Hello everyone and welcome to this second market analysis video on the money sign in this video we will first analyze the bitcoin on weekends in the beds it will serve as an indicator of sentiment current market on the rené team thereafter I will give you some upcoming opportunities on the currency team and finally I will show you some traits that we have taken in recent days so to start here is the graph of bitcoin a wiki so we can see very although weekly bitcoin after a very strong uptrend is now in a downtrend why because you see that the higher and lower and lower and higher we can see here in particular that bitcoin has perfectly bounced off its average mobile 50 at the moment we can not yet say that bitcoin is starting again the rise given that it is always under the last nails here that's why we're going to wait for a crossing this level there therefore located on about 12,000 dollars so that the bullish momentum on bitcoin can return here is a graph of bitcoin this time in crime we see that we have a 17th bitcoin evolves within a Rossi channel there we see that it has crossed at the decline this bullish channel has made a comeback back then came to type the level of $ 6500 currently we are seeing a bounce off the big bang given that we broke this right off trend to three points here but we are still below the moving average 200 so it's less moving for now serves as price resistance is time that we will find ourselves below this moving average and will be more risky to take lines with the purchase then this moving average 200 there you can see it and the principle roughly on the booklet of the ten audard myths on craig emptiness here i will show you a new one graph on bitcoins a little more or but still in units of account of 1 so here we see on this graph that bitcoin has indeed crossed its trend line at three points here here we could have had a buy signal nevertheless we still have this moving average 200 there as you see on the dollar dikes that blocks the price there we see a very important level on the 12000 dollars about so here you have learn top a second here finally third summit therefore there to revive the dynamic bullish bitcoin for the next few months you will have to wait a break of 12,000 dollars to confirm this scenario as long as we will prove below 12,000 dollars we will observe pissed off so there you can see it range here we have two rebounds on the 6500 $ is here three highs out of the 12,000 dollars so their fact the big one was born also tending to renege in a short-term downtrend lies within of a time range that we will be within this range we will rather wait before returning to the purchase if you want to invest for the long term in crypto currency nevertheless for people who wish to speculate on croutons ronnie is always possible, for example, to aim for a short-term return and the $ 12,000 in case of crossing this 200 moving average or here to buy the bitcoin to aim for the top of the range or also here when it has crossed at the rise its right of downtrend so in fact everything depends on the horizon falls in which you have to place yourself if you wish to invest on the currency team you will have to wait a little longer for the crossing of 12000 dollars nevertheless while waiting if you wish speculate on the roanne team and you already have many traits that you could have taken and many other helpers that will be coming here I wanted show you an opportunity on the roanne team is therefore the lease monday anyway the byron scott unlike most others clips shot during the decline in recent months well this modena crypt made them want to larousse or to stagnate it has declined much less than the other types of currency and so there we [ __ ] and time h6 you notice that the mind sky standards have said many times about its uptrend right so there you have a contact point there another contact area also here and finally several points of contact on these levels and you observe also a resistance close to 15 dollars so here we can see that this residence made a big hit it's the price down to $ 6 audio and there we also see on three occasions the power of resistance from 15h on the byron scott so the longest term we see that banking evolves within a right triangle so here we have a resistance here is a bullish dynamic line therefore for those who wish to invest for the long term in the rené bynum team may represent an opportunity very interesting in case of crossing upwards inc you did not still positioned on this type of currency so be careful here you see two peaks so you will need to be careful at this level of resistance near 23 dollars the upside potential on the mind which is interesting given that we are here in unit of time achi it is in less attention in the event of rupture with the fall of this line uptrend you will have to cut your position immediately for the this is not the case and mind klein is still in the process of compression here I also wanted to present you his guts of money so it is about carvalho therefore to da da da against usd in it and in mhkd therefore we can clearly see that the dan car evolved within a bearish channel for several weeks here we have a turnaround when it is exit from this bearish channel we see just after that the two moving averages so 50 and 200 have crossed on the upside if you observe a culture of candles beyond 36 cents on carvalho and well that can potentially represent a very interesting to take for the investment be careful all the same in the short term this is not necessarily the right time to return to carvalho given that you see we have a very strong redhead without correction i also wanted to introduce you this isle of man is therefore skeptical currency it it is about tron ​​it is a trade that we took a few days ago in which you observe that we have learned compression angle so after rectangle angle and we bought because dano so for those who follow us at within our very private we bought because lady or on the bounce of this straight line of uptrend and we were therefore subsequently able to observe a rise on this Romanesque crypt and we cut 30% of our position here on a pro free text promised profits that we had positioned at prior and for the moment we still have 70 depending on our position who is opening cardell also I wanted to present this graphic of the vnv hold here we had to make it a few days ago so this is one of the last near we took and we bought the bbc on the bounce on this support art therefore the rebound of the range and therefore subsequently we were able to observe a nice bullish surge on the channels we still have not reached our first tea benefits so it is positioned if you see it on the 58 1557 satoshi by this same occasion I remind you that you can always come and join us in our private club if you wish to receive those years cryptome analyzes that we advocate on our own account in time real so you will have the opportunity to know where we are positioning ourselves stop loss noted profit but also market sentiment for monique's music videos we send every day thank you for always being so many follow these videos every week don't forget to subscribe to the youtube channel if it is not already done as for me I will find you the week next a new video see you soon

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