All of you ada pioneers all of you ada holders you are doing the right thing you I invested in a great company and I didn’t damage ada’s reputation. I do like ada themselves. They are doing Change the world, as we know, this will be my second video picking company Will have a higher percentage of growth, not a market value, not a market value of billions of dollars, it will More growth than eta, but by the end of the year, it will be able to bring you more revenue than ada . In one year, I only choose five out of 100 market capitalizations, and 20 out of market capitalizations , I can really choose 20 from them, but I really only chose five, sorry if I missed Some, I know there are more, but I just want to let you know, If the altcoins maintain a strong momentum during the peak season, the market value of these companies will reach at least 5 times by the end of the year , I hope you like this video, if you have any, comment them below, I will look at them, I really hope you guys, so I’m in today’s The first one to talk about in the video will be the v-chain.

They are solving economic problems in the real world. I do Seeing that they are changing the world, I want to do all six of these are what I have invested Tool for a while, I really want to let you know that this tool is still very big With room for growth, their current market value is only $6 billion. Today already Increased by 4%, but in my opinion it is not important because you Need to see long-term growth, which may happen every day, as I said, this market definitely has Capacity increased from 30 billion to 25 billion. Now I think it should be at least 5 times by the end of this year , Which means that it will definitely change the world, it makes transactions easier, and it’s basically abusing Ethereum Ignorance of gas fees and transactions. Many companies charge due to Ethereum Too slow to process transaction fees and solve the problem in a timely manner, so We can benefit from it, which makes it easier for businesses and large companies Through it to execute large transaction fees, and they also provide a guide camp Organize a bounty program and other research programs for the Apple App Club’s Developer Information Center, Although the best thing they offer is meta transactions, they are not specifically designed for Designed for the services they really provide, this It is one of the best things in cryptocurrency.

Large transactions will be conducted through the v-chain, so That’s why I ranked them first, simply because they are still growing Show everything, like I said, they also have a lot of things that I do hope You know this is a long-term challenge for me, and you really should see it as One of the best trading um systems in the entire crypto ecosystem, and I really don’t think there is An order to be honest, they are both great companies and platforms, they can indeed make money, because what they did let them where, now, In my opinion, the pancake exchange is just to keep growing The same respect, just because it’s a kind of income um is a d5 trading company, you can earn um money or er cryptocurrency just by using their platform, or Essentially, you keep your cryptocurrency in sum or um, which is a big deal Room for growth, as I said, they are one of the best d5 trading machines, suitable for large and small transactions, It’s not a big transaction like v-chain, but this is what Ethereum is like I said.

Reasons for misusing their transactions, so you will have all these transactions from small to large Be able to build a platform or company to solve the Ethereum problem and solve it faster, And build a better platform around it, just because Ethereum takes a long time to To publish this, I think they are not publishing it to 2022 or 2023 Ethereum is A big benefit, for anyone who understands will not solve this problem soon And there will be many platforms that will benefit from it, which is a huge benefit. The crepe exchange is definitely something on this list for me, so I can see it for sure, even though I can At the end of 2022 or mid-2022, it will reach 20 microns. By the end of 2021, I can definitely see that at least Six to seven exits from where it is now, in my opinion, this is a very, very safe game, Because you saw that they were a little bit down here in February, but you have realized that people Really understand the value that Ethereum brings to people through abuse of the system, They are really going to grow in the future because they are The way the development system works is really right, I really figured it out for them And figure out how to benefit from the slowdown in Ethereum and the Ethereum reum is still for gamers Important point, you must understand that there will be Bitcoin and Ethereum, They will occupy 50 of all market capitalization, even more than I think 70 of all the cryptocurrencies in the country enter Ethereum or Bitcoin, and it won’t change anytime soon, I just see this number getting bigger and bigger, because as the cryptocurrency grows, you have to Understand that all these institutional funds and all these large capital participants actually only insist A few things, I don’t see that this will really change in the next five years, so I’ll even say 80% to 90% of the money will actually only be used for Bitcoin and Ethereum, and all these coins Will only get a small gain of 10% or 5%.

I mean, five years from now, this It’s still a lot of money, maybe 30 to 40 times, I really hope you Understand that Ethereum will not go to anyone, you can say it all day, but it is not the case , While Ethereum slows down, these companies will benefit, So my next one will be Kusama or KSM, I really like them, I have been investing for a long time I have a lot of friends who went over 200 and x is easy for them I think I have a friend who evaluates them more than 250 times, and I evaluate them only 45 times.

