Analyse de Marché #14 : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple

Hello everyone and welcome to this
new currency clip market analysts video in which
we analyzed bitcoin summer ram coyne lake and finally a coin crypt
which was most requested in the comments of the video of last week
it is about the people so concerning the bitcoin we have seen
this week in elite unit of time here the evening star that
I told you about last week which was confirmed with a new red candle
this week a new week of decline in unit of time
bitcoin crime is good here we are with a new line of
downtrend here you see this line a point of contact here
the second is here three points of contact so we are still under
this line resistance and finally we have here a beard support line
here with the end of seven games there here several points of contact
we are forming a symmetrical triangle on the bitc oin with
an average level around $ 8 1200 $ 8300 currently bitcoin
is in the correction phase after having rebounded precisely on this
resistance line and for the moment it seems to be bouncing on this intermediate level
about 17 1800 dollars which served here as resistance here support and finally here
very quickly support many of you were asking me if technical analysis is
enough to analyze crypto currency or if
fundamental and behavioral analysis is useful and does it work then
I will answer you yes behavioral or fundamental analysis
works on crypto currency provided you do the opposite of what
they think I am explaining here for example you had the issuance of
futures contracts on bitcoin everyone thought that bitcoin was going to
move up yet after you had a very strong bearish correction
a little more recently we had the top of the g20 where many people
p ensured that the big town ali precisely moved upwards following its
legislation in its favor thereafter we also had a
phase of correction is thus all this roughly with a few hours of interval
compared to the futures contracts and at the top of the g20 and more recently this
week we had the consensus lounge so consensus 2018 which was here and
just after look at the 30 days followed we again had a
bessières correction phase so so I said do the opposite
regarding fundamental analysis of what people thought every time we
notice when everyone thinks that crypto currencies will start to
rise again well you have to sell them and as soon
as everyone thinks that riscle and coins it's over there is no longer
any hope of in the bars the one where it is the moment to buy
and besides I take this opportunity to tell you that this week we are
precisely short and bitcoin is currently the loan to been closed re on
the head profit which was reached we have it short is therefore right in the middle
of the consensus because we expected a week of decline and also
because we had goal is here as game reported last week on the
ten thousand dollar level which corresponded to this moving average 200
and also to a round value in addition to corresponding to a rebound of this
downtrend line for the moment the tempo crack the bitcoin has been
closed and for the moment we are in full middle of this price in the symmetrical
we will therefore wait for the price to jump in the evening either the upper limit of this
triangle or either on the lower limit of this triangle here in unit of time h4
we see that the bitcoin draws a resistance line here at three points
first point of contact second point of contact and 3rd make contact and we
notice with the support line that I had previously presented to you
unit of time offense is indeed the bitcoin is evolving within a
slight bullish channel is even shorter term we notice the beacon evolves
within a bearish wedge and there we are near the upper limit of
this bearish wedge there you see we have three points of
contact and on the support of the bevel we have here four points of contact so
here this bevel of a bevel that we have particularly monitored this
week I will readjust the traces and that I gave you
last week last week two possibilities concerning the bitcoin either
we expected a return to the upper bound of the triangle for short and
bitcoin or on we expected a return to the right support at the bottom
which would correspond to a pullback with our previous resistance line in
crime to buy bitcoin this week as I wanted said bitcoin
has moved down for the moment it is still within this bearish wedge
we will readjust the lines so either bitcoin in the drawing here towards the
lower limit of its bearish bevel so there bouncing on the
upper limit of this bevel which also corresponds here you see the
moving average 50 in blue so that they can both serve as resistance to
target the lower limit of the bevel the lower bound of the bevel as we see it and
corresponds to the level of 7,700 7,800 dollars here with the yellow rectangle which
could serve as a support in this case we will not carry the bitcoin
if this scenario occurs because the room for maneuver is far too much to do
given that we would not have a minimum ratio of 1
if we exit bitcoin at this level the second possibility for
bitcoin is still the same it is a break here of this bullish wedge to
go and find the upper bound of this triangle then bounce back possibly
before the lighter this scenario if it occurs we could be tempted
precisely this week to take it for the purchase because we would have a
break of a right te trend at three points possibly four points which
would also correspond to a breakout of the moving average 50 so to know if
we are going to buy bitcoin or not this week you can follow
the signals that we send in real time in our private club you can
subscribe with the small form that opens at the top right
we now have to go to an analysis on the terrors then
concerning the roms I will go directly to the unit of time h4 if you
wish to have a little more of analyzes concerning the grounds I
recommend that you watch the video of last week in which
I told you about the long-term bullish channel on the grounds in particular in
crime and in weekly there we will go directly to h4
and we see that the terms are below a resistance line here
1.2.3 points of contact it currently near the resistance just
like bitcoin so in both cases as you have already noted I saw
last week's respite the bitcoin and the terms are this moment closely correlated and
we are witnessing the same scenario if here we press the right
of resistance and well it will be placed on the big tony g or the bridge also
bounce by the edge also concerning litteram we have here a
support line a point of contact two points of contact here with a
wick then there is another point of contact
so in case of break here the tomes for rbc to go and look for a pullback
on the right of trend in offense so this week concerning and teramo we
have a slight stabilization up then again a correction is there
today it is recovering a little bit
we have just broken its moving average upwards 50
but we still do not find below this resistance line
the scenario published therefore for the coming week concerning the grounds
and either a buy in the event of a breakout of this resistance line or well a
