Análisis De Cada Personaje Nuevo En El Escuadrón Suicida

The Suicide Squad will introduce several
new characters and we get the scoop on who they are and what they will do. This is an analysis of each
new character in The Suicide Squad. When the name Idris Elba was first
heard in connection with The Suicide Squad, it was said that he would replace Will Smith
as Deadshot, as he had to leave the project due to scheduling conflicts.
Executives at Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment initially wanted Deadshot to be in
the sequel, but it was quickly confirmed that Elba wouldn't be Deadshot after all.
Instead, it will be a completely different character making his first
movie appearance. At the DC FanDome it was confirmed that Elba will be
Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad. The original Bloodsport, also known as Robert DuBois,
first appeared in Superman Vol. 2 # 4. DuBois suffers from a mental breakdown upon
learning that his brother took his place in the Vietnam War and ended up permanently
wounded. After one of Lex Luthor's lackeys convinces DuBois that Superman
is responsible, DuBois takes the name Bloodsport and begins murdering people in
Metropolis with kryptonite bullets, before being defeated by Superman.

And it's very likely that Elba's Bloodsport
doesn't have this same story in The Suicide Squad, but maybe certain elements of
that arc appear in the movie. Michael Rooker, our beloved Yondu from the
Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, will play Brian Durlin in The
Suicide Squad, a millionaire who moves to Gotham City hoping to become a vigilante
like Batman. Working under the name Savant, Durlin is rejected by Batman. This
motivates him to become a professional blackmailer who gets to kidnap Black
Canary and overthrow the Gotham City mob with the help of Huntress.

In the comics
, Savant is even offered a spot on the Birds of Prey team. But the New 52 comics
rebooted Savant in September 2011, and the remake of the character is almost definitely
the one we'll see in Suicide Squad. The latest comics show Savant as
an amoral and lethally effective member of the Suicide Squad. Polka-Dot Man is a villain, originally an
enemy of Batman. Born Abner Krill and originally known as Mr. Polka-Dot, he
made his debut in Detective Comics # 300. Polka-Dot Man centers his modus operandi around
dots and acts as a low-level villain who wants to grab Batman's attention and
prove he's just as smart and capable as he is. Although his presence is not super threatening,
Polka-Dot Man can still fight thanks to the powers that the detachable points give him
on his suit, which can transform into flying saucers, chainsaws and
floating fists.

The Polka-Dot Man from The Suicide Squad may have another story, one
that focuses more on his connections to the squad. For the role of Polka-Dot Man, they cast
actor David Dastmalchian who was in The Dark Knight as an
Arkham patient named Thomas Schiff, one of the Joker's goons who tried to assassinate the
mayor. It will be interesting to see what David will bring to the role. Flula Borg will play Javelin, a German athlete
turned criminal after leaving his sports career behind. Javelin originally joins
the Suicide Squad after losing a fight to Green Lantern, and calls for
traces of his criminal past to be erased by joining the team. He's a nice addition to the
Suicide Squad, as he uses javelin-like weapons in combat, and even takes part in the
DC Comics War of the Gods crossover.

Unfortunately, in that participation he dies from his
own javelin. "What a fitting ending to
your life goals." Fans already know that actress Daniela Melchior
will be Ratcatcher in The Suicide Squad. We now know that Melchior's character
is known as "Ratcatcher 2" in the movie, a nickname that suggests that this Ratcatcher could
be a second iteration of the exterminator turned villain. Born Otis Flannegan, Ratcatcher works
as a rat catcher for the Gotham City Health Department, but loses his
job after stabbing a man to death and is locked up for ten years
in the Gotham City State Penitentiary.

Later he develops his alter ego Ratcatcher,
kidnaps people and keeps them prisoners in the sewers, trains an army
of rats to attack and kill his enemies, and terrorizes Gotham City in these ways. Melchior will almost certainly not play
Otis Flannegan's Ratcatcher, but rather will be someone else who took on the
name Ratcatcher. Maybe his daughter… Well, with rats you never know. "The rats are outside, the mice are
inside." "And what happens if a mouse comes out, turns
into a rat? And if a rat is in the house , is it a mouse?" "I never saw a mouse outside." "That's because he's a rat, silly!" While Killer Croc was in
Suicide Squad, now it will be King Shark who will make his appearance. King Shark is the son of the God
Shark and possesses superhuman durability, strength, speed and endurance,
as well as sonar capabilities, to regenerate his damaged body tissue… Ah! And it has
sharp shark teeth.

Comedian Steve Agee will voice King
Shark, who originally joins the Suicide Squad in the comics when Superboy
joins the team to take down the Silicon Dragons, a crime syndicate that was
wreaking havoc on the Hawaiian Islands. In the new DC Comics reboot, King Shark
is one of the main members of the Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad director David Ayer
revealed in July 2016 that he originally wanted King Shark to be in the
film, but the CGI that would be required was going to be too complicated, so
the creative team opted for Killer Croc.

