ALTCOINs That Can “MOON” Your Portfolio Revealed!!!

Egg Yolk, who's the GOAT, we know 
it’s the Chico Army & welcome newbies,   join us by subscribing, and dropping that 
title of viewer of the tube. My name’s Tyler,   and this channel sneaks up on you with the 
best crypto content, kind of like this…the   greatest of all time GOAT. 
It’s time for Chico Crypto! So Polkadot, their ecosystem…it’s been growing 
& it’s been growing more furious than any other   which can be seen as competing with Ethereum. 
And, that’s because Polkadot isn't competing,   they are attempting to enhance, 
and enhance quicker than ETH 2.0. And there is a significant amount 
of opportunity across the projects   building on Polkadot or Kusama, but, just 
like blockchain, that is open to build upon,   there will be those looking to take advantage 
of hype and naive ready to FOMO investors. So today, I would like to dive right back 
into, one who is at the top of my list…and   there is still big opportunity, 
as they have big releases coming,   and they are still on page 3 of 
Coingecko, that is XOR, Sora Network.

So, what could be coming 
from them? Well Polkaswap,   is coming….the uniswap, for the 
polkadot ecosystem and beyond… Beyond? What do you mean by that. Well 
1st, let’s see when it’s coming Polkaswap,   from their roadmap, the testnet 
launch is coming this quarter,   and they did it, they dropped it on Friday of 
last week, polkaswap on the testnet, as we can   see from the Dev update, it was dropped on the 
Rocco testnet…but going back to the roadmap,   the mainnet drops in quarter 1 2021 but also, 
in q1 the Ethereum bridge….so what is this? Well going to their another DEV 
update, for Polkaswap, they said this   “We’ve successfully tested an interaction between 
Substrate and Ethereum nodes through off-chain   workers as part of the implementation 
of the bridge to the Ethereum network”   Like substrate offchain workers… So, what is Polkaswap exactly? Well it will 
be a scalable, cross ecosystem swapper. You   will be able to swap Kusama, Polkadot & Ethereum 
based asset’s through their polkaswap interface. Although Polkaswap is really just the icing 
on the cake with XOR and the soranetwork…   So, for those of you who do not know, 
Sora Network is from Soramitsu, and out of   any blockchain project out there, they 
are the furthest along with a CBDC,   central bank digital currency, 
even further along than Ethereum.

So Soramitsu, has also created hyperledger Eroha,   and going to this September medium post 
about Validator rewards within polkaswap,   they showed, that polkaswap, would 
be powered by Hyperledger Eroha. So, is Hyperledger Iroha already powering a 
CBDC? Yes it has been, and for a good while now.   Thee Hyperledger, the foundation posted this video   on their youtube channel in April 
of this year, let’s listen in… So, you get it? Thousands of live transactions 
were happening back then with Iroha & a central   bank digital currency, they were the first to do 
it & the only to do it. And guess what? The World   Economic Forum, in their CBDC Policy Maker 
Toolkit, yes a toolkit for constructing one,   in the sections, implementation strategy, 
references the Iroha & national bank of cambodia   CBDC pilot, and go live saying they “likely 
developed the first full-scale deployment of   a quasi-form of
CBDC” Booyakasha! And now, it’s fully live,   Bakong on Hyperledger Iroha, with commercials 
going across the airwaves, hating on Fiat,   and pushing their population to 
Bakong and thus on Iroha as seen here. So,   if all of Cambodia is going 
to be on Bakong & Iroha,   which is fully in motion right now, millions 
of transactions will be happening with Iroha… But, I want to relate how important this is 
to Polkadot, and their ecosystem, as it’s a   two way road.

So Iroha, is in v1 right now, 
but will be transitioning to a v2 architecture   down the road, and from documentation 
on v2, within the applications layer,   Iroha will be designed with Iroha Substrate. 
Like Substrate from Polkadot’s gavin Wood. Well of course it is, because digging 
deeper into Iroha documentation   specifically architecture decision logs, 
which was just posted in August of this year,   substrate off chain workers are specifically 
mentioned. Then going to substrate documentation,   of course there are offchain workers, 
used within the substrate runtime. Now, what else have I become bullish on? Something 
semi new actually, and it comes from a DeFi tool,   I’ve been bullish on since last year, when I 
made this video “Under the Radar DeFi Tool? Token   Sets”…yes token sets, which automatically 
let’s you create investing strategies,   within tokens…and as we can see, a 
featured set & the top performing set   over the past week, with a 45 percent gain, 
was the DPI set, the DeFi Pulse Index… So this SET, is basically a tokenized index 
fund, which tracks and weights itself based   on the top DeFi projects, which the fund is fully 
transparent on tokensets including the holdings,   with the likes of Uniswap, AAVE, Yearn & more. 
And this token set has been pushing up feverishly   as of late, it’s on page 3 too, number #251, 
with a market cap of just over 22 million.

