9 Best Altcoins (BIG POTENTIAL)! Top Crypto Projects Making HUGE Moves!

welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name 
is aaron we have so much to talk about in today's   video there are so many big things going on 
in cryptocurrency understand that november is   increasingly looking like a retest month november 
is increasingly looking like a retest month to me   that equals opportunity it is just insane to me 
how people will spend twenty five thousand thirty   five thousand forty five thousand on a brand 
new car but will scoff at investing even just   a thousand dollars into bitcoin ethereum dot salon 
eagle avax or any of the blue chips i want to wake   up one morning and see my crypto portfolio worth 
one million dollars i know it's possible and if   you believe that too smash the like button comment 
your favorite projects in the comments section   below which cryptocurrencies do you want just to 
cover going forward nine coins i want to cover   today nine different projects make sure you watch 
the video big things are happening let's start   with number one crypto.com and the crow token is 
the first crypto project making our list today   with a landmark historic deal la lakers home 
arena formerly known as the staples center has   been renamed to crypto.com arena in a 700 million 
dollar deal the arena's new name and logo will   debut on december 25th the key takeaways are as 
follows crypto.com has acquired naming rights to   the staples center in a 700 million dollar deal 
it will now be called the crypto.com arena the   deal also sees la lakers and the la kings become 
official partners of the cryptocurrency exchange   the naming right deal is one of the biggest in 
sports history and they have the rights to this   for 20 years it is undeniable the reach that 
crypto.com is gaining in america and around the   world it is crazy watching crypto.com execute 
a one billion dollar sports marketing campaign   paris saint-germain 30 million dollar deal for 
three years ufc 175 million dollar deal for 10   years formula one a hundred million dollar deal 
for five years 76ers 10 million dollar deal for   six years montreal canadiens logo at the center of 
the ice series a partnership and now a 700 million   20-year deal with la stadium this is huge let me 
know your thoughts on this in the comments section   below next cryptocurrency project making our 
list today is decentralized derivatives program   exchange coin injective protocol launching 
their mainnet launching a very sweet 120   million incentive program in fact the 120 million 
liquidity incentive program is the largest to   date within the cosmos ecosystem the key takeaways 
are as follows decentralized derivatives exchange   injective protocol has announced the launch 
of its mainnet to accompany the mainnet   launch injective is also releasing a 120 million 
program to incentivize liquidity provisioning and   trading they're incentivizing people to use their 
platform the program will allocate the funds to   market makers and traders who utilize the protocol 
based on their activity and for those reasons i'm   bullish on injective protocol next cryptocurrency 
project making our list today is a blue chip in   the metaverse huge update sandbox metaverse alpha 
to launch on november 29th after four years in   development sand prices have surged sandbox has 
announced its highly anticipated play to earn   metaverse event the information that you need 
to know is as follows animoko brand's virtual   property and gaming firm the sandbox is opening 
up part of its metaverse to players for the first   time via a multi-week play to earn alpha event 
the sandbox virtual gaming world enables users   to monetize their time spent in the metaverse 
via play to earn model the players can purchase   land and create non-fungible tokens nfts within 
the game and earn sandbox tokens sand by competing   various quests they can also stake their tokens 
into a variety of other things again they're   launching the alpha then soon beta and then soon 
the full fledged launch this is four years in   development this is a really big deal next coin 
making our list today finance smart chain still   in the conversation in a big way binance smart 
chain hits record daily high transactions the d5   platform has actually recorded approximately 1.75 
billion lifetime transactions since its launch in   august 2020.

Finance smart chain as an ethereum 
competitor or interoperator cannot be ignored   and people are using binance smart chain 
people are using ethereum ethereum wallet   meta mask the little fox that sits at the top of 
a lot of people's browsers a great way to interact   with everything in the ethereum ecosystem it's not 
the only thing but it is a very popular solution   seeing record number of users in fact 21 
million user milestone up 420 since april   consensus the ethereum software company behind 
metamask announced a 200 million funding round   as its wallet hits 21 million monthly active users 
so 21 million is a huge number huge milestone if   metamask ever launches a token kind of like 
how uniswap launched a token for people who   have used uniswap in the past if metamask ever 
launches a token and just airdrops them to   anybody who's ever used metamask this would 
make the list today the metamask coin since   that has not happened yet ethereum is the 
coin on the list today and for good reason   the the users on metamask directly relate to 
the users using ethereum d5 nfts dows and more   next coin making our list today price wise is 
actually on a major dip many people will say   chain link is dead in my opinion i don't think 
chain link is going away anytime soon especially   when you take a look at the ecosystem and for that 
reason chain link might be undervalued because   of basically these metrics i'm going to share 
with you right here chain link delivered record   ecosystem momentum in q3 of 2021 when it comes to 
momentum ecosystem growth chain link is right at   the top if you take a look at wallet holders by 
amount whether you're a minnow whether you're a   starfish whether you're a whale accumulation and 
distribution of chain link continues to increase   total value secured tvs by chainlink oracles is 
at a whopping 76 billion total value securities   at an all-time high as forbes reported 
if ethereum leads the blockchain race   chain link is in pole position among oracles many 
metrics even price on a long enough time frame is   trending up but many internal metrics are trending 
up for those reasons the synonym of chain link is   exponential growth and i believe it is undervalued 
at this point in time before we get to more   altcoins let me take 60 seconds and turn you on 
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the market today for crypto holders use the link   in the description and get 50 in free bitcoin when 
you start your choice app account today next coin   on our list is v-chain do you like v-chain are 
you a fan of v-chain let me know in the comments   below the news is this v-chain upgrades to 
proof of authority 2.0 consensus mechanism   the latest consensus mechanism upgrade is expected 
to improve several aspects of the network's   security and key operations while making it even 
more environmentally friendly if you're unfamiliar   with v chain this is what it's all about vechain 
is a supply tracking system that launched in 2015   and combines physical tracking with blockchain 
record keeping proof of authority which vechain is   and proof of stake differ from proof of work and 
that they do not require mining to reach node   consensus proof of authority achieves consensus 
by verifying users identities while proof of stake   does this by staking coins in the network the v 
chain network runs with only 101 nodes fewer nodes   reduce decentralization but increase the speed 
and reliability of the network this tends to be   favored for commercial and industrial applications 
and for those reasons v chain makes our list today   next coin making our list is the ever 
popular blue chip ethereum scaling 2 solution   polygon matic big update polygon launches zk 
stark scaling solution for dap deployment the   move is expected to improve the validation 
process for dapps on the polygon network   if you're unfamiliar with zk stark and why 
this is a big deal let me clue you in zk stark   stands for zero knowledge scalable transparent 
argument of knowledge in layman's terms zero   knowledge technology allows one party to prove 
to another that they hold private information   like a password without revealing what the 
information actually is stark is one such method   to algorithmically obfuscate prove or verify such 
information polygon has committed over one billion   for the development of zero knowledge technology 
for that reason polygon is still in the game in   a big way they're well funded doing big things 
updating i'm looking forward to seeing where   polygon goes especially as ethereum transitions to 
proof of stake next coin on our list now i don't   know if now is the best time to buy on the one 
hand bet on the winners the trend is your friend   on the other hand avalanche continues to run we've 
been talking about avalanche forever the news   is that avalanche hits all-time high above 100 as 
defy ecosystem crosses 10 billion amid a broader   crypto market crash avax the native token of the 
avalanche blockchain is moving against the grain   for that reason avalanche makes our list i do 
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is altcoin daily see you tomorrow

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