Acoer open health data to all

He was there a few years ago, my father Some models fall into apostasy Life in Britain, I think Ever since I heard nothing All was well and go there Visitors are desperately looking for him The weak can win and walk around There was a massive brain aneurysm and there Something went wrong There was a problem there was wrong Disconnect with people who see him The dead are compared to non-physicians Technology can help here yeah I firmly believe in helping Traditions for the peasant life science You have a lot of closed systems I have what I think of siled facts Interactive. Data when not available Bind in a unique format A very specific application for data overload Open Pharma Medicine is hard to turn over I'm laughing, an ambitious first step Strive with my team activities at the Sottero Building A huge set of open technologies Interactive by design that. It is not possible A material impact on the patient's physical results Things I did or did last This problem revolves around this problem in a few months What we's included is a general drug supply scarcity It takes effective data Then use the supply chain and our new era Real-time indexing and search And then aggregation and technologies Trade era for real-time Trading information that is possible An example emerges when an event occurs Regulation is possible by the FDA in this case You can see the log and a real-time flow What's happening throughout this whole thing Supply chain as a technician without us This is where you build the software You know the work of people like us I'm working with my open technologies There's lucky and other like-minded people Innovators, we really have the opportunity to Make a real human impact A boy's [Music]

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