Algorand – The best investment to make now?? And other top paying platforms

hold the phone what is going on we're doing two 
videos in one week that's insane first off i want   to say if you've joined the channel because 
i started doing algorithm content thank you   very much for joining for participating for 
tipping for commenting i really appreciate the   support and love that this algorithm community 
in the crypto space has provided to my youtube   channel with that said i wanted to take a couple 
of minutes today to go through a little bit more   of my backstory in my back history on investments 
i've made previously in crypto that are still   paying to this day we've got investments that 
are ranging from two dollars a day to 15 a day   and with a small sneak peek at what's to come in 
the very near future so if you guys want to jump   board or you want to educate yourselves a little 
bit stick around and you'll see what i got going nerdy dude stuff what's going on everyone welcome 
back to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency   algorand and all that good stuff i'm a price of 
nerdy dude at nerdy dude stuff and this is the   second time i'm recording this video because 
i forgot to turn the microphone on while i was   screen sharing and in the middle of the last video 
my webcam cut out completely and i don't know why   because i'm stupid anywho for those of you keeping 
track at home we are still continuing to drink   our white claw uh we like i said cut out 
beer i was 260 pounds we're down to 185   and one of those big things was all the beer i 
drank so you guys might not like it i saw some   comments about it i love white claw but anyway 
cheers to you guys let's get into the topic so today's video we want to talk about investments 
that i have currently made in the cryptocurrency   space that are still paying out every single 
day we've got a little bit of long-winded   investments and then we have some teases on 
investments that we'll be making content for   here in the near future so without any further 
ado i just want to jump right into it and say   the number one investment that i've made in the 
cryptocurrency space that is still paying to this   day is investing in myself and what do i mean 
by that i mean i started youtube in 2017 and   that transitions to you guys and i can't thank 
you enough for liking commenting and subscribing   i can give you the common youtuber like hey 
if you're new to the channel make sure you   hit subscribe and turn on the bell notification 
blah blah blah which you know it's great and i   really appreciate all you guys that watch these 
videos and engage and you know and interact with   the videos and leave comments but that leads 
to the investment that i've made in myself i   watched some of my older videos back from 2017 
and i was recording on this laptop right here   with the webcam at the top looking up at my fat 
face and the video quality was terrible i urge   you to jump back and check on them but we spent 
some time we invested in ourselves we bought you   know a nice little microphone here we got a nice 
ring light a solid camera you know we've got the   fun background we've got the big desk space we 
got the multiple computer screens that way we   can edit and that really helped invest in myself 
to bring more content and keep the drive going   even though we only have about 6 000 subscribers 
so thank you very much make sure you like comment   subscribe turn on all those notifications 
blah blah blah so that was the number one   investment in the crypto space was youtube found 
a niche bitcoin cryptocurrency invested myself   still pays to this day and it's my hobby and it's 
my passion i love doing it and i couldn't do it if   it wasn't for you guys so thank you very much to 
all of you guys in fact cheers to all of you guys   mushy stuff aside let's talk about algorithm 
algorithm is the big lump sum of this video   that the next investment that i have made 
that is consistent that i believe will make   us millionaires in the future is algorand and 
the first thing about algorithm i want to say is   you'll notice a qr code above my head or a wallet 
address in the description of this video as i do   these videos and i do ask for tips if you like the 
content if you like algorand if you use algorand   to you know take a moment and send a tip 
with a nice comment and say thank you and   i do that because youtube really looks down at 
promoting referral links in certain platforms   i don't know how some people get away with 
it but i've been banned a lot and we'll see   a platform here in a moment that i've been 
banned on a lot because of referral links   so i've kind of reverted from instead of really 
promoting referral links and begging that way   if you guys like the content if you like algorithm 
you support the project and you enjoy my content   take a moment to scan the qr code above my 
head or copy the address and description   send out a tip leave a comment and in the note in 
the tip and we'll read it out on video for example   we did a video the other day we received a 50 
