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let's just assume that beethoven goes sideways right for the next few weeks and cardano um just basically catches up then 60 from here could indicate um a cardonal price at 2.3 dollars approximately in the next like few weeks or so bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges bitswap gives you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button and also don't forget to check the video description for details on how you could win a full bitcoin in this video i brought on carl from the moon channel on youtube to discuss cardano he's going to be showing us from the technical perspective whether or not cardano is about to blow and if you hold ada i think you're going to like this interview hey guys i'm joined again this week by carl from the moon channel and bitcoin has been doing crazy stuff we want to talk about but we specifically today want to talk about cardano and what its future is going to look like in the short term and maybe the longer term so carl as always thank you for joining us today thank you so much for having me on the channel it's always always so much fun to uh to do some ta on your channel and see the comments below your videos from people uh um enjoying these collaborations because i think people enjoy watching these collaborations just as much as we enjoy making them yeah absolutely and that's i don't know if people know this we really do like getting together and talking i mean you know when you're doing crypto youtube uh you know you're working so much it's good to actually see people and talk to them so uh yeah and guys don't forget make sure to subscribe to carl's channel if you're not uh the moon you guys can get that video or that link down below so let's just go ahead and start like the big news of the week right now is cardano uh getting listed on coinbase and what that could potentially mean i figured it would be good to bring you on and have you show some uh ta on cardano yeah for sure i mean people are talking about it right now and everyone wants to know is it going to go higher or lower so i prepared some interesting things in the chart so i think we should head straight into the charts right now all right guys so here we start off on the daily time frame with cardano against the us dollar and we can see that cardano formed this small falling wedge that broke out and we also saw a falling wedge in the rsi on the daily timeframe so here on the daily we saw a breakout essentially and um the target was already met on the in the price uh but if you if you um were to believe in the ultimate target in this falling wedge in the rsi then it looks like we might have some more momentum to the upside because the target is the top of the wedge which would be slightly higher than we are right now in the rsi and you could also make the case that this falling wedge is a little bit higher like this and in that case we can we can maybe expect an even higher um reading in the rsi so in my opinion again according to the rsi it is possible that we might go even higher here i think we haven't seen the full move just yet no nice um yeah and i would also like to just zoom out a little bit on the weekly timeframe here because the reason why we're seeing these big movements um like on the on the weekly time frame not on the daily but on the weekly here we've seen many many multiple weeks of massive price action it's because we broke this very very key green resistance down here at um yeah like 18 cents approximately and everyone who's a subscriber of my channel you guys remember how we were perfectly trading here because when you break long-term resistance that's usually a point to pay attention and by long term i mean that the last time we tested this this level was way way back here in 2018 so that's when you really want to pay attention and then we broke this other very very key resistance which also um was significant ever since way back in 2018 so ever since we broke this key resistance we've seen a massive run-up and this is cardano against the us dollar on the weekly time frame now um of course everyone wants to know because it looks like we're going to just blast above all-time high now that that seems to be the case but the question is how is cardona going to do against bitcoin right that's what everyone wants to know so let's go over to this chart in mind and just so everybody understands the reason why this is important is because if your coin cannot outperform bitcoin then that would mean you might as well have just bought bitcoin so understand the relationship you know between the us dollar value and then the bitcoin value is extremely important extremely extremely important because yeah everyone knows that the risk in bitcoin is lower so if your altcoin even performs equally as bitcoin you're still taking a lower risk by buying bitcoin so essentially your coin has to vastly outperform bitcoin for it to be worth it to to hold that altcoin in my opinion so so that's what we're looking at here and um zooming in we can see that we also broke a very very long term key resistance here as well this downwards trending resistance and um actually on my on my channel we made a nice trade here because we broke this resistance and what we're seeing right now if i bring out the um the um fibonacci no the um exponential ribbon this is the exponential ribbon on the daily time frame we can see that um we got a very very beautiful bounce off of this here and usually i'm using this um this indicator in in bull runs and in in bear trends because it usually acts as support and it usually acts as a resistance and as long as we write this support we remain in a bull trend and we did get a beautiful bounce off of here so we we are remaining bullish here on the daily time frame even though we saw a pretty substantial correction here yeah uh the full correction was actually something like 45 or so but um but when you zoom out and take a look at it like this you can see that we actually bounced off of key daily support and the questions of course are we going to continue to head higher and as of right now i don't have any reason to believe that we're not going to go higher it really seems like we are in a clear uptrend you can see that we have higher highs higher lows higher highs higher lows higher highs higher lows the question is where is this high going to go obviously if we see something like this then that would be slightly