ALERT! I’ve Found the Next UNISWAP!

Egggg yolk, what's the scramble with those
faithful viewers of the Chico Army & the newbies, the lowly viewers of the tube. My name is Tyler, the host of the crypto channel,
whose content discharges, when you least expect it. Don’t slip, potato chip. It’s time for Chico Crypto! So my friends, you gotta know I love DeFi…decentralized
finance, and the power it gives to your assets, it like something we have never seen before. Try to think back 10 years ago, even 4 for
some, shoot even last year for many.

Your dollars, aka the large chunk of manys
assets…what did they do?? They sat in your bank account, and did nothing. Now, what can your “dollars” do in DeFi?? Well a whole lot more…you can easily lend
from a hardware wallet from the comfort of your own home. You can borrow too…you can pool your assets,
in different ways too… pool for charity, pool for yourself, or pool for lottery. Now, over the past few months, since DeFi
started trending and bubbling like mad… Many people and teams have taken advantage
of the DeFi hype and have built products and protocols, some with value built in…and
some just plain hogwash crap. To see the ones that have value baked in,
you gotta see which ones are actually being used.

Bitquery, data & blockchain analytics firm,
put out this tweet, 2 days ago. It showed the dapp smart contracts with the
top unique users. Of course Uniswap with over 220k, was number
1. But 2 is a suspected ponzi forsage, 3 was
sushiswap with just over 18k, then 4 wETH with a similar number, 5 maker dao with just
over 10k, then 1 inch, aave, curve and it’s yCRV vault, and finally last idex with just
over 4400 unique users. You gotta have use to have value, and many,
I say many of these defi projects that came out of nowhere are going to have a rough road
ahead….users are already slim, for many of them, and are held up by DeFi whales, if
users stop flowing and the whales exit….they will crumble.

But regarding use, and this DeFi hype…getting
to a peak, we gotta bring up FEW token, which within 24 hours exposed some of the industries
biggest DeFi influencers, for what they wanted to become. It all started when a Sam Ratknar, put out
this tweet thread. He said here’s how FEW started “ It started
when I invited a few people to join an experiment. Get some of the industry’s smartest people
together, equally distribute tokens and see what happens. The telegram chat was called “The Experiment”. Within a few minutes, we had really cool people
like @defidude @Melt_Dem Meltem Demirors @AlexMasmej
@jessewldn @jdkanani CEO of matic & many others, including Anthony Sassano Many many big DeFi names and influencers & sam
ended the tweet with “This project was created as an experiment to create value for the ecosystem.

Within a few hours we’ve had the whole industry’s
attention and so much mindshare. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. What I will do is set up the multi sig and
the community will decide how to move forward, as they have been. So everything sounded good right, sounded
like the next big thing??? Well literally as we can see the same hour
of the last tweet, someone tweeted this. A rarible NFT of a screenshot, Anthony Sassano,
saying “yeh we need people to dump on” a screenshot from the experiment telegram
group. Then a crypto detective at the bottom dropped
a telegram chat dump, from the group, with DeFi dude, Alex Masmej & Sam speaking of shilling,
DeFi dude saying they have no idea what they are doing, a colin platt speaking of exit
scam, alex saying this is getting crazy we all may go to jail…DeFi dude saying we PUMP
it..legally LOL… So this is scary you guys, as within that
too, DeFi dude, reposted a message from Anthony Yoon…which says trying to get $meme listed
on FTX, will work on FEW.

Who is Anthony Yoon? Well he works for FTX, as seen from his twitter,
BD @FTX & as we can see Sam BankmanFried joined the chat saying yo, yo yo! If these chat’s wouldn’t have been leaked,
something terrible could have been conjured, resulting in a massive P&D. as you can see
in the leaked chat they were comparing it to $MEME…what has happened to MEME since? DUMP, like a big one, from 2 grand to below
750 as of yesterday. Some involved have put out their sorry responses,
like Anthony Sassanno saying it was just a joke.

Well bud, ya this may be a joke to you, who
is sitting on stacks of crypto, just looking to increase your wealth more, but for many,
they get sucked into these hyped coins, many at the top, and lose, lose a ton. It’s not a joke for them. I’ll tell you right now, it grinds my freaking
gears, that many in the space, already wealthy, are trying to take advantage of what makes
Ethereum special. DeFi is good, NFTs are good, but worthless
tokens, and using influence to pump them, please…

That is about as evil as it gets. So, I wanna try and direct my followers to
the good in the space. I’ve told you Ethereum is good, DeFi is
good, and NFTs will be the next wave. Well that’s true & let me show you exactly
why… So Ethereum, it’s good, and there are many
good developers working on advancing the protocol. Who are these people? Well a good place to find out is the Ethereum
Core Dev meetings, clicking into them you can see Attendees to the meetings, Vitalik,
Hudson Jameson, and other core developers not tied to a single token or project, but
many tied to Conensys. These are the devs who have been messing around
with Ethereum, many of them, since its launch, while that DeFi influencer crew, many of them,
have been only messing with it for under a year. Now a majority of the time, it's’ the core
devs who are at the meetings, a mixture of different ones, usually those not involved
with a token, but with core infrastructure, as we can see in meeting 93, a wei tang was
invited…who is wei? Well as we can see, he works for Parity, core
ethereum infrastructure…which means he works for Gavin Wood aka Polkadot.

Going back further, meeting 77 December 2019,
wei tang once again in a core meeting…then meeting 62 May 2019, Zachary Williamson was
there of Aztec protocol, once again core infrastructure with ZKsnarks…. But once in a while, core devs need a little
help from the outside, and this research led me down a little rabbit hold. August of 2018, core dev meeting #45 went
down, and this one had the longest list of attendees, including a long list of guests.