algorand tip i know who you are we talked about   it i really really really appreciate it uh keep 
up the great work thanks for helping spread the   word about the optimizer we'll talk about the 
optimizer here in just a moment because that is   involved with my algorithm investments and then 
we received another tip the other day um on the   22nd which was three days ago a five algorithm 
tip and it's fun to watch these tips because   this individual when they sent that five dollar 
tip were able to cash out the rewards of 2.5   to compound into algorand so really their rewards 
were half the tip but i really appreciate that   thank you for your support and algorithm 
keep the good work up and i absolutely will   so jumping back to this one the 50 algorithm tip 
and talking about the optimizer algorithm is my   number one investment at the moment i'm very 
aggressive on algorithm very bullish anything   extra and pretty much most of the dividends and 
most of the investments that you see pay out   go towards algorand with a couple of other things 
on the side which you'll see briefly here so right   now we're at 4.2 000 algorithm now i'm not sitting 
here asking you guys to keep tipping to help me   like to get get me i should say get me to 5000 
without me doing any of the leg work and we'll   i'll talk about that here in just a second 
but any tip and anything that you guys send   does go towards my goal of the 5000 algorand 
which we are going to be hitting shortly now   the other investment project that's outside of 
algorand well actually let's continue talking   about algorithm before we get back to the 5000 
so the algorithm optimizer and we have the 4.2   000 algorithm currently locked up and we do have 
the algorithm optimizer sending a transaction of   0.0 every three days and 11 hours so that way we 
can compound our balance right now we have almost   one algorithm we're available to compound we have 
received a lifetime total of rewards and that's   all the investments seven percent apy of holding 
on the algorithm wallet of 92.

So that's why i say   alvarado is a continued paying out investment 
because of this 92. those are some really   solid numbers i've put in four thousand dollar or 
four thousand algorithm getting 92 algorithm out   that's some pretty solid numbers like that beats 
any bank account in the world now let's jump back   to what i was saying before where my goal is to 
get to 5 000 and i'm not just relying on you guys   sending me tips to get there i currently have 
myself invested in as well there's   a link for that description i've never done a 
video on this but i have the royal indigo uh   debit card from which means i have a 
total of four thousand dollars usd in cro staked   for a six month period and that gives me a ten 
percent you know annual percent yield on that   token you can see here that i've got twenty five 
thousand uh twenty five thousand cro down here   locked up i've got 47 days left on that and 
this is some of my daily or my week they pay   out once a week so this is some of my weekly 
rewards on top of that what i do since i have   the royal indigo is i get free netflix so that 
means i take my cro like my yield every single   week and i move it over to the earn card or the 
spend card and i pay for my netflix and once i   pay for my netflix and a dollar amount i then 
get reimbursed a hundred percent back as cro   so right now if i pay my netflix account at cro 
sitting at 17 cents and then cro jumps up you know   and then i get reimbursed in 17 or and 15 worth 
of cro token and then cro jumps up twice in price   technically my cash back netflix is now worth 
30 versus you know the 15.

So i have everything   locked up in cro and even though i can stake 
it in 47 days i'm going to keep that staked up   because i'm getting about 50 cro a week just from 
staking it on and keeping that royal indigo card   now jumping back to algorand right now we have 
about 7 917 cro staked and we're getting and   this is outside of that 4 000 you know the 
requirements to have that debit card in this   term i've been staking it for three months ends in 
24 hours and what i'm probably going to do is take   that 1300 worth of cro once that 
term ends and then i'm going   to push ourselves over the 5000 algorand goal 
be very honest about that and i might bite me   in the ass because cro might jump up three 
four five six seven times the price before   al goran does but like i said my goal is to have 
over five thousand al algorithm before i make my   ten thousand goal and that's how we are going 
to do it lots of information there algorithm blah blah blah blah couple other 
platforms that we are currently invested in   we can't really talk about this one here but 
we still do this platform if you guys watch my   channel from 2017 we started this in 2017 we've 
done a lot of rolling we have a script over on uh   crypto tab browser i don't have crypto tab browser 
running at the moment because i did reset my   computer because i'm running a couple other miners 
and you'll see that here in a moment but it just   was a lot easier for me to pull up google chrome 
