$900 Tone Vays Bitcoin? Thanks for the Monero- Could it end up Altcoin of 2017? Ethereum, Zimbabwe

hello everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out the new section below for important links and information like my cryptocurrency addresses i have many so about two weeks ago in the last two weeks i have been sent monaro and i have not been checking my narrow account so I'd like to thank the person or people who have been sending me mineiro I really appreciate it i'm sorry i didn't say thank you sooner but I haven't been checking the balance of my Monero account and it is anonymous and everything so I don't know who sent it but thank you very much to the people or person who sent the Monero and it just brings up the point I I wonder here in 2017 just around the corner which altcoin will end up being altcoins 2017 I mean who was the all kind of 2016 I'd say it was a theory on because of just the beginning of the year that just the mad rush into Ethereum the hope that it could be a number two strong strong number two that could overtake Bitcoin I mean the almost the warlike mentality and some Ethereum fans had when talking about Bitcoin and then just a huge kinda split Ethererum hands with hearing was it was the aucoin of 2016 for a number of positive and negative reasons but for 2017 is going to be there Monero will never make a big splash will be some coin that we don't even think about it hasn't even been created yet we shall see we shall see I don't think I'm making a prediction that one but I I you know I i do talk about a narrow line here so they're talking about the narrow it's a contender for 2017 no doubt about it if these dark markets really start using it more people are all these dark grey markets etc so speaking of all coins Tone Vays now today's does not like all coins but he's I listen to all right i watch the end of the show at least the end of all his shows he talks about Bitcoin he says you should subscribe this channel if you're interested in investments beyond Bitcoin even and he talks about Bitcoin breaks out from the 780 range which she I think you foresee it happening that it will quickly get up to nine hundred dollars so we made zoom through the 850 link and that's also mentioned about the Bitcoin will not be in the 800 for long he said he could go down real fast again or can go up real fast so let's see if today's nine hundred dollar bitcoin is on the way and if i put that in the title of this video to get people excited a friend I made in Zimbabwe email me an update update on the war on cash i would say it is interesting also to note that my friend went to South Africa on business he tried to swipe using his visa card it's now capped to use maximum of 50 US dollars per day and if one wants to go to the ATM he can only take the equivalent of 20 US dollars out so the bottom line is even if you get your bank card you should get your card out of your visa card out of Zimbabwe you go to South Africa which everyone tries to do they tried to buy a lot of stuff in South Africa because that's where you can get cheap good stuff international type of quality stuff you can't even charge it on you can charge fifty dollars on your card or you can just barely and then you can't get the equivalent of even twenty dollars out of the machine in Rand so anything that it's it's because externalization they don't want people taking money out of their country even you know if it's to buy essential goods is in south africa so again they gotta get their hands on and reason the guy wrote me this is just another example why he'd love to have Bitcoin because he can take his Bitcoin in south africa and spend as much money as he wants spends much Bitcoin as he wants no government no company is tell it is limiting i mean that that is just the purely pure example right there of of a war on cash but we're Bitcoin just totally blows it out of water so think about that situation tonight all of us here in america who had it pretty easy when it comes to financial insanity like that where we're even if you find a way to get out of your country you still can't use your money unbelievable when speaking about politics there's a lot of stuff a lot of politics in the air lately i'm not going to get into it a lot of crazy things can happen I mean that any could affect to find you know it could affect the stock market could affect people's port various output parts of your portfolio's so I'm saying right now that Bitcoin and i said this in other videos is insurance against all sorts of unpredictable financial instability so buy more Bitcoin if you ever get worried about the situation if you started as I don't think too much about politics I don't worry about it but you start to worry don't watch more do porn no buy more Bitcoin as insurance against financial worries calamities whatever you want to call it i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister have a great day

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