Adams Prediction #1 – VeChain/Ethereum pair towards a new bull run?

The all-time high of VET occurred on 19 April,
when the token reached a value of $ 0.280. At its all-time high, VET was worth $ 0.164
more than on 7 October, or 141% more. VET had its September high on 6 September
with a value of $ 0.155. On the other end of the spectrum, on 29 September,
its value fell to its lowest point of $ 0.081. Here we can see that the token has decreased
in value by $ 0.074 or 47%. That said, from 29 September to 7 October,
the token was up by $ 0.035 or 43%. The VET token can potentially reach $ 0.40
by early January..

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