Anh Ba Phải | Thử Thách 48H Bốc Thăm Cắm Trại Bình Dân – Cao Cấp | Phần 1| 48h Challenge

go in here go in here What are you doing my teammates? what is it Dang hello hello everyone Hello friends Welcome to ANH BA PHAI channel beautiful head you where is beautiful but beautiful Oh my god, let's watch Thoai cut his hair at Nha, Mr. Phu what's up? Get a haircut before me the one I'm getting a haircut Nha called me I turn my head the barber pushes like that, Mr. Phu then what? and then he fixed my head like that, Mr. Phu what a coward, I see this hole, Mr. Phu Oh my god, is he pushing it like that? Oh my god, is he pushing it like that? Come on, Mr. Phu, it's bad to shave your hair, Mr. Phu That's really boring, Nha I find you beautiful it's pretty Oh friend who caught first 2 centimeters, friend? Mr.

Phu What's up ? Is my hair long? It's also short, not long I'll push 1 centimeter tomorrow 2 of you also said Do you know what my name is? Is it Hoa Thuong? Tomorrow I will go to the mountain to shave my hair You bring 6 more dots before Master will accept you I'm scared and scared of you guys Yesterday Thanh Lac , today come to Thoai Meo I don't know who will come in a few days Dang , go to Dang Cap Dang huh? I never shave my head, Mr. Phu that's right, just 3 price haircut stop Come on, let's just say it for fun guys then today to follow the request of many fans then we will return to the topic that is The challenge of camping in a popular and high-class style yes Do you know which group you're in, but why are you so happy Definitely enter the advanced level, Mr. Phu oh so I know why you are confident now, Mr. Phu Everyone is high class what happen She must have had a haircut now, she must be very confident She must have had a haircut now, she must be very confident oh my god Phu I'm the one who gives way to the common people, Mr.

Phu continue to say give in continue to say give in That's it for now, split into teams, draw lots Let's play scissor and hammer, Mr. Phu Let's play scissor and hammer, Mr. Phu I play in a fair way, so I'll draw lots, friends follow me Can the same number be a team now? okay Who picked it up first? Open it, Mr. Phu, open Open it, Mr. Phu, open then ok there is no hair to stroke which card do you choose? this vote, Mr. Phu this vote, Mr. Phu 2 It's okay to see or not to see Let Hoa open again, Mr. Phu The bald head has to go with Hoa Thuong right, Mr. Phu and then the bald head is Hoa Thuong because Hoa Thuong is always shaved why is her hair so long and still not shaved What number is here? No. 1 I don't know yet what number, what number 1 I don't know yet what number, what number 1 Nha Ngao go to my team go to my team the words what number is this? No.

1 oh ok Then to Dang Cap No. 2 then the brothers Thanh Lac and That Ghe I peel it first do you dare to give me What if I don't give in? yield to That, give way to you That don't vibrate, don't shake Lac and That Ghe is number 2 guys congrats e then today ate bran I don't know, I haven't picked it yet That's right, I haven't picked high-end or low-end yet Now we will go to the camping position After that, continue to draw high-end or low-end votes, friends go let's go My brothers and sisters have arrived at the camping site, friends Outside this area is quite spacious and airy, for us to camp, very reasonable I think the scenery here is also very charming, Mr.

Phu what happen here it is, Mr. Phu 1 time 3 you look like vinahouse See if there's anything else? You guys are afraid of it right? Let's go somewhere else, Mr. Phu Let's go somewhere else, Mr. Phu You mean go in there and do it, Mr. Phu wrong you what's wrong? elsewhere somewhere else or over there Which place do you choose now, this side or the other side? over here are dense trees And here is the empty copper, which side do you want to choose? Now what, according to the majority, where do you choose? this place, Mr. Phu this place? Well, as I said just now, this place is the most reasonable then let's get started, let's draw the lottery here we will have 2 votes 1 premium vote and 1 normal vote now each team picks up Nha Ngao's team, who will vote here? It's me Well, you're so unlucky trust me If I'm unlucky this time, then I'll be punished ok, ok, ok oh so brave, how confident are you very definitive, Mr. Phu very definitive , very good but i don't know if it's true or not what about you That Ghe's team let Thoai draw a lottery, because it's lucky Let's see if it's lucky or unlucky start Here, the battle between Hoa Thuong and the good teacher afraid of what? now Both of them put their hands in and peeled off Put your hand in and peel it shove both hands into the shove both hands into t 1 , 2 , 3 , Where are the votes, where are they? Just 1 leaf then open it wow high-class go and lie down how Always push down It's cold early in the morning, dear take it easy I don't know Mr.

