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Welcome back to Perry Unlikely i'm going to give you my last update on Acria network which was touted as the next Chainlink of the Polkadot ecosystem so obviously it's an oracle now i gave an update a few weeks ago and i just want to do a final one to let you know my thoughts and really just a conclusion of what direction i'm going in so i want to make it clear that in no way am i trying to fud the project this is facts not fud i'm simply trying to give you my opinion but at the same time some of the things that i'm explaining to you they're not opinion they're just strictly facts so i want to make sure that you know in no way do i want to fud the project because those that truly believe in it have a good time enjoy it you obviously will see in the end if you were right or if you were wrong but for those who have concerns i think it's important that they get addressed and if they can't be addressed then those people need to take action what i'm also going to do in this video is i'm going to point out three other projects that are associated with Polkadot two on the Polkadot ecosystem and one on the Cosmos blockchain that is partnered with Polkadot that are oracles and we're going to look at the comparison of those projects and those projects are new as well two of them and we're going to compare those to Acria Network and it's going to allow you to do your own comparison and come to your own conclusion and don't forget i'm about as much of a financial advisor as Dr Phil is a psychiatrist no never mind i am not a financial advisor before you do anything with your money you should seek the help of a professional [Music] so let's go ahead and look at social media and engagement and some of the problems that people have been pointing out it's important that you make your own decision it's very important that you go to the telegram go to the twitter page go to various places look at their website and make a determination for yourself i do not want to flood the project but i just want to let you know my thoughts on it of course in their telegram as i look the telegram going back all the way back to when i initially heard about the project from DIY Investing when Donovan Jolly spoke on it and one thing that i continue to see is a bunch of questions that are going unanswered there are moon boys in there and you see comments such as it's new let's just give it some time but i'll tell you um i'm not in the business of throwing my money down a hole and waiting to see what pops out now other people may do that that is not how i roll crypto is a business at the end of the day um because whatever you're investing in should be looked at as a business so the biggest issue i see in all aspects of the project the communication is trash it's it's just not acceptable so like i said i encourage you to go into the telegram and obviously look for yourself and you'll see the questions so even my view on it i'm only saying what i see and what other people can see and there's a lot of concern around this what i will say is there is someone that did say they got a refund back i want to say it was for 700 so they said they didn't feel it was a scam because they did get their money back but also i'm seeing where many people have asked for a refund and asked questions about how many have they given and they haven't got their refund and there is also no response to if they are currently actually giving refunds so that's kind of another question there just another lack of communication and a lot of people are simply just saying hey can i help with the communication can you guys you know do a better job and really getting nothing people have been banned for asking questions saying it's fud and um if you see asking a question about a project questions that are vital to a project as fud that's a big issue that's a big issue now when we look at their twitter there's basically no activity seven tweets and one thing i noticed i couldn't even see where they actually mentioned that they're even a part of the polka dot ecosystem so for me that's a red flag um and while i was looking uh as far as followers they have 336 so it's hardly grown since the last update i gave so just not really that much activity and something else i came across that was interesting while looking i actually came across two other projects that are supposed to be on polka dot that seem way more promising i am not telling anyone to go invest in any of these i'm just simply giving these to you as comparison first of all we have Kylan bidding across chain platform powering the data economy on polka dot they have 10 500 followers on twitter so look at that comparison when you're looking at how many Acria Network has and also what automatically stands out about them and you can read it in a medium article is they have a strategic partnership with paid network that just did 100x over 100x to me that sounds promising next we have polka oracle they have over 3 400 followers on twitter so we know there's some engagement there and we get a glimpse at six of their developers that just got signed up with the academy for substrate so we know they're involved with substrate associated with polka dot and third we have Bluzelle now Bluzelle is not a Polkadot project it's actually on the cosmos blockchain but they have a partnership with Polkadot as well and they also provide data so even the fact that we're seeing these three that seem to be legitimate this alone tells us that unlike Chainlink that was first to the punch it looks like Polkadot is going to go for more of a committee of oracles so if they do that it looks like there's not going to be quite as much of an opportunity as really a second chain link that doesn't mean there's not amazing opportunity but if they're going to spread the wealth across everyone Polkadot may not have that heavy hitting oracle you have to do the research and find out for yourself but that's what i'm starting to believe but these projects are just they seem to be better and Bluezelle has over 45 000 followers on twitter so compare this engagement to Acria Network it's a strike against acura network new or not so my conclusion of Acria Network one thing is is the minimum amount that you could put in in this pre-sale was 200 at the time of that pre-sale i think it's important that because you're investing i think it's important that you focus on what your money is doing for you at the time of that pre-sale if you hadn't done the minimum that 200 and you would have taken it and you would have put it into UNI your money would have went from 200 to over 1200 bucks I think it's important to point that out because people go into pre-sales looking for astronomical gains and i think that's okay it's risk reward the problem is is when you're in a pre-sale and your money's waiting and we're in a bull market and you can't get answers about where the project's headed it's not acceptable if you think it's acceptable that's fine and more power to you my personal opinion i do not think so and i simply think that money that was put into this project especially where we're at in this cycle could be used way better matter of fact i know it could because at the same time i first looked at this project and got involved i did put my money into uni so i've seen it on a first hand basis so i think it's important that we point that out long term for me um i have seen where people are asking for a refund i personally think you as an investor should do what's good for you but i think those who have asked for a refund are smart the project simply is not up to par in terms of when you look around at other projects going on you're seeing hundred x's you're seeing communication you're seeing a community that's growing in this project even if this was revolutionary and was going to be the next Chainlink as far as what the actual fundamentals of the project were and they had the ability to do it how would they do that if no one knows who they are and without engagement no one will know who they are and meanwhile we've got other projects with ten thousand forty five thousand almost four thousand followers that engagement alone on a bad project would do better than this project even if it was good because they're not reaching people so those are my faults i think you should do what's best for you i'm not pleased with this project and i will cut my losses obviously like i said i suggest a refund can't get that fine whatever we're in the middle of a bull market i can go get it somewhere else and i have been doing that so those are my thoughts no attempt to fud the project i hope they they do well i hope the best for them but i've just not seen enough to be impressed in the time that this projects went on i've seen projects that have done way better so um let me know your thoughts in the comments it's important i'd like to know what you think also let me just point out Donovan Jolly with DIY Investing i'm very disappointed a lot of people put their trust in him and it looks like he's not even a part of this project whatsoever it looks like he took the bag to shill people and ran with it i hope that's not the case but we won't know because he will not do a video to let us know and it's disappointing to me so those are my faults i hope you like this video I just try to be as honest as possible and bring facts no feelings hit the like button really helps the algorithm i really appreciate every single subscriber please hit the subscribe let me know what information you want to know how can i help you i've been in this space for quite a while if you're looking for something i will try my best i know i did this video because people are asking about it and i think it's important that um i try to help those who are are requesting it that's what i'm here for i will be coming up with several more videos with more content it's an exciting time we are in the altcoin season and it is going nuts i'm gonna keep you up to date like i said make sure you hit the subscribe button hit the bell for notification and i will see you next time on Perry Unlikely [Music]

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