All Time High Confirmed!! Mike Novogratz Makes a New Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2021!!!

hey what's up guys another day another dollar 
or should i say another rally another billion   that sounds about right in this video i will 
present a bullish analysis of corporations   buying bitcoin then we'll take a look at the 
new bitcoin price prediction for 2021 from   magnum grads bitcoin continues going higher as of 
the time of this recording btc just surpassed 57   000 we are just one thousand dollars away from an 
all-time high excited time to be a bitcoin holder   bitcoin is also 2.6 percent up on 24 hours 
it didn't one other hand pull back a bit in   the past 24 hours the current eth price is 
slightly over thousand eight hundred dollars   it still needs at least two hundred 
dollars to reach a new all-time   high we will get there but it looks like bitcoin 
will reach an all-time high faster than ethereum   binance bnb is the best performer in the past 
24 hours as well as 7 days it's up by 10 from   yesterday surpassing 313 dollars it's also 
very close to reach its new all time high   cardano polka dot xrp and uni swap are 
all down on the day okay let's move on   here is a very interesting chart it breaks down 
an average bit combined price from publicly traded   companies microstrategy of course is a pioneer 
in the corporate bitcoin purchases and average   price for microstrategy is over 24 thousand 
dollars per btc and they own more than 90 000 btc   that's going to be over 5.1 billion dollars at 
current evaluation i remember before microstrategy   purchased a single bitcoin their company's 
market cap was at around 1 billion dollars now   it's over 7 billion this is nuts square is leading 
fintech company purchase bitcoin an average price   of around seven thousand dollars per coin first 
square purchase bitcoin by following microstrategy   in october they purchased 4700 btc which were 
worth 50 million dollars at that time last month   square announced that they bought more bitcoin the 
company added 3 300 btc to each treasury reserve   asset for 170 million dollars by doing the math 
that results in average price of around 51 000   so square owns now total of over 8 000 btc in a 
dollar value of over 500 million bucks in january   tesla joined microstrategy in square and bought 
1.5 billion dollars worth of btc at an average   price of 34 dollars per coin they bought the 
dip when retails investors were panicking   if you do the math they bought more than 44 
000 btc for 1.5 billion bucks that 1.5 billion   investment now worth 2.5 billion dollars so tesla 
made a nice billion dollars already well done elon   musk then we have mitu one of chinese top internet 
app makers it added 100 million dollars worth of   cryptocurrencies to treasury at an average bitcoin 
price of around forty seven thousand dollars that   we have not released that acre company puts 100 of 
its cash into bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset   they purchase over 58.6 million worth of 
btc at an average price of around 49 000   all those companies that bought bitcoin already 
in profit so well done also here's a cool chart   from the corporate world the trend of bitcoin 
from earnings reports increased till over   2 600.

Last year in 2020 no one was there talking 
about bitcoin now bitcoin is going mainstream here   is another very interesting chart this chart 
represents a percentage of bitcoin supply last   active one year ago two years ago and three plus 
years ago the pink line represents one year green   line represents two years and the purple line 
represents three plus years so as we can see that   one year and two years of percentage of bitcoin 
supply decreases it means that those investors   or probably traders are selling some of the btc 
and three plus years are not selling anything   i'm definitely in a 3 plus year camp i haven't 
touched any of my bitcoins since the first time   i purchased back in early 2017. periodically i was 
adding more btc during the time of uncertainties   but i never sold a single coin i think this is the 
right approach the best investors in the world are   those who have the longest time horizon in fact 
entrepreneurs are better investors than hedge fund   managers founders of walmart amazon and tesla 
have held their positions since the beginning   until now how many financial institutions and 
hedge fund managers have held walmart amazon   and tesla since ipo until now let me tell you zero 
the moral of the story is married to your winners   here is another very interesting chart 
that represents when bitcoin was overbought   and oversold but i would like to talk about 
something a bit different by using this chart   back in 2013 bitcoin spiked till 30 dollars then 
it suffered a devastating drop till two dollars   and that would be 93 drop this is the time when 
bitcoin was dead in the eyes of many people but   luckily it was the bottom since then bitcoin went 
into the bull market and managed to increase all   the weight seal one thousand one hundred dollars 
in late 2013.

It went from two dollars old weight   seal one thousand one hundred bucks and that would 
be roy then bitcoin suffered another bear market   it dropped from one thousand one hundred dollars 
till one hundred fifty dollars and that would be   eighty five percent retracement once again this 
was the time when people thought that bitcoin was   that but no it was the rebirth and since then 
bitcoin entered into the bull market and it   increased from one hundred fifty dollars all the 
weight seal twenty thousand dollars in late 2017   and that would be 130x roi since 2017 btc 
went into another bear market it dropped by 84   and found its bottom at around 3 100 then it 
entered into another bull market so far bitcoin   generated 18x from 3 100 to the current price of 
57 000 but also this is not the end in the first   major bull market btc generated 550x roy in the 
second major bull market btc generated 130x so now   the question is what is going to happen this time 
50x 100x well 50x would put bitcoin over 150 000   and 100x would put bitcoin over three hundred 
thousand dollars we shall wait and see now let's   take a look at this new interview from mike 
novogratz where he is making a new bitcoin   price prediction for 21.

