Altcoin EXPLOSION for VeChain & Binance Coin (My Hellcat Got STOLEN!)

welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel on all the interwebs formerly known as the driver of a nice hellcat it's a long story uh guys my name is ben everybody on the channel show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto then definitely hit that subscribe button also you'll have a chance to win uh a full bitcoin so a little different look today guys shooting backwards in the studio uh i've got such a crazy story to tell you guys at the end about my hellcat you're not going to believe it uh wow it's really crazy so stick around for that but in the meantime we're going to talk about some huge binance news that's going to have a reverberating effect on binance coin and a new tesla coin guys that's right a tesla coin we're talking about why this is really big for binance and it could eat away at the prospects of one of our favorite crypto projects we're going to be taking a look at v chain partnering with salesforce absolutely huge news price skyrocketed today a lot of you guys have made a lot of money with v chain i know i just bought some recently over the weekend bought a lot more uh like basically quadrupled my holdings in v chain or maybe even more than that and it is paid off uh so we're gonna be talking about that uh first of all guys i do wanna let you guys know tomorrow we have our big launch with wax for our bit verse comics nfts we've been working on these for six months really in reality really in reality we've been actually working on this since the beginning of this channel that's what bitboy started off as was a comic series really excited to bring that thing full circle uh but let's talk about binance right now so a project we love synthetics basically their idea is to create a synthetic version of every asset out there that anyone can buy why well sometimes this works with a gimbal why because people in other countries aren't allowed to buy us stocks actually there was a story we covered a couple years ago where an entire exchange in china got shut down because they were offering american stocks like apple to their customers and you know they got rated it was a big ordeal iost was like involved that was the main exchange they did for their voting it was really ugly didn't have anything to do with iost that was called the bis exchange biss and it really brought up the need for regulation when it comes to being able to buy these assets well the thing is is that synthetics really kind of skirted around all that and said we're going to make derivatives versions of these which means basically kind of like paper trading if you will you're going to be able to pay well not paper trading in terms of practice trading paper trading in terms of like trading paper bitcoin on futures contracts like you're trading the asset but really you're just creating or you're really just trading a fake version of it we've talked about how big the derivatives market is before it's a quadrillion dollars uh you know 10 times or 10 times i think that's like a thousand times bigger than the stock market it's insane how much money that is um but that's the derivatives market it's huge synthetics was going to be able to pick off a lot of that well now we've got coming up with a version of a tesla token now tesla token is going to be able is it going to be available to united states citizens turkey citizens or china citizens why well you can just buy tesla here you don't in the united states turkey obviously just has some weird restrictions and then when it comes to china i already explained to you like china hates american stock so even though it's a derivatives version finance could be getting in trouble with china if they were to do that right so this is big because this allows access to every other country in the world to be able to buy a version of tesla stock a tokenized version of the stock in fact it may be like the grayscale bitcoin trust it might not be a one to one um you know ratio of the stock to the actual the stock price to the token uh they may split it down so people could own you know kind of pieces of tesla shares instead of having to own an entire share if you think about people in third world countries that makes sense well guys if this is successful for binance there's no limit to what they could do here there's no limit to these stocks that they could be offering to their crypto customers so something to keep in mind this for binance coin i never saw a route for them to possibly pass ethereum eventually but i tell you what uh i thought synthetics could be the biggest divide project ever based on what it was doing and if binance coin is going to be do you know taking part in that as well and finance is then hey it's going to be absolutely massive so you know i definitely don't think it's going to pass ethereum i think ethereum still is going to be number two but it is definitely going to start chipping away and we could actually see a race between those two projects vijay wow big news partnering with salesforce uh now this is going to be using the v chain thor blockchain to do uh public or uh not public but do data sharing uh between different you know pieces of businesses if you don't know what salesforce is it's a crm or a customer i don't even know what crm stands for you guys know i'm not in that corporate stuff uh but basically what it is is it it's systems for businesses um god i cannot believe i don't know what crm stands for i'm so embarrassed but it's crm software so it's customer support it's basically internal functions i know what it is i've been with a company that used it before but salesforce is the number one crm software in the world actually and they've got the biggest building in san francisco