Phu because he promised Everything has its solution there's nothing left Oh Thanh Thanh Vietnam says to do, friends if so please play seriously 2, 3 for you joking, but you also do it, it's really sad the senior team will have a tent the popular team go to work by themselves what you Hoa It's so cold, Mr. Phu Everything has a solution nothing, it threw me into the river I'm Vietnamese, I say I have to do it You two remember that, next time I'll take revenge It's time to start clearing weeds for the house Hey Nha, Hoa just won the regular ticket, made her own tent oh no buddy I said I was thrown into the river, friend It's so boring, it's so early in the morning that I'm already wishing now have to make a place to dry clothes what are you doing? Do you want to go to the channel again? Okay hey you are very brave Oh are teammates with each other that slowly talk Done oh my god, what's left of my shirt Please quit your jokes Joking a lot, even shouting oh damn me oh my god, my shirt Seriously, already poor and dirty Mr.

Thanh, what kind of unlucky day are you today? Don't go back and forth, fall again It's also because of you, not anyone I didn't see anything in the morning, my clothes were all wet 2 of you dry here, where do I dry then continue washing 2 people left! hey, hey What do you see Thanh into the Let's start setting up the tents, everyone today is indeed a lucky day what now, are you lucky? do you have any opinion? I have the opinion of the other two people, not your opinion but these two are my team, do you have any idea No, Dang, I'm kidding again, what are you doing so hard? If not, I'll come back let go of the tree Dang you let go so I can do it oh da! what's wrong with you Do it slowly, what's so fast? Just now you asked me to let go Check to see if you have broken any eggs too much food guys This eggplant must be for the poor team Hey, don't mention the poor, can you? Poor people also have their dignity Are you as poor as we are? That's right, can you be as poor as we are? shut up I'm defending you because you should be like that It's noon, let's build a house you don't help, what are you doing, Mr.

Thanh From bouncing until now, it never breaks how can you break it by hand? you have to take your teeth to bite it off you are smarter than me From a while ago until now, only the lead wire, I broke it over and over and didn't break Lead wire is not like parachute cord, it's not easy to break Lucky for me, I won the premium prize, there's a tent that doesn't have to be bud it's so cool Tomorrow, you can review it for me please baby sweat, mom's sweat is flowing go out so hot wow, I have to admit it's so comfortable out here I thought the tent was delicious who would have thought that y chan is like a furnace Come see it, how is it? what did you come here for? Oh my god, I asked where the tents were made Now I'm going to say it straight, I'm teasing your team do you want to play? What do you want now? what's that? it came here to make fun of me gosh, what to be afraid of Dang Can't you see it's holding a tree? I'll be back first ok i go home ok i go home Watch out for me, come here and die with me Be less aggressive, Mr.

Thanh talk less, be careful with Dang Oh my God follow me, but you can break branch 1 I picked up a bunch of it Oh my god, breaking 1 tree is lucky I see you two have taken many trees, I plan not to take any more Work less, eat less, work more, eat more hey you guys the one that Mr. Phu said before what fruit? I forgot what fruit God, that forest fruit I can eat it, okay? okay, eat it You eat first, come on? you eat it go? Is it okay, can you eat it Dang You can eat it, but I can't eat it, you can eat it why do you say you can eat, you don't dare to eat call me to eat God, my father ate and was still alive it's okay, eat try it There are seeds in this fruit too sour Just like a grape Is it delicious, let me try it sour is it delicious? Try it out, do you know it's delicious? The fruit is too small, my friend This fruit eat but also it's too hard to eat 1 more fruit to know the taste This is a kind of forest fruit guys I advise you not to eat You just ate it and told people not to eat it 2 I just tried but haven't eaten yet okay, has this team finished the house yet? Done wow The house is quite beautiful, my friends enough to cover the sun and rain for 3 people Can this cover the rain? I don't know Mr.

