Analysts: XRP Will Hit $20+ SOON Despite The MASSIVE Crash! (Here’s WHY!)

What's wrong, guys! I hope you have a good day today. Today, I am back with another important XRP update. If you are an XRP holder, you will absolutely love what we will discuss in this video. In fact, at the end of this video, you decided to keep XRP’s It should feel good. Now, I follow a large number of analysts, but in this video, we will only focus on a few, and What are their comments on the direction of XRP price? I will share some of the most clearly expressed arguments that show that despite the severe crash a few days ago, XRP will still It quickly reached more than $20.

We must have formed the bottom, and every indicator now indicates a bull market Have a foothold that continues to be needed. But before diving into all the juicy details, let's start with an introduction. As always, welcome back to Money Side-your favorite encrypted news channel. If you are new here, welcome to join the XRP family. Shatter the "Subscribe" button and turn on your notifications so that you can We are notified when we release daily encryption updates.

In everything that happened in the crypto world, an analyst came forward Say: "Hey, I believe XRP will rise to $28 soon." And I think he may actually be correct. Today, we have a lot of topics to discuss, so be sure to stick to the end of the video. Currently, the price of XRP is $1.04, a 5.04% increase in the past 24 hours. It is exciting to see the green market again. The last few days are the craziest.

Too many people panicked, they sold their cryptocurrency assets, I’m sure most people would Regret this decision. I firmly believe that soon, before sliding into the bear market, we will see a huge leap in the overall crypto asset class . Check out @crediblecrypto's tweets, I absolutely love them. "We are in a turbulent bull market, and your favorite substitute is traded at a discount of more than 40%. Yes, this is real life. " Guys, you have mastered… Everyone knows that DIY investment is one of my favorite analysts. He tweeted the following:" Ignore the bull market for #XRP selling is AF! While the panicking seller realizes the loss, smart money is exacerbating your fear.

Today I want to share a crazy fractal with you. " DIY Investing further stated that this may be the last time people Get a good buying opportunity before the tokens inevitably hit all-time highs. In the video link he shared on the tweeter, DIY Investing took the 2015-2016 BTC chart, And overlay it on the current XRP price chart, which looks shocking. When BTC reached $20,000, most people panicked and sold their coins, but then jumped to $65K.

This is exactly what we see again; human emotions are at work. This is why we see similar chart structures time and time again, not only in cryptocurrencies, And in the stock market. It is the human psychology that people will panic. At the moment of the car accident, I know most people were thinking: "Oh my God, I invested my money , And the money is still declining. "But unfortunately, when you panic and sell stocks, The others there are very scared and worried about buying. Eventually, yes, the market will peak over time, and then, if you don’t sell the stock, You may miss the opportunity.

But I don’t think now is the time. This bull market will last for several months before this time finally arrives. Therefore, if XRP follows the BTC chart of DIY investment sharing, then the price of XRP It will definitely exceed its previous all-time high, only a few cents lower than $4. According to him, in this market cycle, by the end of this year, we may even reach $28. If this person is right, then we have at least six months, which is nothing new. He has been honing similar numbers in the past, but he said the most recent It's 28 dollars.

Even if someone says that the token will never rebound again, there are some positive changes in XRP, which is really incredible . It can only go back to zero. I just think that many people don't understand how the cryptocurrency market works. It is a whole, as The Blockchain Backer said, XRP and the entire market All are at a low point. If it develops according to history, that guy was correct before the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dropped the lawsuit Yes, the price of XRP rose from $0.65 to $0.16. Check out an article on, we can see the most watched cryptocurrency chart analysts One of Nicholas Merten (Nicholas Merten) stated that some key signals outline Bitcoin’s The bull market is still in full swing, and no bear market is about to emerge. . In this article, Merten shared some interesting things to expect from the structure . In the new strategy meeting, Merten proposed the concept of expanding the cycle, or Each Bitcoin bull market is longer than the previous one.

Under this concept, the top of the current bull market cycle will theoretically be farther than many people expected. "We are largely in line with our In the 2017 cycle or the third cycle Performance within the same time frame. One big thing I want to emphasize is whether you are [extended Proponents of Cycle Theory or historically, not the market For the bottom three-quarters, the cycle is expected to be longer than the previous cycle. We can see this very, very clearly. The gap is synchronized. All the data here point to a very obvious fact: it is very likely- No guarantee-but it may not be the case in all markets in the end. " Merten also pointed out the fact that in the previous crypto bull market and traditional bull market , The top of the rally usually forms a spike or “blowing” instead of Bitcoin’s formation in recent months The slow, round pattern.

"In all these cycles, we have an inflatable top and you will find Things became very euphoric. They are very anxious and everyone is talking about it. Everyone needs exposure. They felt FOMO (fear of missing out), but this time, it’s just a bit It’s too much, it’s a bit stagnant, it’s a bit like the middle of these Some of the cyclical or intermediate rebounds and corrections. The overall bull market. " With this in mind, let's look at the analysis of XRP. Now, we are studying everyday viewpoints. We may be replicating the 2013-2017 period! As you know, I have posted some thoughts on XRP before discussing this weird The arc trend (pink line) and how XRP respects it through rallying. Except that XRP found strong support on its second contact (probably the bottom), I also pointed out that I only saw the small picture of 2017 in the previous analysis, but then Looking back, I can notice the similarity of these periods in 2013-2017 and 2018-2021, The reason is as follows: two accumulation periods Respectively: 3.24 years and 3.38 years (so far).

The action of the arc trend is the same as the shape when the key XRP support is touched. The second strongest touch marks the urge to break through. Now, if we are right, then the next question becomes: it will reach the first The crazy price target achieved by the target? Maybe it's about 200 dollars? , It sounds unreal, but time will Prove everything . The interesting fact is that all the bull market cycles since the 2017 breakout lasted for 276 days ( in less than a year! ), will this last so long? Let me know in the comments section! Good luck and trade my friends safely! Please remember that we are not a licensed financial advisor.

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