But, this is just a tokenset, it’s a basket of 
altcoins…it’s not really from a “project perse”,   as we can see from tokenset info, it’s actually 
from DeFi pulse…but really it’s a partnership   between the two…DeFi Pulse & Set 
Protocol put out a blog post about   the index’s launch back in September, 
and this is what they had to say “Today,   Set and DeFi Pulse are extremely excited to 
announce the launch of the DeFi Pulse Index Set   on TokenSets! The DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) is built 
on Set Protocol’s new v2 infrastructure….Indexes   are the first major product addition to 
the protocol as part of the Set v2 rollout.   With the launch of Index Sets, we’ve added 
support for a range of new tokens with more assets   such as additional stablecoins, liquidity 
provider (LP) tokens and synthetics coming soon… Soooo, this isn’t the only “index” that is coming,   but a wide variety of index tokens, which will 
be deeply ingrained with the DeFi ecosystem.   And since these indexes are just erc20 tokens, 
the can be used with that DeFi ecosystem as well,   as collateral or used in yield 
farming as a staking asset.

So, how will this all be “powered” 
and governed…how will indexes be   managed in a decentralized manner? 
Is tokenset’s or DeFi pulse going   to be launching their own governance tokens?? Well sort of…and they kind of already have. 
And the token is called none other than…Index.   And if you miss my live streams, I feel bad for 
you son, there’s 99 shatcoins, but my picks ain't   one. What do I mean? Well over the past week and 2 
live streams, I have covered it…found it early,   before the hype, but let me tell you, there I 
believe there is still room to grow with this one   as with it’s recent movements it’s still 
under a 5 million dollar market cap.

So what is Index and how 
does it relate to the DPI?   Well going to their website, they explain 
it…the index coop: creates and maintains   the world's best crypto index products 
which are always fully collateralized,   and their 1st product? It’s the DPI, 
the DeFi Pulse Index on TokenSets. So the index coop are the ones who 
created it and currently maintain it,   aka TokenSets and DeFi Pulse. Which is 
confirmed if you just read to the’s   built with DeFi leaders, on 
Set Protocol's battle-tested V2   infrastructure & the product methodologies 
are sourced from experts like DeFi Pule. So this could be considered a token from TokenSets 
and DeFi Pulse, not bad, too big ole names in the   industry.

But what does it do, well in the middle 
it explains. Index Coop is a Decentralized and   Autonomous Asset Manager governed, maintained, 
and upgraded by INDEX token holders. Sooo, it’s a governance and management 
token for the crypto industries   biggest INDEX defi products, with some big 
names behind it. Ya, that interests me. So does the token only 
govern? Is there more to it???   Like willy wonka’s chocolate 
factory, oh ya there’s more… So, Felix Feng, co founder and CEO of the 
SET protocol, put out a tweet that said this   “A lot of people are confused 
about what the $INDEX token is for.   Here's a little bit of data of what it could mean 
for holders..with a retweet from the index coop   that says “The DeFi Pulse Index accrued 
streaming fees for the month of October,   generating $12k that goes to the Index Coop 
treasury. What these DPI tokens are used for   is up to the $INDEX token holders…with a 
transparent etherscan link to the treasury.

So, the coop is collecting fees off of these top 
indexes, 1st DPI and then the others they create   and all of those fees may end up being distributed   to the token holders, if they 
vote on something like that. Very nice…but all that is known, out in the 
open. There is 1 thing, that isn’t as “known” that   might be coming soon, & would be a major boost for 
the DPI and thus index. Collateral on Makerdao.   And in 2 days, they are discussing it, 
having DPI used as collateral with Makerdao,   November 18th…where else are you gonna find GOAT 
content like this? Cheers, I’ll see you next time!.

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