Analysts: XRP Will Hit $20+ SOON Despite The MASSIVE Crash! (Here’s WHY!)

What’s up, guys! I hope you are having a great day. Today, I’m back with yet another crucial
XRP update. If you are an XRP holder, you will absolutely
love what we will discuss in this video. In fact, by the end of this video, you should
be feeling pretty good about deciding to hold your XRPs. Now, I follow a ton of analysts, but in this
video, we will highlight just a few and what they have to say about where the price of
XRP is going. I will share some of the best-articulated
arguments showing that XRP will hit $20 + soon despite the big crash a few days ago. We definitely have structured the bottom,
and every indicator now shows that the bull-run has the footing it needed to continue. But before we get into all the juicy details,
let’s roll that intro. As always, Welcome back to Money Side-your
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on your notifications to get notified whenever we post our daily crypto updates. Amid everything that’s been happening in
the crypto world, one analyst came forward and said, ‘Hey, I believe XRP is getting
to $28 very soon.’ And I think he might actually be right. Today we have a lot to talk about, so be sure
to stick to the end of the video. Currently, XRP is at $1.04 and has been up
by 5.04% over the last 24 hours. It’s exciting to see the market this green
again. The last couple of days have been the craziest. So many people panicked sold their crypto
holdings, and I’m sure most of those will regret that decision.

I firmly believe soon, we will see massive
jumps in the crypto asset class on the whole before sliding to the bear territory. Looking over a tweet from @crediblecrypto,
I absolutely love this. “We are in a raging bull market, and your
favorite alt is trading at a 40+% discount. Yes, this is real life.” Guys, there you have it… You all know DIY Investing is one of my favorite
analysts, and he tweeted the following “IGNORE THE SELL-OFF #XRP IS BULLISH AF! While panic sellers realize losses, smart
money is buying your fear. I have a pretty insane fractal to share with
you guys today.” And DIY Investing further say that this might
be the last time people get a good buying opportunity before the coin inevitably hits
its all-time high.

In a video link he shared on his tweeter,
DIY Investing took the 2015-2016 BTC chart and overlaid it over the current XRP price
chart, and it looks shockingly similar. When BTC hit $20k, most people panicked sold
their coins, only to jump to $65K. This is precisely what we are seeing again;
human emotions at play. That’s why we see similar chart structures
time and again, not only in crypto but also in the stock market. It’s human psychology that people would
panic sell. The moment the crash happened, I know most
people were like, ‘OMG, I put my money in that, and it’s going down’ But unfortunately,
while you panic sold at losses, someone else out there was very chilled and bought in your

Eventually, yes, in time, the market will
be at its peak, and then if you don’t sell, you might have missed your chance. But I don’t think that time is now. This bull-run will be continuing for months
before that time finally comes. So, if XRP follows the BTC chart that DIY
investing shared, then the price of XRP will definitely push past its previous all-time
high, which was just a few cents shy of $4. According to him, we might even reach $28
by the end of the year in this market cycle.

If this guy is correct, we have at least six
months, and this is not something new. He has been honing similar numbers in the
past, but he says the closest he has come is $28. It’s incredible to see some positive things
happen to XRP even while some people say the coin will never rally again; it can only go
back to zero. I just feel so many people don’t understand
how the crypto market works. It moves as a whole, and just like The Blockchain
Backer said, the bottom is in for XRP and the entire market.

If we are going by history, this guy has been
right before when the SEC dropped the lawsuit, and the price of XRP went from $0.65 to $0.16. Checking out an article on
we can see that Nicholas Merten, one of the most closely followed crypto chart analysts,
says that some key signals outline that Bitcoins bull-run is still in full swing and there
is no bear market in the horizon. In this piece, Merten shares some fascinating
stuff on what to expect structurally in the market. In a new strategy session, Merten posits the
concept of expanding cycles or the idea that each Bitcoin bull market gets slightly longer
than the last. Under the concept, the top of the current
bull cycle would be theoretically further in the future than many expect.

“We’re pretty much in line with how we
were performing in the same time frame for the 2017 cycle or cycle number three… The big thing I want to emphasize is whether
you’re a fan of [the theory of expanding cycles] or not, historically speaking, three
out of the four times from bottoms in the market, it is expected that the cycle’s
going to go longer than the previous one. We can see that very, very clearly. The gaps are synchronized…. All of the data here is pointing out a pretty
obvious fact: that this is most likely – it’s not guaranteed – but it’s most likely
not the end all be all of the markets.” Merten also points to the fact that in previous
crypto bull markets and traditional ones, tops of the rally usually form sharp peaks,
or “blow-off tops,” instead of the slow, rounded pattern that Bitcoin has formed over
recent months.

“In all of these cycles, we have what’s
known as a blow-off top, where you notice things just go absolutely euphoric. They’re rushing and everyone’s talking
about it. Everyone needs to get exposure. They’re feeling the FOMO (fear of missing
out) … But this time around, it just kind of rolled over a bit, had a little bit of
stagnation, kind of like some of these mid cycles or these mid-rallies and corrections
within an overall bull market.” With that in mind, let's take a look at analysis
of XRP. Now we are looking at daily perspective. We might be replicating 2013-2017 period! As you know, i've published previously a couple
of ideas on XRP talking about this curious arc trend (pink line) and how XRP has respected
it through its rallies. Besides XRP has found a strong support on
a second touch on it (and probably the bottom), i noted that i was looking at the small pic
of 2017 only in my previous analysis, but looking back further i could notice the similarity
of the periods 2013-2017 and 2018- 2021 and here's why:
Both periods of accumulation lasted : 3.24 and 3.38 years (so far) respectively.

The arc trend works the same way shaping the
critical XRP supports when touching it. The second strong touch marks the impulse
for the breakout. Now if we are right, the next question becomes:
would it also reach the crazy price targets it reached in the first one? which might be
around 200$?, sounds irreal but time will tell. Interesting fact is that all the bull cycle
from the 2017 breakout lasted 276 days (that's less than a year!), will this one be around
that long? Let me know in the comment section guys! Good Luck and trade safely my friends! Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor.

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