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Hello all of you Welcome back to Anh Ba Phai TV channel And today to improve your health here I'll give you a challenge, the ultimate challenge what is a beggar? was the last Okay The last person you said it wrong just now you just said the cultivator Stop talking and let Mr. Phu speak Okay why are you so rebellious? okay keep talking That's the challenge of the last person to bury himself what? what else is this? to startle Because I heard something buried, I was startled you were just startled, so startled you less I think you're a bit crap Okay that is enough Today we will do the challenge of burying ourselves in the sand what? Oh I know, do you have to bury yourself in the sand and then cover it with sand? Do you see me as talented? Or that everyone knows, only you don't know you are less talented for me Does anyone have an opinion on this challenge of burying yourself in the sand? it's nothing I have anything else? Will burying myself in the sand give me room to breathe? you ask a silly question If you don't give me a breath, I'll let you die Ok you are silent This is where we do the challenge there are more than five sand blocks in total These guys are digging to bury themselves for a while Have you chosen your location yet? okay then dig It will take a long time for you to dig like this here let me dig ok i dug let me dig i dig let me dig i dig so you dig You take care of it here to dig a sidekick, don't be there to be a goalkeeper like that, Mr.

Dang like what? If you finished digging that hole, my dog won't be able to dig it back what do you mean? That's my place, Mr. Nha mine mine I dig first is mine but I put sand on it mine is generally mine mine is generally mine two people who have not stopped breathing have demanded to go down the hole there is a hole, but for each other like that You dig a beautiful hole, let me lie down for a bit I hit you too hard, the hole I've dug all this time How can I breathe while lying here? just finished talking Okay Have you prepared your hole yet? okay each has a very nice hole position challenges to help you overcome problems such as being buried Looks like it's very useful If there is a case of being buried in sand or sandy soil just for example then you can know how to survive to wait for someone to save you very useful right? Yes not all This challenge helps them get used to the smell of sand so that later when you die, you won't be surprised Today we will do the challenge of not eating only drinking milk What milk do you choose? kun milk because it was so delicious that day delicious right? yummy kun milk is also good for health You will be drawn to drink milk once every 4 hours in position for me to fill in the sand what are you doing? i'm making a pillow Such a beautiful pillow her pillow, not as good as mine, Mr.

Phu pillow is that a pillow? happy lying down? very happy I give you a piece, to lay your pillow on give it to Nha Thank you Phu go through and dig a hole for you Yes makes sense are friends that Mr. Phu you don't know anything that's my good friend it's ok i'll dig you another hole Do you choose to lie on your back or face down? Lay up These two choose to lie on their backs, I will also choose to lie on their back lying on your back, why don't you choose to lie face down Because these two are so smart, I know their personalities it calculates all and then it chooses to lie on its back ok you can lie down any way you like Thanh chose to lie on his back like this, right? Yes What are you doing? digging holes What's the point of digging that hole? to lie down do you guys understand? understood, Mr.

Phu very well calculated, very detailed I start the timer who's sleepy just sleep Why don't you lie on your back and do nothing to get tired? you three are so smart of course? Lying on your back a bit drinking milk will be difficult Before long, a little sunlight will shine in your eyes and you will be dazzled Dang said it was reasonable, why didn't he lie down before? Hey man Nha what? Did you think about going to the toilet before? Yeah, I didn't ask Mr. Phu just now I doubt it, I was going to ask earlier as if I was afraid you would say, I have a lot Why didn't you ask earlier, when you needed to ask, you didn't ask? oh god, don't worry, keep playing that's right, keep playing However, if you discharge in here, the sand will seep in you play so muddy But what if you have a problem like this? also reasonable I was so bad before that I forgot to go to the toilet, I'll probably flush this can't be, i said joking you flush, the water will flow over me But what to do now, I'm so sick But now that the sand has crushed your dick, how can you urinate? If you worry too much, it will be straight when urinating I don't understand why I wanted to go without peeing Why is it so painful to pee under here? you have a mental disorder that's why it's urinary I'm sorry to you two the two of you are less muddled, let others be muddled Hey you Mr.

