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America is a country which is very famous for its lifestyle rich and diversed culture technology, developments buildings and monuments where Mount rushmore Statue of Liberty Disneyland park Grand Canyon The White house and Niagara falls made america very famous also many things too but their currencies are also not in backfoot they have high market demand and value too i have 1 cent,5 cents and 1 dime in my collection so today we will going to talk about them in detail video will be very much interesting watch the video till end.So lets start the video showing you back of the coins very beautiful coins talking about 1 cent first usa is there EU PLU RIB US UNUM which means out of many one down is 1 cent this monument is called lincoln memorial in back is IN GOD WE TRUST ABRAHAM LINCOLN PORTRAIT is there who was the 16th president of America LIBERTY AND YEARED 2008 its edges very smooth it is made up of bronze weight is 3.11 gms diameter is 19 mm its value is 0.75 rs in inr talk about 5 cents i have two coins which have two portraits up is EU PLU RIB US UNUM means out of many one middle is the home of which is of Thomas Jefferson 3rd president of America his virginia home MONTICELLO 5 cents\ USA right side con has better finishing than left side you can also see its windows clearly too in the back THOMAS JEFFERSON PORTRAIT is there LIBERTY 1968 IN GOD WE TRUST SAME AS HERE YEARED 2014 weight is 5 gms similar edges are very smooth it is made up of copper nickel diameter is 21.25 mm approx its value is 3.75 rs in inr in 1 dime which means 10 cents in front USA is at up there are some objects namely in left is olive branch,a torch and also a oak branch which symbolizes LIBERTY, PEACE AND VICTORY down is 1 DIME also EU PLU RIB US UNUM in the back is the 32nd president of America FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT LIBERTY IN GOD WE TRUST in both of them yeared 2017 yeared 1985 d which can be the mint marks also or the engraver edges are both are reeded weight is nearly 2.26 gms diameter is 17 mm approx value is approx 7.50 rs in inr i hope you enjoyed the video please like it because your one like gives me motiva tion to make these videos more for you hit the red SUBSCRIBE BUTTON if YOU ARE INTERESTED THEN JOIN THIS COOL FAMILY SUBSCRIBE IT PRESS THE NOTIFICATION BELL BECAUSE IF I USED TO MAKE VIDEO REGARDING COINS

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