An Expert Makes His Bitcoin Price Prediction | $500,000 Per BTC, Here Is Why

hey what's up guys stock market and beat
can experience another decent-sized volatility lately but it looks like we
slightly recovered from that in this video we will take a look at Bitcoin
market then I will explain how between can reach up to 500 thousand dollars per
coin S&P 500 is in green today slightly recovered after that devastating six
percent drop last week the main reason why the market took a bullish view again
is because the Federal Reserve said yesterday it will begin to buy that it
should buy individual corporations instead of the broader index of
corporate bonds in the United States in other words Fed and I will be able to
directly take an ownership of the company and bailed them out since we
start seeing large number of bankruptcies across the United States
some of the biggest names in a corporate America already filed for bankruptcy s
such as gold Jim 24 hours Fitness JCPenney
j.crew model Sporting Goods and many others because of that recent one day
sell-off all asset classes took a hit even Bitcoin a Bitcoin dropped from
$9,500 to slightly under $9,000 that's more than five percent drop in a single
day but already we can spit we recovered and went back to the current price of
one hundred nine thousand five hundred dollars Bitcoin is not new to wild
volatility we got used to seeing double-digit losses or gains in either
direction but what it looks like it is highly correlated to the stock market at
least in the short term my stock market goes up Bitcoin goes even higher our
stock market goes down Bitcoin usually goes even lower this is exactly what we
have seen during this illness run in spread in the United States stock market
dropped by 35% while Bitcoin sucks slightly deeper dive and dropped by
close to 50% during the same time frame but we also cannot ignore the fact that
when we look at the bull market S&P 500 in
by five xso since the end of 2009 housing bubble while bid could increase
from almost nothing to the current price of $9,000 as Bitcoin becomes more and
more mature adoption will spread and that work effect will increase it will
take time to see Bitcoin in hundreds of thousand or even in millions of dollars
let's take a look at this recent interview with Max Keiser and what he
has to say about his Bitcoin price prediction people think of Bitcoin they
think of the complete opposite of hard money they would probably think hard
money is gold or honestly max they'd probably think hard money is dollar US
hundred-dollar bills when in fact you would probably tell them that is slowly
depreciating to nothing especially as more money's printed but how would you
convince you know my I would say my grandmother my grandma's passed away my
aunt in Denver Colorado that the Bitcoin is something that could really be a game
changer for her life if she invested in it right well there's you know there's
three forms of money really there's fiat money like the hundred dollar bill
there's gold and then there's Bitcoin so the fiat money I think we can easily
appreciate is just paper there's nothing that backs it according to the New York
Times no Paul Krugman who's the economist over there when they asked
this question about what backs the US dollar he says well if men with guns
okay so if if there wasn't the US army that if there was no Pentagon forcing
people to take the dollar in to countries around the world like Iraq
Iran Venezuela never you know it would have no value in other words the US
foreign policy is accept our dollars or we send in the Marines right it's just
there's no and and we know now printing trillions and trillions and trillions of
them and they can print six trillion dollars in three weeks then obviously
that doesn't have any any value it's interesting that the amount of taxes
collected in America were last year in total were roughly three and a half
trillion dollars and the Fed printed it over six trillion in a day right so the
question becomes don't even pay taxes if you can just
print trillions of like that why why even why bothering me for taxes what's
the point Wow point is that they don't need
people's taxes they don't need people to work when they can just print for
themselves as they do so I think the case against Fiat is pretty clear and
understandable the case for gold you know gold has been around for thousands
of years and you know why did gold become the store of value and the medium
of exchange that it is over a thousand years because it has great store of
value in that if I get paid gold today that gold I can put it I can use it to
buy something tomorrow or next year or five years from now so it maintains its
purchasing power it maintains its value the cost of a suit 300 years ago might
be an ounce of gold and the cost of a suit today would be roughly an ounce of
gold right oh very nice suit at 1,800 bucks but nevertheless it's maintained a
purchasing power so it has this long storied history to it plus it also has
properties that were talked about by Aristotle it's scarce it's portable it's
divisible and it's desirable this is what Aristotle's spoke about 2700 years
ago he's talked about gold as being the perfect money so now let's talk about
Bitcoin first of all does it fit those aresty lien criteria is it scarce yes