I am a little angry with myself, I It should be improved more, but this is not a problem, I mean 45 times is not a complaint, but I do indeed long-term Believe them and have basically described them, I think you can say relative to the polka dots They are very much like polka dots, and I would say they are like an experimental blockchain, it is A large-scale Interpol interpolable and extensible framework for developers, they are built on a On the substrate, the blockchain development and construction kit developed by um, I think this is a parity check technology, And Kusama also has the same code base as polka dot, this is the region One of the most successful things so having the same code base as them means that they There will be a lot of success in the future, they do focus on fast-paced projects and have access to Highly scalable um shared network, which is one of the features not provided on Polka Dot, So I really saw them climb to polka dots and market value this way, because polka dots Unable to publish fast-paced projects, unable to access highly scalable ums such as shared networks, This is one of the reasons I think KSM is still underestimated this day, which is a very big Thing, what you have to understand is that if I go to dot um, the market value I can really Seeing that at least this 10 times the scene will have more things once it comes out at the end of this year, even if They already have something better than polka dots, this is not the only thing they do Things, but this is the main factor that makes it different, and I did see at least 10 times the scene, and I just want to say that within 12 months to the end of 2021, I definit I easily Seeing it rise from 5xing to 7xing, if the altcoin season continues, I will just throw 5 to 7 times, Because you have to understand whether all coin seasons are over, none of these can be reached Expected um expectation and you must take this into consideration if you are fully coining The end of the season will take the loss everyone’s will take the loss, this is Why do I really recommend that you invest in stable coins, if you have something that will happen, this is The size of the portfolio is just to ensure that you are safe in the event of a foolproof or bargaining situation.

So that you can reinvest in bargaining and make the biggest gains Fuel, and if you don’t know what’s going on they will become a very Big companies, like I said, all these companies have a market value of only 23 Billion dollars. Basically, you should not misunderstand the growth of t-fuel, because they have something to do with t-fuel. Many partners, large enterprise companies, I think Google Binance Blockchain is a venture capital company, It’s also Samsung, yes, they do have a partnership with Samsung, they just think they own Google Samsung And Binance, and the blockchain is basically some blockchain venture capital, some The space for the largest companies involved in the Internet and cryptocurrencies is so big, Today they are still only 2.3 billion, which still surprises me. They are indeed the second token on the theta blockchain. It is a utility token that can decentralize the transmission of video and data, and it can also act as a gas token , Basically this means that it is used to provide um with the power of all operations through this token (the gas token), And they can provide the theta blockchain um with all operational capabilities, such as payment to the repeater Video streaming and smart contracts used by video sharing um for deployment and um-related fees Like nfts or d5 applications, this is a very big thing for you, you have to know this It is still 2.3 million or 32.3 billion, and it is doing everything.

In these respects, I think the use case Is ten out of ten, and I really see this growth, once people realize that the future scale will Big, especially because everything they are involved in is A market continues to grow, so I really think this value is underestimated, and I really do I think the value will reach at least 10 times or 15 times in the next 12 months. By the end of 2021, I See at least 8 or 7 stocks of fluctuations, so anchoring will continue to be my last one, I want to tell Everyone, this is my favorite one, it has a lot of technology, and it was first realized Nodes, let me first talk about their node nodes will be a large part of the future of the Internet, You must understand that they are cheaper than any company nearby , And there are many companies and platforms that provide nodes like them, but They are more expensive, so the fact that they are cheaper will also make them skyrocket in March ket cap list, I believe yes, they are only 80 years old, I can see them easily Enter the top 30 before the end of the year, or enter the top 20 before the end of the year, and as the market develops Development, I did see their development.

Can reach about 10 to 15 times um, and They will basically implement these blockchain technologies and default applications Are mainstream companies of um, and these companies are not cryptocurrencies yet, I want you to know You’ve been right long ago, we are all in the early stages of cryptocurrency, which will Is one of the biggest investment opportunities in life, five to ten years from now , The market value of the entire cryptocurrency will reach 50 times or 100 times. right now, It will continue to grow, this is the future, I just want to tell you, congratulations Be able to join early and you will be successful in the future

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