All About SOLVE. Episode 1: What is SOLVE Token?

SOLVE token is not just a digital currency. What does it represent? We will tell you through this video. Hi, I’m Vivica, let’s talk about SOLVE. First of all, what is SOLVE? The answer is a token representing the Solve.Care platform. It is a token issued based on Ethereum and conforms to the ERC20 standard. I believe that every blockchain enthusiast knows more or less about Ethereum and ERC20. SOLVE has the characteristics of every token. But SOLVE also has its difference. SOLVE is a digital currency with a mission. On the Solve.Care platform, our token SOLVE is a digital currency based on the entire blockchain healthcare system. Solve.Care can be said to have created a world of its own. In this world, SOLVE's goal is to simplify medical care procedures and expand the availability of medical services, thereby enhancing its value, optimizing user experience, and increasing industry revenue.

This means that in the world of Solve.Care, all transactions on this platform are included They are constantly developing and optimizing around SOLVE tokens. Suppose you are playing a role-playing game. If you want to buy the latest equipment to improve your combat effectiveness, then you must use the currency available in this game. In short, this is the role of SOLVE in our platform. However, unlike role-playing games, the world created by SOLVE is real. So what can SOLVE be used for? Pay grandma to take a taxi to the hospital for dialysis; pay for vaccines for children to go to school; pay for prescriptions for diabetic patients, and so on. SOLVE tokens can be used in many healthcare services. But as a programmable token, SOLVE can only be used on those products associated with it. Therefore, grandma can use Solve to take a taxi to the hospital, but not to the game hall. In other words, insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, large medical companies, pharmacists, and even some government agencies, all people related to healthcare services, hope that SOLVE tokens can be used for their services.

Do you understand what these mean? demand. As Solve.Care has more and more customers, the demand for SOLVE tokens is also growing. And we are expanding our voice, and other companies are actively seeking to cooperate with us. Our vision is to let everyone on the planet, whether men, women or children, have access to health care services. With the help of SOLVE tokens, you will have the opportunity to participate in this revolution in the field of healthcare. In the next video, we will introduce the specific usage of SOLVE. Want to know more? You can visit the following link. What else do you want to know? Please leave a message in the comment area below. thanks for watching!.

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