Aleanna Siacon

My name is Aleanna Siacon and I am majoring
in Journalism, Political Science and History. I think that the Honors College has really
given me an incredible opportunity to challenge myself. I think that it is a great program for students
that really go to college wanting more, wanting to get a lot out of their classes. Going to push themselves. I have had a lot of fun with my honors options
actually. It seems really intimidating at first, but
working one-on-one with your professor to come up with something really pushes you to
be creative, really pushes you to get a lot out of your classes.

You end up learning a lot more and thinking
a lot more critically. Doing my Honors service-learning was also
really great because I got to do Summer in the City, got to learn a lot about the city
of Detroit and I think that is what the Honors Program does really, really well, which is
to introduce students to this challenge but also keeping in mind that we are in this great
city that has a lot of resources and tying what we know about our disciplines, what we
know about the city and thinking really critically about all of these things that we have at
hand and turning it into a program that you get a lot out of..

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