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