Dang Mr. Dang what? Why are you lying motionless? lie still to store water and energy It's terrible to set up the calculation what's up? Calculate like that to win who like you is free to make fun of others That's what you said to me, just mocking you hey my friend said this don't be mad at me angry at what? I used to take your phone to text your sister what when? then before doing the challenge then what do you text? Then your sister texted to ask about your health what did my sister text? Then your sister texted you to ask what about then I replied that this spring is not coming now i think your sister is calling you a lot forgot again What's up? A while ago, your mother called me, asking why you didn't answer the phone What did my mother telegraph to you? Your mother asked why you always call but you don't answer the phone then what do you say? I said you were busy playing a game, you called back weird reply coming karma Thank you much for your time nothing thanks make up for the Thai mangoes I stole from you laugh at me So some of my Thai mangoes you stole What's the blame I've thanked you I am afraid of you surprise piled up surprise this time I don't know who better Thick grapefruit peel always has sharp nails móng what doesn't have grapefruit peel here, it's tangerine peel thick tangerine peel with sharp nails you read wrong too sunny Who told you to choose that place? God bought it It's not rain, I see you guys are too hot so I splashed water to cool off cool? cool Throw water for these guys to cool off Here's a banana leaf for you too cool right? there is a place where Mr.

Thanh has sunshine for me to cover thank you cool yet? it's cool Dang is here hand pain stab the hand cool face yet already Use banana leaves to cover your face I see the other way I see the other way over here right? this is ok How does it feel like almost four hours have passed? normal Looks like there's an ant in the sand, it bites me, it's so itchy, you scratch it I don't play scratching the itch where ? under your feet? don't know where to scratch the itch bear with it your leg itch is better, I itch in butt I can't scratch it, it's too itchy because you play without calculation because you play without calculation Put your hands under your butt, scratch it because it's itchy We are like that, so what do you do if your feet are tired? yes you said i just remembered My feet are a bit numb too Any posture has its advantages and disadvantages, the important thing is endurance Mr.

Nha said it very well what about you, can you stand it? My stamina, Mr. Phu? Also in the form of cattle make people do not want to do, but go to work like cows and cows I mean example Start your mouth faster than your brain What about you, Mr. That? I'm OK there's one thing that flies like to swarm Also, I did urinate a while ago what? did you just pee? nothing more, how can you hold it? no wonder I feel like there's water under my butt, I think it's underground Who would have thought it was you feel warm that's it really scared why are you so muddy? so it's classy How about you, Mr.

Dang? and I was normal I've been imagining myself meditating meditating cool yet? already I hold it for a bit I can't hold it for long everything looks normal right? Yes a little bit of neck pain neck fatigue? when can we eat, Mr. Phu? wait a little bit more Yes keep trying hard If you can't stand it, then surrender And how do you feel? the game is easy is it easy? yes, it's easy for other people, not easy for me 4 hours and 3 minutes have passed Now I will give these guys milk to give them energy slowly it's a bit difficult please leave it here where? put it in front of your chest or not? Ok Mr. That automatically drink suck in a straw raise your head a little to Mr. Nha Reasonable is that OK? it doesn't come Dang is easy to drink is it delicious guys? yummy it was refreshing It's great each person will get two cans Yes What flavor do you like to drink? Is the orange flavor good? Yummy strawberry flavor chocolate flavor chocolate flavor huh? I will get other flavors for you to drink Did you eat sand just now? I don't know if I should eat it or not, but when I bite into it, it feels good and fat.

Sand in a glass put in some ice give some sugar stir and drink It's great, isn't it? you act like it's a melon Hey, do you see Mr. Dang sleeping well? Don't you feel short of breath? please speak less sleep to save energy dư I'm quite weak, the sand is pressing on me and it's hard to breathe butt itchy I also itch sand on my back very itchy more than 6 hours passed There were also people who gave up That's Mr. Nha So why do you? why surrender so early today? the sand below it itches and the sand it presses on my chest makes it hard to breathe Short of breath? Let everyone feel this challenge honestly This challenge is also difficult but not easy but i don't say easy but I can get used to the sandy soil here very fragrant, the earth is very fragrant So fragrant soil? Surrender then get up is it easy to breathe? then Mr.

Phu this sand is wet sand The sand is absorbent so it's a bit heavy on the body Surrender, then go to rest and wash hey, stay here, I can't take it anymore why surrender? why surrender? What is biting what? your scabies are itchy but none of them bite Why are you so weak today? Do you think my body is like a frog that the sand presses like this? it's the same as the Marble Mountains that crush Ton Ngo Khong try a bit i will die Mr.

Phu, I surrender What's up? I surrender to Mr. Phu Can you stand it? feel good, talk a lot, why surrender so early How many ants or something are they biting so itchy What did Mr. Hoa do with his mouth open? look at your feet What's wrong? I'm sorry What did you hit? then give up then get up give a little feel about this challenge this challenge? Yes It's cool to lie in the sand, but there are some animals in the sand that bite Plus the sand is so heavy it can't move My arms and legs are so tired

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