bearish showing us a lower high indicating that maybe we're going to see a reversal but obviously the bear or the bullet scenario would be that we come up and we um we blast above the previous high here um getting a new higher high because that would further solidify this uptrend that we clearly have established here on the daily time frame so um in my opinion cardona is looking very very healthy against bitcoin going back here to the to the we on the weekly time frame we can see that um cardano also has a lot of um room to potentially grow um so the all-time high on the bitcoin um against bitcoin was all the way up here i mean let's just play with the numbers let's say we were to go up there um from where right now that would be another like 260 percent so like only to go back to all-time highs 260 pump from here would be needed um but um in my opinion that's not my target i'm not targeting those levels um i will show you what my target is so ever since we entered in here on over my channel we've been in this uh in this trade and this up here is my ultimate target um we had a partial take profit of course down here but the the ultimate target is all the way up here at um point zero zero zero zero four one zero such a giant i i i don't like these saturation numbers it's easier with bitcoin i know right um but yeah so um essentially to make it simple if we were to reach the targets from where we are right now that would be approximately 66 pump or 66 increase in price um now this doesn't mean that we have to go there in the next couple of days but in the next two weeks or months i think that it's very very likely that cardone is going to potentially reach these levels because we are in this very very well established trend we broke all of these key resistance levels and uh bitcoin is going bullish right now so there is no huge bear market inside i mean everyone remembers 2018 17 here when um the bear market came in and we saw all all coins collapsed so far we haven't seen any initiation of a big bear market so in my opinion it makes sense to um to assume that all costs are going to perform uh pretty much the same as bitcoin or better um but essentially kind of um do whatever bitcoin does so now the baker's going up and still remains bullish i'm bullish on all coins generally yeah now let me ask you this question because this is something i want to know and so i would think that my audience would want to know it as well which is when you're studying the chart of like cardano versus bitcoin or let's say ethereum versus bitcoin do you find that that chart is just as reliable as the uh value against u.s dollar i think that the most the most successful analysis that i've been able to make has been on the the bitcoin relative chart so cardano against bitcoin or or ethereum against bitcoin uh well ethereum actually is very has been very um accurate on the use dollar chart but um smaller altcoins um generally uh the the lower the cap i think generally uh the more i tend to stick to just the bitcoin uh relative chart because it's it seems to be more more accurate i'm not sure why it just seems to be i mean support and resistance seems to make sense and and all the patterns that break out they just they just make they do whatever i expect them to do yeah that's very interesting i would expect it to be the other way uh i so studying the the coin two bitcoin chart is not something we do a huge amount on my channel we more focus on the us dollar because we're looking of course mostly bitcoin and ethereum uh but as some of these other projects are moving you know very far ahead like cardano and binance coin you know it definitely makes sense to uh i think add that element so people have something else to check out and and so i must say the ethereum chart against bitcoin i think is very accurate i think i've been looking at it a lot and i've been making fantastic trades over there so ethereum against um us dollar um i've had no troubles with that one but i think i i think it is generally when you just go lower down the the market caps that's when you can find troubles potentially yeah okay so last question uh going back to the cardano to us dollar chart what what is a target that you're looking at in the short term for uh where cardano can go so yeah against bitcoin uh like i said we have this level that's my my cardona target and that's for the next few weeks or so now like i said it's like a 60 uh pump if if we were to assume let's just assume that bathroom goes sideways right for the next few weeks and cardano um just basically catches up then 60 from here could indicate a cardonal price at two point three dollars approximately in the next like few weeks or so yeah um i think it's possible i think it's possible i wouldn't say that this is um this is um like based on like classic technical analysis i wouldn't say that i would trade based on that um but i do believe that we're seeing hype around cordano i do believe uh we're seeing a strong uptrend and the trend is your friend yeah and um and simply playing a little bit with the numbers here it sure looks like two dollars could be hit very soon and um let's just say i'm bullish on cardona right now on the daily time frame and on the weekly time frame and actually all the smaller time frames as well as of right now as we are recording this yeah and and the the crazy thing is that's if bitcoin goes sideways if bitcoin were to go up to 70 or 80 000 during this next few weeks like many people think that it could then that means cardano could get over three dollars probably so that would definitely be a bullish target i think so carl as always thank you for joining the channel today and showing us this ta you've given me a lot of stuff to look at in my audience as well uh so everybody make sure to go on over to carl's channel subscribe uh the link is down below anything you want to leave us with today carl um i think that um everyone should keep accumulating bitcoin i think people should definitely keep having some exposure to all coins but be a little bit more cautious when you're doing altcoins because you have a lot of upside but you also have a lot of downside of course um but uh but yeah be safe out there and have fun trading these uh these charts because i sure have a lot of fun doing it all right guys that's all we got for today make sure to drop your comments down below be blessed good boy out [Music] you

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