if that tells you anything you know anything about san francisco uh and how expensive it is to live there um i mean a hole in the wall costs a million dollars and they've got the biggest building in san francisco they got a huge conference every year uh you know for uh salesforce that's gigantic they actually bring cruise ships into the bay for people to stay on that's how massive that conference is uh but i can tell you this salesforce is one of the top companies in the world i don't know literally where it ranks but if you think about blockchain think about supply chain the next obvious step from that would be crm kind of software because if you think about tracking supply chains moving supply chains um you know into uh uh you know into you know customer systems god i cannot talk right now because you know why because i got a text about my stolen car that's what just happened i got a text from my adjuster about my stolen car while i'm trying to make this video and i saw that coming a little distracted can't wait to tell you about that one uh but if you think about supply chain tracking the next obvious integration would be into kind of data software systems because where is that supply chain tracking going to go it's going to go into systems and get integrated that's what i was trying to say so very obvious you know connect there and it's going to be massive that they're using each other their official partners this is one of the biggest partnerships in crypto and i can tell you you know they've already got v chain has already got a lot surged over 13 cents today it's going to keep going for sure i believe so absolutely massive well let's talk now guys if you just came for the crypto there it was you just got it bitcoin sideways good for all coins let me tell you what happened i get back from my trip to the atlanta airport i went to florida clearwater florida this weekend met some people some recognized me and talked to a few people out there shout out to everybody that came up and talked to me while i was at the beach i love it i love that you'll never bother me ever if you see me out in public just know that like you're my people you're the bid squad uh so you know if you ever see me definitely come up and talk say hey you know tell me how long you've been watching the channel and who knows maybe i'll give you a crypto hotel uh but so i'm in florida relaxing and i get back today and i'll be thinking if i get back to the airport i'm walking up there and i'm like i know where i parked my car is not here i think it's stolen we end up getting in a little van they ride around the airport security and they're like no your car's not stolen that doesn't happen here it never happens well sure enough they apparently go to the atlanta airport uh they scan your tag and they know exactly where you park like they ride around and they scan every tag they know exactly where you're parked we're literally sitting in front of the section it's like j15 and they're like uh yeah his car is in j15 we're literally there it's not there yeah sure enough my car got stolen found out that what happened is uh right after i left like guys let's be for real about this obviously an inside job here from the airport so from the airport parking so what happens is is uh and a lot of the guys that we talked to about this at the atlanta airport i will say they were very nice and helpful so definitely want to throw you in them under the bus um you know who knows could have been one of them i don't know you know they're always a nice guy right so what happened is i got in the airport two o'clock on on thursday getting ready to leave by 6 54 that night someone had already stolen it so it was not even there for five hours so of course you know now it's been gone for four days i'll never see it again how they got it i don't know how they got in i don't know but what i do know is my hellcat is gone and i don't think i'll ever see it again i just had red calipers put on it last week so really upset about that so basically a guy came in he got a ticket for the parking and he met the guy who stole the car and he took that ticket and then the guy that came in second he actually uh said he lost his ticket and when you lose your ticket at the airport parking what they do is they tell you uh or they that you have to hand over your license so i know they got this guy's information will they ever do anything with it i don't know but you know what guys new car it looks like i'm going to be getting a new car uh you know i'm probably not going to wait for him to you know get all this taken care of i'll probably just going you know cop a new ride but uh tj says he doesn't want it to be a lambo because we already got the lambo ordered i'm gonna be here for a year what do you guys think what do you guys think i should get what should the next car that i get be i'm thinking about the dodge super stock i really like dodges um it's 807 horsepower so a little bit faster than the hellcat uh it's like built for racing it doesn't look as sexy as the hellcat but you guys know i'm gonna sexify that thing for sure you know sexify it so all right guys drop down below let me know what you guys think i can't believe this just happened you guys know what i have in our meetup on thursday to go from that leaving going to florida and coming back and my car's caught they said it never happens at the airport they said like a guy said he's been there four years never seen a car stolen there so a little sketchy if you ask me so we're gonna hopefully figure out what happened but either way i'll get a car it'd be fine you know teflon over here all right guys that's all i got drop some comments down below love you guys be blessed big boy out

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