is it portable very very portable much more portable than gold is it divisible
extremely divisible much more than gold is it fungible that's another property
of gold that was talked about at that time it is fungible it's probably that's
one area where it's not yet as equal to Gold's and it's it's used by people as a
store of value primarily at this moment because of its
scarcity and going forward as you see the fiat money kind of disappear and
people looking for alternative they're they of course they're gonna go
to gold but as gold source it becomes harder and harder to source gold and
that's becoming the case is that it's the premiums on gold start to move up
and gold becomes harder to source what's the next closest thing to gold that you
can put your hands on that will offer store value medium for exchange
properties and this brings you to Bitcoin now from there you think you
kind of dig down into the next layer of the technology and you happy ask
yourself what gives it this this hard money aspect why is it considered hard
money it's you have to look at it as the expression of this enormous global
network of computers that are working simultaneously the other protocol to
maintain the network and maintain bitcoins monetary policy it has a very
strict monetary policy of certain amount of coins being generated every 10
minutes it's part of a disinflationary monetary policy that extends from 2009
to the year 2140 and slowly seeps into the ecosystem the financial ecosystem
these bitcoins every 10 minutes and as this occurs over time the network
because the desirability to obtain those coins goes up as the fiat money world
collapses the network gets stronger the amount of computer power or hash rate
continues to go up every year every quarter to maintain the solidity and the
security of that network right what am i my recent rise in the forecasted price
of Bitcoin to four hundred thousand dollars has to do with bitcoins place in
the global forex market particularly as it relates to gold so I believe that
Bitcoin will start to take on gold in terms of its dominance in global Forex
and finance and gold is approximately a trillion dollars in value so if you
extrapolate that number back you come up with a Bitcoin price of between 400 and
500 thousand coin which i think is really of the most
likely scenario I always look at the compounding rate at Bitcoin and it's
been compounding at roughly 1% a day over many years so you just extrapolate
those numbers and you come up with it at a time I try to discourage people from
trying to overly time the Bitcoin market I prefer try to get people to
dollar-cost average and just stacks that's every day because if you try to
become a market timer or you try to be a technical analyst you typically miss out
on most of the games it's better just to buy and hold or huddle as we say max
believes that bitcoin can reach up to 400 to 500 thousand dollars per BTC the
main reason behind his predictions is that he compares Bitcoin to gold
bitcoin is the best performing asset class by far for the past decade and it
also bears performing asset in swansea swansea it outperforms gold silver crude
oil and any other commodities and even stock market so what we might see in few
years is gold flippin inc the current gold market cap is at around 8 trillion
dollars bitcoins market cap is at around 174 billion dollars so gold is currently
46 times higher in the price than bitcoin if bitcoin it would go 46 X from
here we would see bidding price skyrocketing all the way to four hundred
forty thousand dollars a coin and it would have approximately the same market
cap as gold for that to happen we are assuming by default that bitcoin is a
better money than gold well let's examine the facts gold has been money
for thousands of years gold is durable the gold scarce it's a store of value it
also functional it's not very portable if at all try to transfer goal from
United States to other countries and most likely it will be seized gold isn't
very divisible you cannot buy groceries for gold coins let's look at Bitcoin
Bitcoin is durable it lasts forever and never needs replacement repair
or downtime it scares there will only be 21 million BTC and unlike paper money or
gold everyone knows exactly how much there is in any given time it's portable
it's weightless it has no smell and it can even be carried out in your brain
imagine you can carry billions of dollars in your brain and now want to
put ever notice it's verifiable it cannot be counterfeited so it does not
to be double checking it's divisible you can divide one Bitcoin into 100 million
bits called Satoshi's and spend them one by one if you choose to and bitcoin is
fungible meaning is interchangeable but of course it's not as functional as US
dollar since US dollar is preferred mean of exchange
so bitcoin does have a better properties of money
comparing to gold since it has better properties over time demand will
increase while the inflation of the new supply will gradually decrease therefore
we can assume that over the long time bitcoin you will overtake gold which
means it should reach up to four hundred forty thousand dollars peer BTC let me
know what do you guys think about between vs.

gold and what is your bid
compress prediction also let me know what do you guys think about this new
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