Phu okay Mr. Phu okay? This house only covers the sun, if it rains, you will see a lot of holes It's normal, Mr. Phu Flowers have a reasonable place to dry clothes let it dry oh Nha what, Mr. Thanh I build a house next to the river, how do crocodiles wade up at night? gosh, what bad fish dares to come up here dare, I'll visit it too If it crawls up here, I'll bake it too I have to admit that I have a tall antenna it's not an antenna, it's a lightning rod Can't you see it shrinks and then it withers? Why did you dig this hole Hoa make a kitchen to cook There's a big tree here, it's so cool cool recognition Oh, go to the tent to play eh, eh, wait, wait what else? where did you come from? Oh, where are you from? Oh I'm over there, come over and talk to you You guys found out so quickly, I'll come back finally finished the kitchen Our food today is very rich guys so much more all kinds of food There are both popular dishes and high-class dishes For example, tomato sauce with shrimp paste soybean paste then egg cucumber Sweet potato high end has a lot of food premium roe fish This one doesn't know anything premium grilled tuna Nem Hot Pot chicken wing ribs a lot, guys okay, is this team hungry yet? Yes Stand up and draw the lottery here we have 4 votes Combine for your meal for lunch today How many cards can be drawn, Mr.

Phu? can only draw 1 card 4 leaves here is equivalent to 4 meals who picks In the morning,Hoa the lottery was drawn, Mr. Phu In the morning, the lottery was drawn, Mr. Phu now i will choose em diversion huh? and then choose Which card to draw, and choose that card let's see what the normal team will eat today white rice, sauerkraut, sweet potato yes All plant foods, nothing else? keep trying Yes what is the senior team doing in it Open the door, let's draw lots for food The senior team will also have 4 votes, guys to choose food here and then come out Here we have a total of 4 cards then draw the lottery If you win a lot, eat that lot oh, Mr. Dang, Mr. Dang what to eat here? seafood hot pot plus oysters yes then ge t the seafood hot pot with oysters Where's the normal team? come here What food is so much a lot, but your team is a popular team, only popular dishes it's normal do you know what that is? oysters mussel This one is an oyster, not a mussel popular, right, Mr.

Phu Ordinary people don't have that dish it's your rice, cook it what else? sauerkraut, sauerkraut, take a bag of sauerkraut sweet potato, take the sweet potato and bake it then go home why is the tuber so big ah ok then bye more, Mr. Phu what else? Is this okay Mr. Phu? Leave me alone, play fair go home buddy And this team is seafood hotpot right? Yes Here's the seafood hot pot then take this another one then oysters Oysters take all oysters Each child has 2 oysters to eat for them finished yet? ok take it home and process it well, the hot pot has an extra bag of pellets for it to add more Thank you Mr. Phu then put it in the hot pot to eat it It's true that the high-class team is so happy for you guys my commoner's side cook rice and wash rice, eat only vegetables over there, eat seafood hot pot bear with me, last time I was also in the ordinary Mealtimes are so hard, now I'm happy to eat a little bit What are you complaining about, it's delicious to have sweet potatoes My favorite is sweet potatoes guys But now you like something else, don't have it to eat there's every sweet potato Now my brothers and sisters will cook hot pot, friends pour water in, Ghe Hurry up now I'm so hungry Bake the sweet potato fast Uncooked rice, baked sweet potatoes for what My favorite food is sweet potatoes, so I have to prioritize sweet potatoes first stop, stop Now I will separate the oysters and eat them with hot pot guys What's in this oyster? where hey so smelly Oyster fishy but not smelly so crap Do you know how much the oysters lost their fairies Ghe Who doesn't know, can't you see I'm taking care of that piece of meat? Here's hot pot to eat seafood, what can you stand? eh, wait there I don't say anything to you just wait what to say, I eat oysters, I say eat oysters Seafood hot pot, who said what? I ate my oysters, not your sweet potatoes, what are you talking about stop, stop Dang What do you guys eat, are you chem slashing? My side ate sweet potatoes, do you know how much one of these is? I don't have to say, don't tell me it 100 billion 1 tuber is that right, Lac uh sweet potatoes in here, there is also a layer of gold, are you like me right How much does this pot cost? 2 billion right This rice is not ordinary rice This rice belongs to the…

It's Vietnam no, rice in Africa Vietnam desert rice this rice is desert rice right, right, right…. What do you do get it? eat chem copy Do you guys eat stronger than my guys? Do you eat better food? Do you eat better food? try throw it did not that's OK Add some salt Dang simple, some hot pot I ate sweet potatoes 100 billion It's done, friends, let's eat together put instant noodles in Ghe.

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