From the Ethereum foundation, consensys, and
beyond. Look who is #1 listed. Igor Barinov (POA/Mana Clinet). We know Igor, he is the founder of xdai. Now what is Mana? because as we can see igor
updated status on it in client updates. Well it was an Ethereum client, launched months
later, November of 2018 in collaboration with POA aka xdai, compound, and consensys. Now Consensys, put out a developer tool guide,
and they list the tools for those looking to dive into the world of Ethereum, as we
can see in Clients, Mana ended up being the Ethereum full node implementation written
in Elixir, and as we can see above exthereum, ended up being the Elixir client.

As we can see Exthereum, was of course built
in collaboration with POA aka xdai, as they give thanks for the community effort and support. Now I wanna scroll down to the Developer Guides
for 2nd Layer Infrastructure…they of course have payment channels, plasma, which of course
we know is Omisego. What’s funny is they are using exthereum
too…Mason Fischer, an exthereum dev put out this blog post in March of 2018, explaining
how Compound, POA came together and started building this. He then says this “Around that same time,
the managing director of OmiseGo reached out to us and said they were exploring the idea
of using Exthereum in their Plasma implementation. When we got on the call they told us that
Exthereum was also being considered for the Ethereum Foundation Grants Program. They’d been in contact with Vitalik, and
said he supported funding us as well” Hmmmm..well the layer 2 they have in the dev
tool quide, is Sidechains.

And look at what’s listed. POA Network: Consensys says: POA products
are for people who believe that the Ethereum protocol must be cheap, fast, and scalable. POA, xDai, BlockScout, TokenBridge,
POSDAO, NiftyWallet. Then they list the bridges and Loom Network. So, I’m just calling it like I see it. POA and xdai is everywhere in the Ethereum
ecosystem.Stuff they have worked on & built is within Plasma, exthereum is obviously used
by compound, and Consensys has partnered with them. Now all you have to do is look at Coingecko…compound
and OMG Network with Plasma, they are right next to eachother, #39 and 40 and both over
430 million dollars in market cap. Now how about xdai?? #134 and just over a 64 million dollar market
cap. Something seems out of wack to me. Now what didConsensys say about POA: their
products are for people who believe the ethereum protocol must be cheap fast, and scalable.

Well that is what it is, and I’m going to
show you today….just how fast, cheap, and scalable it is. Honeyswap, is a uniswap fork built on top
of xdai. As we can see both liquidity and volume on
it has been surging lately. Well let’s go trade. So first you should probably get your hands
on some xdai, as it’s the main currency of the exchange, which can be done by using
the token bridge, turning dia from ethereum to xdai on its chain. Now that we have some xdai in the wallet,
let’s go trade on honeyswap. A small trade, 10 bucks, 10xdai for stake. Usually on Ethereum, the gas fees would make
a trade like this unfeasible, unrealistic. Not on xdai…easy, and simple just like Uniswap,
the gas fees are literally nothing, .000143 of and xdai, aka a buck…fast and swift,
and it literally confirms the transaction in metamask before you can pull up the transaction
explorer to check & then just refresh to see your balance.

That could have taken 5 mins on Uniswap, or
more & cost me 10 bucks, just in gas fees. So you could even be like ahhh I didn’t
wanna make that trade, and switch back in the blink of any eye, without paying ridiculous
fees. Now when I see opportunity, I see opportunity
and Honeyswap, UI, speed and fees are hard to beat. Going back to the liquidity of Honeyswap,
we can see it’s three. Honey currency for the HoneyDAO, xdai, and
stake, the rest not much.

Why is this? Well, it’s been limited unless you were
a developer, knowing how to code, or wanted to use some of their experimental bridges. But xdai is coming out soon with the Omni
bridge, and the friendly UI, which as we can see will allow users to Bridge any ERC20s
between Ethereum and xDai. Now there is an actual UI, digging in further
to that section they have a warning about it “OmniBridge and OmniBridge UI is experimental
software in Beta, use at your own risk. Unofficial OmniBridge UI can be accessed here
with a link… Going to that, ohhh nice looking sweet, easy
and simple. How about we use it and swap xdai back to
ethereum. Lets swap 1 stake from xdai to the ethereum
mainnet, bridge fee takes .001…i’m ok with that, and whoooo look at the fee, nada
zilch .00023 of an xdai and confirmation of it, quick.

When this is fully launched ready, out of
experimental and into full production, much liquidity IMO will flow to xdai. Low fees, and a similar experience people
are used to. Now a lot of people are looking to make the
scalable, low fee Uniswap clone…I’m sure you know Andre Cronje…he tweeted, the Uniswap
unicorn all in black and white, with vampire teeth and he said “(for context; busy setting
up @UniswapProtocol on another chain that needs base layer liquidity, this is nothing
related to ETH uniswap, but thought the logo they made was cool) And zooming in on the
eye, its Fantom’s logo, who Andre is a technical advisor for.

So is Fantom going to be releasing a Uniswap
clone here soon too? Well Andre tweeted about cross chain DeFi
recently saying Layer 2 is coming together, then a ZhaoJun said “Anyswap can deploy
the cross-chain bridge for Fantom. We can run the DCRM nodes together. Andre replied “Spoke to DJ, integrating
Opera mainnet is on the roadmap, but not ready yet 😉 So they aren’t ready, yet…while xdai & honey
are about to move full steam ahead! Cheers viewers I’ll see you next time!.

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