sale in the event of a break of this support line the different objectives are
as follows if here a breakage or the support line being located near
the $ 650 and well we can go and look for the level of $ 600 on the
land so the margin of the shuttle rather interesting given that the
ratio here would be at least equal to 1 if this support of 600 $ is broken we
can look for this level of 420 dollars but we are not there yet
this bastard is still very far for the moment
on the other hand in the contrary case it is a case are on the rise the line of
resistance on the rates we could go to seek this resistance on
the 840 $ which corresponds in fact to a previous high for the moment
we already have an order ongoing on terms which may be profiting the
bank with touchdowns if you are not yet positioned on summer rome and
have absolutely nothing to do as we are within this
symmetrical triangle as I wanted 10 either a buy would be
considered in the event of a breakout of this trend line in resistance or
a chart in the event of a downward breakout of this support line
I remind you that if you want to be strong and learn to sell short
currency crimes like we did with bitcoin and
make money even when cryptocurrency goes down like the
trams tec profit was achieved while bitcoin was down all
this week well you still have the possibility
to join our private club by clicking on the link which is in
the description then let's move on to an analysis
on the light as the price of the light one is below a
resistance line here at three points first point of contact
the second here and finally the third test and above a
support line with three points of contact also we are
currently in the middle of this almost symmetrical triangle
here we see a support level on the $ 100 on the lincoln
here is an intermediate level to pivot level on the $ 150
if we were to take a closer look at what is happening on the lincoln we
would see two possible scenarios for the moment there is nothing to do on the
lay kuen because as you can see we will put right in the middle of this
price and from there you are as likely to go looking for the drop as the
increase however once we have we found on this
support line observe what the price does if the price
rebounds very strongly as it is the case here or consolidates and gives a
buy signal as is the case here of the we will return to the purchase for aim for the
upper limit of the triangle on the other hand if the price once having
reached the support line provides us with a downward signal with for
example a violent red candle and well we will wait before
returning to the purchase given time that we do not can't sing the light conn well
we will wait for a return to the level of 100 dollars to buy the
late as in the case of an increase is well the possibility for the moment is
not yet considered since the like com is below its average
mobile 50 nevertheless it is still possible that he
had looked for this resistance line, it will rebound then the breakage and
therefore we will enter the sun tran purchase under two conditions is a
break of this resistance line which would also correspond to a
break of the level here the 150 dollars on which the clones bounced here here
here served as resistance is also here for resistance and here we see that
it was a long zone of consolidation
the second possibility to charge on the light cone is a
return to 100 dollars to buy and aim for at least 150 dollars which
makes an increase of about 50% finally we will move on to the analysis
on poehl rice many of you have asked for the rep ort last week
by the way if you want me to analyze currencies in
particular do not hesitate to leave comments under the video
as usual I would take the one that is the most requested and I have the analyzer
then concerning the lawn rice we see here at the end of last year that it
was below the value of 30 cents a very strong recovery in the 30
cents and once broken propelled the rip it was worth 3 dollars 50 is
currently at the beginning of year and of which we see that the price of rice pole
behaviors and is located within a slightly bearish channel there you
see the support of this bearish channel the lower limit
with three points of contact is here the upper limit
with five points of contact or even possibly six points of contact if we
extend this line slightly there we also see resistance here
near the $ 1 25 very fast resistance on their shoulders cilicia to
block the price before the euro propelled to the rise
here which has been many tested before going
down again this level again blocked the course of a hearing so here
I analyze the reaper only in
bed time unit so that this analysis is valid for several weeks to you
see that we can possibly remain within this
bearish channel until for example here see here so which brings us back approximately to the
month of July then as long as we find ourselves within this bearish channel
on the riebel we let's not go looking for neither buying nor selling
the hunt will be sought on their shoulders if we come here to hit the bottom
of the bearish channel on hip hop around 40 cents 1 hour swallowed 40
cents would already be much more interesting on their shoulders rather a
buy or at its current levels on the 68 cents otherwise we could
be tempted to return to the short term buy on their shoulders if we have a
strong buy signal on a breakout of this resistance line e here to aim
initially at $ 1 May 25 as you see some leeway
in this case is much smaller father would only allow 25% increase
unlike a rebound here on the bottom of this bearish channel which would allow at
least 50% of also we are aiming for the top of this bullish channel so for now
nothing can be done on their shoulders as well as on the light cone
given that it is still moving within its bearish channel, moreover,
you can see here that the moving average 50 to cross lower the
moving average 200 so here we are more in a bearish perspective than in a
bullish perspective Here it is already finished for this video of analysis of
this week I hope it helped you I hope you have been able to
learn things and have a different point of view on the different analyzes
that I have proposed to you whether it is on bitcoin in the summer of ramle lake oil or
their hippel I remind you one more times hesitate not if you want to
have an analysis of a particular currency crypt left a
comment on the video also tried not to offer me crypto
money that is not in the top 50
because not only will you have liquidity problems in addition it allows
ready if you choose a kleptomania in the top 50 to benefit a
maximum of people because many people trade as you know the
crypto currency in the top 50 if you offer me like last week
clips of coins rather in the top 6 in all 700 powerful top
and that will not benefit everyone
don't forget to leave a gem under the video if you liked this video and
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this weekend the analysis video of the week for the coming week
as for me I will meet you next weekend for the new
market analysis video and you will find romain for the queens jt of the
week this monday to next week

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