welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money and crypto if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button all right guys uh today we'll be talking about cardano and why someone went all in on cartonno and why it could be the million acre the millionaire maker not the million acres that's not a real thing the millionaire maker coin over the next few years now just so you know i'm here at my falcon suite they don't have my sign up yet my sign was supposed to be up but i'm not going to complain it's okay we'll have it up for the next game uh but guys started would do a little quick tour of my falcon suite here at mercedes-benz stadium before we uh get going in the video today so you guys can see right here check it out this is where we'll have all the food food wasn't here tonight either but that's okay so here is our about suite hey hey zoey zoey say hey there she is wait okay all right so here we go uh walking out here this is what it looks like it's our view there's my kid playing with some football helmets there's my football committed child this is our view right here preseason game not that big of a deal but uh it is so loud is what it is so you know what because of cardano and coins like aetherium it's able to get a sweet so that should tell you something uh but guys listen let's talk about cardano for just a minute i'm gonna go ahead and close them no i can't close the door uh guys you may know the dogecoin millionaire uh this guy went all in on dogecoin he's been all over andre jean's channel he's been all over twitter this guy basically became a millionaire with dogecoin alone i apologize if it's a little out here i don't really know how else to fix it other than go over here in the hallway maybe maybe that'll work but uh so basically what he did is he became a millionaire with dogecoin now he's saying there's only one coin he wants to go all and on and it is cardano aydah one of my favorite coins if you want to check out our staking pool you can do that at teals in the top there will be a uh a banner that will take you to the bitpool or cardano's sticking pool but his reasoning is pretty simple it's quite interesting uh his reasoning is a lot of people missed out on ethereum he missed out on ethereum he wasn't really that interested in crypto until dogecoin but now he sees the true use case of cardano he says he's taking every extra dollar that he has and he's putting it into ada and i expect him to get some really really really good returns from that i also saw another article explaining how another article explaining how ethereum and bitcoin are going to crush it the coronado could end up topping them all every single one of those so here here's the thing is this true well if we go back and we look at um uh 2017 we look at the bull run pretty much nobody outside of crypto even during that time knew what ethereum was i predicted by the end of this bull run ethereum would be a household name which i believe that it is now most people could tell you that ethereum is a crypto so now the thing is is cardano the best opportunity in the next four to five years for you to make a boatload of money well i would have told you four or five years ago it was ethereum and that train has already moved on ethereum by the end of this home run will be to a point where people will once again feel like they missed it the same way i mean think about it but theory makes ten thousand dollars bitcoin had twenty thousand dollars in 2017 and people definitely felt like they missed it and then it went back below ten thousand people still feel like they missed it ethereum if you're not on ethereum yet the truth is you missed it however with cardano you can still have a great opportunity to be able to get in on something super super super early now cardano should be hitting three dollars here pretty soon uh in the next couple of weeks maybe even the next couple of days heading up to five dollars to ten dollars very exciting stuff we've got the alonzo hardcore uh we've got um the the smart contracts the dog and arrow will be coming to a close very soon so these could be your last days of the best opportunity as a dogecoin millionaire calls it cameraman's name for us never remember these people living he calls it the best bet in crypto so i wanna know if you're in the cardano community do you believe that this is the best bet in crypto drop those comments down below i gotta run catch the game i don't wanna be late that's all i got be blessed but way out

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