ALERT! Big Crypto “AIRDROP” For WallStreetBets Soon🚀

Well I have that nasty content for you today…the
type of content that's rotten, stinky good. It makes you smile when the markets are down. You ready to get up, come on get down with
our sickness!? Well you don’t have a choice, unless you
turn us off, because it’s time for Chico Crypto! So to begin, we go right back to Elon Musk. He started with gamestonk and wallstreetbets,
he shifted to bitcoin, changing the tagline in his profile, to hashtag bitcoin, with the
bitcoin emoji. At the same time, he dropped this cryptic
tweet. “In retrospect, it was inevitable” All that is interesting in itself, as I just
2 days before this related some of his earlier tweets, to him being satoshi, the creator
of BTC. Well, what Elon liked on twitter after this,
gets even more interesting. Going to his profile and likes, we can see
just this, and on January 29th he liked a Molly Spiers tweet.

She said “Hey elonmusk! We put your quote on the Bitcoin blockchain
with the hash, and a picture of the quote “In retrospect, it was inevitable” is
forever stamped in history with bitcoin. Kind of like Satoshi's first words he embedded
in the first block back in 2009. “The Times 03.January.2009 Chancellor on
brink of second bailout for banks” So, Elon goes BTC even more, but that isn’t
even the thing I want to cover. I want to scroll up to his most recent crypto
based like…and Elon’s past, “crypto path” is playing out like a book, as we
can see he like a tweet from Zerion that says “Now would be a great time to explore a
decentralized RobinhoodApp.

Oh wait, it already exists. Trade what you want, when you want. And it’s a picture of Ethereum, and it’s
robust DeFi ecosystem and mapping it back to it’s centralized finance counterparts. So #1 that is big for Zerion, the DeFi portfolio
builder & manager, which lets you invest in indexes in app, swap in app, save with defi
protocols, get into liquidity pools, and borrow through defi protocols. It’s an all in one place for DeFi…the
next iteration of finance.

The decentralized version, finance 1.0 is
oh so scared of. So, what am I bringing this up for? Elon liking Zerion and Ethereum DeFi!? Well #1 you should probably use Zerion, as
its a tokenless application….and as we know, airdrops are the hot trend. as I’ve been the one finding the best coming
drops before they happen, uniswap, 1inch, badger & dig, mirror & more. So, I’m predicting Zerion’s airdrop is
right around the corner. Why!? Well all the way back in August of last year. 1 month even before Uniswap started the airdrop
trend, Zerion said this on twitter “If you are wondering – Zerion token is not out yet. If you see any in the wild – that's likely
a scam” Their token is not out YET! That was over 6 months, a half a year ago.

They said a token was coming, it just wasn’t
out yet… I would say, with the recent Elon hype for
Zerion, it would be a good time to get that token launched. Remember, it wasn’t only Robinhood that
went down during last weeks craziness. Also Coinbase went down! The centralized avenue for crypto trading….what
did Zerioin call themselve with this October 2020 blog post. The decentralized Coinbase! So, now is the time for their token, as the
Coinbase IPO nears and airdrop to Zerion users is how I predict they will do it. Of course links for the zerion app are below.

But, that’s just a possible Elon hyped airdrop,
let’s get into some cryptos which are trading right now. So, I’ve been bullish on crypto index’s
for a while now, covering some of the defi protocols doing just that. Token based index funds. Now, with what’s going on in finance 1.0,
the breakdown of that, crypto index funds are going to get a real good look from the
outside in.

That includes the ones, I have covered and
still hodl, index and piedao. But today, is about a new & newer ones….one
I haven’t covered & two I covered late last week. So let’s begin with the new and it’s called
none other than Why does this one interest me? Well it just hit the scene to compete with
tokenized indices, and going to Zerion which nicely tracks indexes…sorting by top performing
over 30 days, and it’s their DeFi 5 Indice! Now, going to dashboard, we
can see it’s pretty damn slick, and the DeFi 5 isn’t their only index, they also
have the crypto top 10, which contains top 10 large cap erc20 based DeFi assets within
it, like uniswap, chainlink, yearn and more.

Now if you check out the categories for the
two, they both have a health marketcap, meaning people are investing in them, and the volume
is growing into the millions for each, meaning trading is being built around them. And fees, it’s generating fees through the
application, in the under 30 days since launch, they have respectively generated over 180k
and 130k each. Now, Indexed is a DAO based index protocol,
and their governance dashboard is sweet and clean. This means the token holders vote on the protocol
changes, including adding new indexes, changing indexes, weights, smart contracts and more. DAOs are the next wave for decentralization
& I’m superbly bullish on all 3. Index, NDX, and Dough…But since these are
DAOs, and votes need to happen, wouldn’t it move slower than just if it was just a
single person running that index or fund, who could make a change to the index, automatically
without approval… And that is where this newer token comes in,
the one I recently covered.

DHedge. Now dhedge & the protocol itself is a DAO,
and governed by the token holders DHT….but that is the app and smart contracts itself,
not the index’s. Those are built by people, and have managers. As we can see, dhedge has a leaderboard for
the top pool index’s, and they have a manager. Aka the person creating the strategy for the
pool. And creating a pool with dhedge is oh so simple. You just go to manage pool, create new pool…and
we will call this the 32 ETH 1 BTC tracking pool.

Remember that strategy I spoke of…32 ETH
and 1 Bitcoin have been tracking eachother for some time, but imbalances happen where
1 becomes more valuable than the other. Equilibrium comes back after some time, so
a good strategy would be to invest in the other, when you see 1 out valuing it. And you can do this with dhedge since it’s
built on Synthetic assets and the synthtetix protocol. Since 32 Ethereum is worth over 41 thousand
dollars right now, and 1 BTC is about 32 thousand dollars, you could set the strategy to buy
bitcoin, and buy inverse ETH. Inverse ETH is a synthetic asset that would
gain value in Bitcoin, if the ETH to BTC ratio goes down, and BTC gains against ETH.

Also just buying bitcoin in that situation
would be a good idea too. Different combinations can be built off of
this, right now with cryptos, commodities, currencies, indices, and inverses..and as
we know equities like stonks soon..and these hedge funds, the dhedges, are the quickest
to act to changing market conditions. And a really cool, underlooked feature/program
of dhedge is their performance mining program, earning their DHT tokens, for investing in
top performing pools, which those rewards are automatically tracked in APP. Going to their summary on this, it started
in December and is a 3 month trail. We’re coming to the end of January, aka
about a month left. This is a great way to earn their tokens,
that is underlooked. And it rewards good managers, as they earn
fees from the pools they create! More people using their pool, due to rewards,
the more fees the pool managers earn. So, I’ve been covering tokens, indices & the
decentralization of funds.

Once this wave catches on to the finance 1.0
norms, it’s gonna be a sweet sight to see…but what about once the norms get here. And they have many of these crypto tokens!? How are they going to learn about yield and
all the farming strategies that can be employed to maximize gains!? It’s complex, its complicated to pick the
best…if only there was a project who could set strategies for you….Oh wait there is
one. A newer one, I recently covered too…and
that is yaxis.

Going to their live application, they have
metavalults, which you deposit into, and they do the farming for you, distributing the rewards
to the pools. It’s token farming, for the token holder,
who doesn’t have the time or knowledge to do it. And that is something that is going to be
much needed, as this market accelerates, and the normie onboarding kicks into overdrive. All of these DeFi products will be…just
like how Zerion showed to ELON…Cheers, I’ll see you next time!.

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