Adventures Of Tron Atari 2600 Review

Disney's 1982 sci-fi action film Tron was critically acclaimed and ended up becoming a cult favorite that same year Mattel released The Adventures of Tron for the Atari 2600 although you may be confused of the title at the start up screen is it only reads Tron now I never saw the movie so I'm not sure how much this game is truly based off of it you'll control a guy that slides down a pole and has to collect these bits that float just underneath the ceiling of each floor you can ascend the floors by pressing up when standing on the elevators on either side but you can't go up the same elevator on consecutive floors you have to hop across the pole to activate them each time which means you usually be alternating from one side to the other pressing down will let you descend one floor and by walking across the pole in the middle you'll slide straight down at the bottom the objective is to gather up all the bits on the screen then everything turns blue and then heading up the middle beam will warp you up to the next stage getting in your way of these enemies that usually March off in a row of three descending downward from floor to floor the patterns are basic enough but the shitty jumping control makes it hard to jump over them you can get a decent amount of hang time but you don't travel very far horizontally at all it doesn't match up with the speed you're running leading into the job so it's easier to avoid these things by running away rather than jumping over them that can be tricky in and of itself if you're on this side just underneath them and they're about to change floors you can't go up the elevator oh you'll smack into one of them on the way up but staying down below will probably lead you to getting taken out as you won't be able to outrun them so you have to either move down the floor or time your elevator advancement very precisely it doesn't get any easier in later stages when a huge tank shows up that not only is tough to jump over but they'll fire a shot that travels fast and it's very difficult to jump over due to the slow jumping if you're far away from it you might be able to react quick enough grabbing the items can also be frustrating because the detection sucks you can make full contact with these items and you still won't pick them up because you have to hit a very precise spot there's also this arrow thing that swings back and forth of a third floor that will knock you across the room a little bit but it's not one of the items you need to collect just kind of gets in the way if anything you can make the gameplay faster by toggling the difficulty switch on the console but it's a little bit too much graphics aren't too bad there's just too much repetition the stages all look exactly the same – they'll just get increasingly difficult and the colors of the items and enemies will change up one thing that bugs me about this game is that you can't shoot or do anything to defend yourself other than run away scheme just feels like the type of platformer where you shoot up collect items and jump around from level to level but without the shooting part it just feels like a jigsaw puzzle with some of the pieces missing although that's quite a few pieces missing from this puzzle

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