versus my crypto tab miner and just get the video   recorded for a second time but we are currently 
running a script on even though we're   only getting four satoshi every single roll the 
big thing here is that we earn reward points   every single time we roll and then you can cash 
out a thousand reward points which is pretty solid   and i talked to crypto wealth and minotron about 
that but we're not to leave a link for this in the   description we're not going to really talk about 
or even name this platform because every time i do   the videos get flagged but just to be very 
very very very very transparent we have been   promoting this for quite some time we've earned 
664 people with referrals and we've earned a total   in referral commission of 0.1 btc so you guys can 
find an older video and click on the link probably   won't because i've removed them all on the channel 
just because i don't want my channel to get   banned or flagged like i said youtube number one 
investment and i don't want to lose this channel   ever up next we use uh every single 
day uh we don't actually roll or put anything into   it but you can see over here above actually you 
probably can't see i have to go to my profile yeah   there here you can see it we've wagered a total 
of 217 000 tron into the platform we've probably   lost 7.6 thousand tron into the platform but we're 
looking at about four to ten tron a day in payouts   because we have five thousand cnr currently staked 
and on top of that they have the moolah token   reason why i don't talk about this platform a 
lot is a i don't really enjoy uh with how much   the tron fees and how much tron has gone up in 
value anytime you do a roll like if i did this   10 trx roll it would give a multiplier and 
i'd technically win 10.21 um even though i   have energy and bandwidth it would then be i'll 
just you know show it on screen here real quick   so we're at 210 tron it's gonna take a minute to 
roll but you'll see that with the energy fees it's   really not productive to mine the token but they 
did do a small change and we could show that here   in just a second so right there just to do that 
roll and just to mine that you know token at 10   trx we've lost ourselves seven trx just to do on 
video now they have taken themselves off chain   like this is completely decentralized they have 
centralized themselves and made themselves rapid   dice to where now you can deposit a tron balance 
and you won't have to worry about those fees   but i'm really not really in that platform 
anymore i'm only showing this because i have   made the investment before and it is something 
that is currently still paying out for the past   two years i don't really care about the referral 
program even though i have people that sign up   but they require you to wager ten thousand fifty 
thousand or a hundred thousand tron and you get   rewarded in ten cnr thirty cnr sixty c i which 
is absolutely worthless something like bet fury   which i still use and i've been using for the past 
few years that's a referral program that i want to   promote and talk about because it's pretty solid 
like do i have the numbers yeah total earned and   a total on this platform we've earned this many 
now if you guys know the channel about a year ago   i invested a thousand dollars into bet fury and i 
i think bitcoin at the time was at ten thousand um   ten thousand usd as of right now it would 
have been five thousand into the platform   and we are currently getting some stupid crazy 
numbers the one thing i really like right now   is right now on the day-to-day basis we'll 
just go the day-to-day my payouts 12 a day 12 a day 13 a day we're 
just scrolling through them   14 a day like we're still getting these payouts 
every single day i currently have 124 000 pfg   they did merge from their bfg to b you know bfg 
btc and bfg trx into one platform so right now   we're getting about three dollars and b btc about 
three to four dollars in ethereum about three to   six dollars in the bnb token about three dollars 
in trx 79 cents in usdt and about a dollar in   btt but what i really like is if we jump into the 
quarterly we are looking at now about 280 dollars   in bitcoin we're looking about 200 in ethereum 
we're looking at about 250 in um bnb we're looking   at about 180 in let's just do all this math nope 
we don't snip it i'm gonna hide that back though   so we're looking at about 280 in bitcoin we're 
looking at about 200 in ethereum we're looking   at about 250 in um that one token we're looking 
at about 180 in trx we're looking at about   uh 71 in usdt and we'll just say we're looking 
at twenty dollars in that multiply that by four   we're looking at four thousand dollars a year 
and i've been in this platform since 2019.   there's a link for the description there's a link 
in the description for this one if you guys want   to jump in there is some very very nice referral 
incentives as well we have currently have 69   nice referrals so i really appreciate you guys 