Let's take a look 
against inflation that some had hoped it would   be well let's put things in perspective right 
bitcoin is up almost 60 on the year with the s p   flat um there's some correlation to asset prices 
right chairman powell is easy with money and   asset prices go up if chairman paul flinches and 
people start saying maybe he won't be as easy   that was the body language of his today right 
we're not going to be easier and that means   maybe we take things back earlier all asset 
prices are going to go down a little bit   uh the bigger story though the far far bigger 
story is that in the last two months bitcoin and   crypto in blockchain have become an institutional 
asset class there is no debate anymore and so from   jp morgan to tell their clients they should 
put one to two percent of their net worth   in bitcoin is a staggering shift morgan stanley 
getting involved goldman sachs getting involved   all the tech companies getting involved and i 
can tell you from what we're seeing the pipeline   is deep and so we've had this secular shift where 
all of a sudden this is a thing now it's an asset   class and everybody is short right a few insurance 
companies have it most don't and so every once in   a while you have things called paradigm shifts 
in markets we are in the middle of a paradigm   shift and so bitcoin is wildly outperforming gold 
even though they're both hedging the same thing   it's outperforming because we're in this once 
in a generational adoption of crypto banks are   frantically trying to figure out how to get into 
crypto not just because of bitcoin right the   commercial banks the jp morgans of the world make 
a fortune in cross-border payments right jp morgan   made 11 billion dollars last year in cross-border 
payments and now they see stable coins coming   and they're like oh and so you're going to see 
a monster investment in this space we're seeing   it in m a uh lots of the infrastructure companies 
are being snapped up by tech companies uh you're   going to see it in m a you're going to see the new 
participants uh to pre in in in bitcoin funds and   other crypto funds so fine a lot of investment but 
let's talk for a second about near-term catalyst   too because we did hear from gary gensler this 
week he did cite crypto as a concern he noted   the exchanges in particular and of course we have 
a big ipo and coinbase coming up here do you think   that any tone around the us government cracking 
down on crypto could could be a catalyst for the   stock on the downside i think gary is going to 
be great for crypto gary is smarter than a whip   um he understands blockchain and bitcoin he taught 
her course at mit i actually was a guest lecturer   um and clarity around the rules can only help the 
space and so you know jay powell uh just didn't   want to deal with bitcoin period didn't want to 
deal with crypto and so he just kept punting it   now we've got an instance of chairman that's going 
to deal with it head on not every project is going   to love what he does uh but broadly a clear set 
of rules is nothing but bullish for this base   um this from jeffrey gunlock on twitter today the 
price of gold is down over 11 down 11 over the   last 12 months the s p 500 up 27 over the last 12 
months bitcoin is up 467 over the last 12 months   great dispersions often precede great reversions 
and then this from paul singer last week in a   letter to clients hiding under the bed to avoid 
people who gloat about being long bitcoin can get   tiring deep breathing exercises can work but only 
for short periods we continue to press on for the   day when we can say we told you so mike what's 
your response to that you know listen jeff gunlock   and paul singer are awesome investors they don't 
get everything right um what they're missing is   this secular change this this paradigm shift 
they're not seeing what i'm seeing they're   not talking to every big bank in the world 
who's asking in health and we're helping   on how they get engaged in this system 
they're not talking to the mayor of   miami who is actually setting up so his people can 
pay taxes in bitcoin they can get paid in bitcoin   um this is a movement that doesn't seem like it's 
gonna stop anytime soon um and i think they're   missing it i just think they're missing it right 
uh listen it's harder for old people to get it   right i bet they didn't meet their wives on the 
internet uh yet 50 of young people are meeting   their spouses on the internet right on dating apps 
and so sometimes the old people just don't get it   so let's talk about bullish the ceo of kraken was 
on the show yesterday he said he thinks it's going   to get to a million dollars within a decade do you 
still think it gets to 100 000 before the end of   the year if so when and what do you think about 
a million dollars within 10.

You know listen i   my brain's this big not this big uh and so i can 
think in one year to your horizons um i think it   gets to 100 000 or higher by the end of the year 
because i see all these new participants coming in   um if it doesn't it'll be there next year i i'm 
not so concerned what's interesting to me is the   downside has been taken away right it used to be 
people thought oh this is tulips no one thinks   that anymore right that that that the existential 
threat of bitcoin not being real is gone   every institution in the world is participating 
and so it's an asset class and we've repriced it   and so we're heading higher and so 
i was talking to people a bunch of   you know young kids about this because you've been 
in the space for so long there's all this anxiety   the anxiety is going to come out of the market as 
people are starting to build so some of them so   yes i think we're going to go higher um once you 
get to 100 000 you're going to say why aren't we   at 200 000 and why aren't we at five you know 
500 000 is about where gold is so why shouldn't   bitcoin be as big as gold if it's if it's digital 
gold novogratz this time is aiming for over one   hundred thousand dollars by the end of this year 
i actually remember his interview from the last   month when he was predicting bitcoin at only sixty 
thousand dollars for 2021.

the reason is because   he believed that this market was similar as 2017 
bull market which was driven by speculative frenzy   it seems like he changed his mind based on quality 
investors rather than retail speculators let me   know what you guys think about mike novogratz 
and his new big compressed prediction leave   your thoughts in the comment section below smash 
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