Anatomy of a Cryptocurrency Mining Rig / Genesis Mining #EvolveWithUs – The Series Episode 1

our GPUs are the Swiss Army knife of the blockchain technology we can mine any coin that's happening on the blockchain market and any coin that's coming up in the future so in order to participate unique GPUs and we're doing this massive buildup of GPUs for the Albuquerque market my name is Stefan Schindler I'm the CTO representing Genesis mining and we're here once more in Iceland expanding our mining operation when the network started everything was about doing this type of calculation on your processor of your computer but soon enough somebody found out actually graphic cards are better in doing these kinds of operations they are more efficient which means they can do more transactions or more calculations with less power and that stories while we are building out so many GPUs GPU us means graphics cards a mining rig is basically a computer but it stripped down to the minimum in terms of computing and up to the maximum in terms of mining it's a normal computer that has a lot of GPUs but of course the detail is what matters like every computer it has a main board which you can see here and that main board holds all the main components you know there's a processor there's RAM which is the memory and we use a USB stick to run our software it's not connected here but that's basically it and then of course these things so in order to understand this we have to turn it around a little bit and look at this here these are our graphic cards of course this is what everything is about now the problem is how do you put so many GPUs in one mainboard it's not possible because the mainboard that you can buy on the market they don't leave you enough space for the GPUs so in order to do that somebody invented those risers its PCI risers it's basically an extender from the main board to the GPU and it enables you to put many GPUs in one rig and distribute them so to make sure that the heat gets dissipated and of course what's missing at the end is we need power so that they are entire thing runs and that's the this thing you know it's a power supply unit with a connector it has strong cables so that we can power all the GPUs and of course the mainboard that's basically it it's a computer that's optimized for mining these things build so that we can really know put them together really really fast in our farm and we have a little production line where everybody puts one screw and another guy puts another screw and then in the end after a few steps we have two Swick together and it's portable we can take it out put it in a shelf and put it back somewhere else it's an easy setup but highly efficient and very well working for us you [Music]

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