jumping in there but they also do a lot of   payouts and a lot of options to play and wager 
and mine and all that stuff with their tokens   btc eth bnb trx usdt sun bfg link chz bat zrx enj 
zil omg ont storage glm hot unit swap sushi swap   cake uh yfi uma one inch reef snx so on and so 
forth they have a lot of tokens on here that you   can now play and it's nice to see that they 
are continuously spending time to grow them   all right now let's briefly 
talk about the hardware stuff we   currently are indeed mining a cryptocurrency we've 
done videos on that before we are right now mining   the hns token we currently have our miner running 
it's at 111 giga hashes at the moment and we're   usually averaging about 109 giga hashes and it was 
promoted to be at 105 giga hashes out of the box   we've seen consistent numbers over that ratio the 
h s token is currently trading for about 50 cents   when we first started mining the token we were 
mining it and it was at a value of about 26 cents   as and then as of today we've seen it double we've 
even seen it going all the way up to 72 cents   over here on dx pool where i am mining since i've 
started and it's probably been about just over a   month now we've already mined about 152 of the 
token currently today with our mining we're at   almost two or almost three h token and 
yesterday's profits were at 3.4 of the token   we could scroll down more and you can see all my 
daily payouts of 3.4 the token 3.6 of the token   4.22 of the token 4.1 4.5 so if we average all 
these numbers down you could probably see that   we're mining at an average of over two dollars a 
day when i purchased this miner for i think it was   299 um i was average it was going to take me just 
under a year because it was mining at the time   about a dollar worth of the token and now we're 
mining about two dollars worth of tokens so   we're looking at 150-day roi and on top of 
that i have managed to cut my power supply   completely so the unit came with a power 
supply unit that i plugged into a wall   and it was costing me about 14 cents a day but 
i run my pc pretty much 24 hours a day when i'm   running things like bet fury and crypto tab 
browser and the free bitco script so i had an   extra six pin pcie port on the computer i bought 
an extender and i leaked it out of the case and   i plugged my miner into it and i'll show that in 
a new video so now my computer and the psu that's   powering my computer is also powering my miner 
which eliminated the 14 cents a day for my miner   being run on a completely separate ps power supply 
unit which is really really really solid now the   last thing that we are going to hint and tease 
at that's coming to the channel because someone   posted a comment on one of my mining videos is yes 
we are getting into helium mining hotspot mining   so on and so forth we currently have two bobcat 
miner 300s on order we ordered them about a week   ago they say they're about eight to 12 weeks but 
i'm really hoping that it's true that people don't   like going through the muggle pay and it comes 
through a lot quicker so stay tuned to the channel   for that like comment subscribe turn on the bell 
notifications so that way you can see updates on   the bobcat mining i'm very excited about this 
project and i do have another little thing   going on which i'm not going to really do videos 
about but it is like yield farming blah blah blah   i am currently in glass.hour my buddy of mine to 
tron got crypto wealth and myself into it i put   about 150 in we're currently sitting at 296.

as soon as this bad boy hits another 500 i'm going   to buy another bobcat miner because i have plenty 
of places i could put these in the area around my   house and really get a solid helium network going 
and maybe we can retire and not work any more so   we've done this video twice now and this time 
i've made sure that the recording and the   audio was on point and i am very winded but i just 
want to say again at the start of the video i got   sappy by saying i invested in myself but it really 
mattered because you guys like comment subscribe   and all that good stuff and i wasn't gonna say 
you know like every other youtuber like comment   subscribe but i am gonna say like comment and 
subscribe turn on your bell notifications reach   out to me on twitter discord email whatever you 
want i'm pretty quick to respond and i will get   back to you with any and all of your questions 
go back in the video there's a qr code above   my head it's not going to be in my head now 
there's a wallet address in the description   of this video for algorand any tips are greatly 
appreciated it's going to mark just to the 5 000   outdoor angle and then the 10 000 algorithm goal 
but thank you very much for being here thank you   very much for your patience while i haven't done 
videos as much as i should i'm gonna keep trying   shut up copper i knew we'd get it in there anywho 
thank you very much for watching like comment   subscribe turn on the bell notification all that 
good stuff imo price we'll see you guys next time

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