Peacemaker first appeared as
Christopher Smith in Fightin '5 # 40, and was owned by Charlton Comics before DC Comics acquired
the company. Smith is a diplomat committed to keeping the peace and is willing to
kill those who reject law and order. In the comics, Peacemaker has a revelation
on why he is so opposed to war, and begins to believe that the spirits of the
people he murdered live within his helmet. Another character named Mitchell Black took up
the Peacemaker mantle in the 1999 six-issue comic series The L.A.W.,
but fans will perhaps see Christopher Smith's iteration on screen in The Suicide Squad.
John Cena will be the one who will play Peacemaker, and he has a very easy description for
those who are not familiar with this character.

"He's like a dumbass Captain America." "Take care of your mouth!" TDK seems to be a new name for an old
character: Floyd Belkin, also known by the nickname Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, and sometimes
as Splitter. It debuted in December 1989 in Secret Origins Vol. 2 # 46 and is based
on a fan-created parody character that Curt Swan and writer Gerard Jones loved. Arm-Fall-Off Boy possesses the ability to tear off
his limbs and use them as weapons. Strange, huh? In the comics, he was associated with
the Legion of Superheroes, who didn't exactly welcome him with …
open arms. Nathan Fillion will be playing TDK in The
Suicide Squad, and with his background in comedy , particularly his role as Captain Hammer
on Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, we couldn't think of a better person for this role. Four different people came to use
the name "Thinker" in the DC comics. The Suicide Squad will perhaps introduce
the original Thinker, Clifford DeVoe, a failed lawyer who uses technological telekinesis
and a device called the "Thinking Cap" to become a master of crime.
Over the years, he was primarily one of the Flash's villains.

While on a mission with the
Suicide Squad in Doom Patrol and the Suicide Squad Special, Thinker was killed by Weasel,
another character who will also appear in The Suicide Squad. But in "Forever Evil"
from The New 52, Thinker was sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary, where the
Suicide Squad is based, and aligned himself with the Crime Syndicate of America. Former Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi will
play Thinker in the upcoming film. Saturday Night Live actor Pete Davidson
will take on a new role in Suicide Squad: Blackguard. An enforcer for a
crime syndicate known as the 1,000, Blackguard was a common criminal named Richard Hertz
before joining the organization.

After escaping death at the hands of his
fellow 1000s, Blackguard joins the Suicide Squad on a mission to
kill high-ranking members of a corporation. Sadly, Wade Eiling, a member of
the Suicide Squad with superhuman abilities and regenerative powers, kills Blackguard by
ripping off his head. "Too bad he doesn't have his head in place.
He will never be the head of a large corporation." "Ok, that's enough." "Okay." The New Mutants and Predators actress
Alice Braga will play Solsoria in The Suicide Squad.

There is not much
concrete information on who Solsoria is, although the popular theory is that her name is
actually Sol Sfsueroria a normal first and last name rather than a villain nickname. But
the character may be a female version of Juan Soria, since there is no one named
Sol Soria or Solsoria in the canon of DC comics . Juan Soria was a common criminal before
joining the Suicide Squad. In the comics, he wants to become a superhero, and injects himself with
nanobots to gain powers. Soria auditions for the Justice League,
but they don't accept him, then robs a bank, is sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary, and is
recruited by the Suicide Squad.

They treat him very badly, but everything has a purpose: an
alien that the Squad has to defeat thrives on positivity, so
Soria's negativity weakens him. James Gunn's brother Sean Gunn, who
played Kraglin in Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as
well as providing motion capture for Rocket, will play Weasel in
Suicide Squad 2. Weasel begins his story in The Fury of
Firestorm # 35 from 1985. In the 1960s, a law student named John Monroe
was constantly taunted by his peers, prompting Monroe to commit murder
decades later, adopting the name they were tempting him by, "Weasel," as the nickname
of his alter ego.

While on a mission with the
Suicide Squad, Weasel kills Thinker, but Thinker's helmet preserves his mind and forces Rick
Flag to kill Weasel. As we already mentioned, Thinker and Weasel are unlikely to be
best friends in the movie. Mongal is an extraterrestrial
warlord with super strength and endurance whose father, Mongul the Elder, is the ruler of the
Warworld satellite. Mongal gets to know Superman and takes him to the Warworld ship,
fighting him alongside his twin brother, Mongul the Younger. He is finally beheaded by his
brother during a fight in Green Lantern Vol. 4 # 8. In Suicide Squad, skilled
martial artist Mayling Ng, who appeared in 2017's Wonder Woman, will play Mongal. The Suicide Squad will hit theaters
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