ALTCOIN Mania Is BACK!!! “MOON” Coins to BUY NOW!?

What does the future HODL!?Not too many know
the answer to that question, but personally I know I’ll be hodling my Bitcoin & Ethereum
in the future. And it looks like Elon Musk just might be
doing the same as he was the one who tweeted my beginning words “What does the future
hodl?” ….Well let me try and be the ones who can
answer that, because it's time for Chico Crypto! Where do we begin with this episode, as this
one is a doozy. A video of old, leads us down a rabbit hole
of new….Well let’s start at the beginning of this year. When Elon Musk mysteriously tweeted “Am
donating $100M towards a prize for best carbon capture technology”…with the details to
follow shortly after. He was looking for Carbon capture tech in
late January, which I found extremely suspicious…this largest prize donation in history, to save
the planet from polluters, was made the same month Tesla made their large Bitcoin Buys! From Tesla filing with the SEC, under the
section: We hold and may acquire digital assets that may be subject to volatile market prices,
impairment and unique risks of loss, they said “In January 2021, we updated our investment
policy to provide us with more flexibility to further diversify and maximize returns
on our cash that is not required to maintain adequate operating liquidity.

As part of the policy we invested an aggregate
$1.50 billion in bitcoin and may acquire and hold digital assets from time to time or long-term. Moreover, we expect to begin accepting bitcoin
as a form of payment for our products in the near future.” Tesla, a green energy company, bought a large
chunk of a non green asset. And they are accumulating the asset, by using
it as a means of commerce.

A proof of work asset, which is known to be
energy intensive. Not green-whatsoever…. The same month, they launched the largest
game prize in history, 100million dollars, to whoever can capture carbon, in a game-changing
way? Then shortly after, in February.. he announced
who this was in collaboration through…Xprize Something smells fishy to me…and I initially
covered that stink, back in February, making the initial connections. First Ocean Protocol and Xprize joined forces
in 2017, for the multi-year long AI, xprixe, which from the roadmap, is supposed to conclude
this year, this quarter…. Then I showed xPrize, is listed on the ocean
website as one of their main enterprise partners…which makes sense, Amir Banifatemi, is the Chief
Innovation and Growth Officer for xPrize & he is also listed as an advisor to ocean, which
was announced in December of 2018. Sooo, the xPrize & Ocean protocol ties run
deep. But how does this tie into specifically the
100million dollar carbon capture xprize, from Elon Musk?? Back in February, not much information, just
it was a collaboration between musky boi, and xrpize, and basic details of what the
prize was looking for in a winner…but today, there is a lot more, what we like to call.

LEAKAGE! The sponsors and partners page, has been filled
in slightly. Specifically in partners who provide support
to an active XPRIZE and its competing teams in a variety of forms, ranging from mentorship
to gratis or discounted services. The 3 prize partners are: Airminers, Student
Energy, and Creative Destruction Lab CDL. 2 provide nothing but burgers, in regards
to leaks..but the last listed, CDL, leads us down the next moist trail…. What is CDL, Creative Destruction Lab? From their website: they are a nonprofit organization
that delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science-
and technology-based companies…. This is focused in 15 tech streams, including
AI, Blockchain, Climate, Energy, Fintech & more. It’s a global organization, and as we can
see at the bottom, who is academic based and backed. CDL, has a network of Mentors, helping these
startups succeed and as we can see…Shivon Zilis of Tesla and Neuralink is within there,
as well as Anoush Ansari, CEO of the x prize foundation. So who exactly is connected to this CDL in
the blockchain? Those that have tokens within the crypto world? Well they have listed the Alumni of this program
…those that have been though, the CDL process, and it’s hundreds of startup companies,
some who have made it, some who haven’t.

We’re looking for a success story, in the
blockchain world…with a token? Who could that be…. Well it's NuCypher. NuCypher first joined the CDL program in 2018…but
they are one of CDL’s big success stories, especially in crypto. Just within the last month, PRnewswire dropped
this article “Mobility Leaders Prioritize Data Management, Protection, and Privacy While
Enabling Users and Providers to Exchange and Monetize Their Most Valuable Digital Commodity”. The article states “The MOBI Connected Mobility
Data Marketplace (CMDM) Working Group releases standards today to enable a marketplace that
could securely commodify mobility data and ensure data privacy for mobility users.” And as we can see contributors to this working
group, big dogs from the automobile space…but also, right next to each other. NuCypher and Ocean Protocol. Yes, both Ocean and NuCypher are apart of
Mobi, the mobility alliance, focused on creating the blockchain standards of the transportation
future…members include blockchain, vehicle, and transportation companies from all walks
of life, but of course Mobi’s website lists Ocean & NuCypher right next to each other
once again. And then list them right next to each other,
once more, in the website detail of the specific working group they both are in..the CMDM….

Although if you go back to the members of
Mobi, vehicle giants include the likes of BMW, Ford, GM, Renault Group, Honda, Hyundai…no
mention of Tesla within this alliance. Where is the connection?? Well going back to the PR Newswire article
on the working group release, they said this is what was explored from the group Ocean
& NuCypher were apart of “The Working Group explored practical use cases that center around
vehicle data generation, ensuring data provenance, and securely sharing data with peers (such
as other vehicles and infrastructure).

These use cases include-#1 V2X data exchange. V2X stands for vehicle to everything. It’s an IOT standard for intelligent transport
systems, and as we can see from this research paper. There are 2 dominant v2x standards, dedicated
short range communications, dsrc, and cellular vehicle to everything, c-v2x…but c-v2x is
looking to be the future. From this GSMA document on c-v2x they say
“C-V2X has the support of mobile operators, leading mobile equipment makers and many automakers,including
Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Lexus, Nissan, PSA, SAIC and Tesla. Mamy Mobi members, and TESLA… Hmmmm well NuCypher, gave a presentation in
July of last year, of their work with Mobi, and their privacy preserving layer.

How it relates to v2x…. Towards the end of the presentation, they
gave a DEMO of their technology, and what they were working on with Mobi, and as we
can see….the example vehicle they use, to be encrypted, is a Tesla… Not any of the Mobi partners, but Tesla…just
coincidence or more to this than meets the eye!? Besides, the Ocean to Xprize connections,
and Mobi with v2x. What else does NuCypher have going on for
it? Well I think something BIG. Now NuCypher, is a coin who recently made
it to Coinbase….to CB pro in November of last year, and then to the main application
in early December. Ok, so it’s got one of the biggest things
in crypto already Chico so what? It’s already added to the base.

Well that same day, NuCypher also made it
to the institutional side. Which was announced along with a SUS character,
tBTC. Why is this SUS? Last month in March of this year, NuCypher
& Keep Network announced a protocol merge, codenamed Keanu. The goal of Keanu?…well NuCypher put out
another blog, just 6 days ago, with more details that said “Perhaps the most overlooked aspect
of NuCypher's collaboration with Keep is the upcoming launch of tBTC v2.” You know why Coinbase hasn’t listed tBTC
yet? It wasn’t decentralized enough just through

Back to the Keanu blog drop, NuCypher said
“The security model of v2 requires a significantly higher number of signers than v1. A hard merge would allow Keep's ~200 nodes
and NuCypher’s ~2,000 nodes to provide an extremely robust signer set for tBTC and an
additional revenue stream for stakers” My Guess is, Coinbase was waiting for NuCypher
integration, before listing tBTC. When it’s complete, they will list…and
you gotta release, that listing will be a BIG boost for NuCypher. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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