Altcoin PARABOLIC Super Cycle (Bitcoin’s LAST Pullback)

welcome to bitboy crypto this is your daily crypto wrap up where i give you holidays news in about three minutes well guys let's start with bitcoin here we're sitting at 61 147 that is just above 61. dropped into the low 60s today maybe went a little bit lower than that on the two-hour chart for marcus cyber we are showing some positive movement a large green dot or the bit boy dot as they call it there uh meaning we probably are going to get a reversal over the weekend we saw the bears try to push the price of bitcoin try to push the price of ether down ethereum did get the close below 4 000 which was good for the bears but we do feel like ultimately things are going to be heading an upward trajectory we're going to show you why a little bit later in this video why we don't think bitcoin's ever gonna have another pullback again well that may be grossly understated or overstated depending on how you look at it we got ether now back over four thousand dollars after that weekly close is over uh bmb coming in at 480 cardano 216 xrp 1.09.44 um let's look at the biggest gainers of the day here we got phantom we're gonna be looking do we have an epic altcoin run coming a lot of people think so okb we've got uh ecomi in 87 uob token curve one these are all over 10 gains of course that's harmony elrond with another good day a nine percent gain today okay so check this out here we go the number one story hero of the day check this out market rap bitcoin retreats are multi-high ether outperforms but really when you dig into this the truth is many people are now feeling like there's not going to be another major pullback says here still some investors expect pullbacks to remain limited for the remainder of the year and one mentioned that alts could like either could see further upside toward bitcoin we're seeing some of these all going start away starting to eat away at bitcoin but we've seen a lot of consolidation around the 60 to 62 thousand dollar level could be ready for another volcanic eruption i think probably monday we'll see that back to all coins though all coins break even break out even as bitcoin price falls to sixty thousand dollars look at some of these gains here guys we've got thor chain 20 percent moon river 20 percent um okay b 19 percent poke starter salon at secret avalanche all crushing it a lot of these have to do with divi which is pretty interesting but what i tell you on this is look what are we seeing with all coins right now are we single queen season we're seeing the precursor to all queen season what does that mean we're seeing prices rise based upon people accumulating alt at this level preparing for the parabolic altcoin run that is coming and it's going to be epic speaking all coins dogecoin the price jumped over elon musk tweeted that he was going to be a dogecoin trillionaire basically uberfax said which is some random guy on twitter that comes up with all this stuff he says elon musk is predicted to become the world's first trillionaire thanks to spacex and then of course elon musk says in dogecoin and when that's all it takes to make your coin pump you got to question your life all right guys that's all i got be blessed good boy out

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