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hi guys blockchain here and welcome back for 
another video today i've got another promising   project for you that's just launched i think it 
came out in ideal over the past two days and the   project itself is one to watch and i think it 
could have a very bright future so let's dive   right in so the project we're going to talk about 
is subtle and sado is a web free foundation grant   recipient that runs blockchain applications 
directly in your browser so the network pays   isps instead of mine as a stakehouse allowing web 
free projects to self-fund infrastructure instead   of passing the costs to predatory monopolies 
like infra so the platform itself is directly   letting you build and run applications directly on 
your browser so this has taken out a lot of costs   and a lot of hassle set up so the project itself 
is cutting out loads of middlemen and is letting   you directly develop and it's got a lot of things 
going for it it can power powerful applications   so sato powers games communication tools social 
media apps and other data and bandwidth intensive   applications it's part of the polka dot ecosystem 
so sato applications come with full support for   polkadot and other leading web free blockchains 
proper economies so an elegant economic design   that solves fundamental scaling problems open 
infrastructure stator funds the rollout of   infrastructure for other networks as well as its 
own peer-to-peer web free toolkit libraries that   support everything from qr generation and scanning 
to zkp based game functions app development open   app store that lets developers build and deploy 
apps without the need to run any infrastructure   enterprise pki support a scalable pki network 
layer designed to handle enterprise level key   exchange unencrypted requirements in vibrant 
community a growing community of users interested   and excited about the application and what they 
want to build so as you can see the project   itself offers a lot to the user out there you can 
run your rpc game communities your social media   apps it's also part of the polkadot ecosystem 
it's got really easy to use elegant design and   it has peer-to-peer web free toolkit so if anyone 
else that wants to build something you can upload   the toolkit online to the marketplace and people 
can buy and share it and transfer it between each   other so this is really key and this platform 
itself does look like it's got something really   good going for it so the web free development so 
it's truly peer-to-peer scalable on-chain data   browser applications without metamask in all 
with the tools you know and love so the roadmap   for the project itself so fundraising through 
discount tranches legal structure for public sale   hardening security work arcade and community 
growth new game releases arcade team expansion   expansion of erp logistics software 
social and traditional marketing   on board of third-party developers this is the 
roadmap so far and as you can see it's just went   through the public sale so we're going to start 
moving on to the arcading community growth in new   game releases on arcade so this is pretty key and 
the roadmap itself does look pretty cool there is   not that a lot of information based on the website 
itself so we need to look into the white paper but   before we do that we should check the vcs that are 
actually back in this project so the vcs that are   actually back in this are massive so you've got 
four sv a119 capital block dream funds can queue   spark capital angel warn inclusion capital moon 
whale packer seven o'clock capital tim provenches   signum capital like these are some of the biggest 
names in bucking in the crypto space and i have   the backing of all these projects in these vc 
films is gonna be absolutely monumental for the   project to be able to get back in from at least 
two or three venture capitalists is is really   good but i have the back end of about 20 different 
venture capitalists in my opinion is a very good   sign this shows that these people see that there's 
something in this project and that the project is   going to be really good in the future so we 
move on and talk about the sato applications   we're going to talk about the application types 
so you can broadcast apps applications embedded   in data transaction and broadcast them onto the 
network peer listens for updates the blockchain   allows the secure exchange of data in situations 
where participants need to open the network   but one authorized read and write data sharing 
peer-to-peer adapts peer-to-peer applications   use zotaro to automate on-chain diffie-hellman 
key exchanges and manage their key lists and   ip addresses saddle provides a fallback 
communication layer when off-chain and   peer-to-peer relays fail to work but most 
application data is transferred off chain   once peers have connected through the blockchain 
so the uses for this is that peer-to-peer visions   of wechat whatsapp instagram and other social 
applications along with applications integrating   off-chain cryptocurrency payments or enabling 
transfers between parties on money protocols   stacked based apps peers send and receive 
instructions that are added to the stack   in order to fashion and execute sync 
so l2 blockchains smart contracts vms   and complex applications that require consistent 
distributed state and audit execution of code   so the use of the applications is you can have 
peer-to-peer applications that are like wechat   and whatsapp and they can be on the blockchain 
where you're completely hidden and no one knows   who you are and your ips and that are safe as well 
and the application will also let you make games   where you can connect to each other and rely on 
different kinds of formats so this is like playing   chess or checkers or something like that and the 
last one would be allowing layer 2 blockchain   smart contracts to be integrated into games so 
these are some key aspects and some key features   that need tackling in the blockchain space so the 
application itself is already being used in the   supply chain so subtitle has already been used 
in supply chain tracking application run by dhb   global an early network partner participants in 
dhb initiative are identified by secure crypto   mafic keys participants then publish real-time 
updates on order processing and shipping update   via a laptop a smartphone this system has helped 
bhd global avoid fraud in its processes allowing   distance customers to verify certification 
factory condition and document shipment status   from material purchase to delivery so being 
able to scan your parcels and being able to   leave feedback and say that you receive them 
on the blockchain is really key so there's   other projects doing this currently and i do think 
that this is a good direction to go in so already   having the partnership set up here and having 
this already running is also key for the project   so when we move on and talk about the tokenomics 
of the project so the erc token distribution   so the foundation of twenty percent core 
fifteen rewards fifteen strategic partners ten   contributors fifteen public sale one percent 
private sale thirteen point seven and c ten   point three percent the vest and period for these 
tokens is set over the pace of a year so you get   tokens on launch three months six months nine 
months in 12 months so there will be tokens   coming into the circulation over the space of 
the year from the token launching so there will   be tokens coming on the market over the next 
year from people that bought into this period so   most of these tokens are vested and only the 2021 
public sale isn't actually vested so these tokens   are already on the market and already out there 
but there is a lot of tokens going to be coming   into the ecosystem itself so you've got to bear 
this in mind when you're looking at this project   but overall i do think that this project has got 
a lot of hype different ways you can use this   so like tracking apps peer-to-peer social media 
games etc and it's also on the polka dot ecosystem   which helps a lot when it comes to projects that 
are breaking through so overall i do think sato   is a project that needs to be watched and it 
could do really well in the future so guys   thanks very much for listening to this video 
and until the next time i'll see you later bye you

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