7 Steps To Make Money Online And How I Did $143,616 In Sales In One Week

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Hey guys, this is Suzi Lewis and today I'm going to show you how to build an online business. Speaker 1 (00:13):
Hey guys, this is Suzi Lewis. Again, welcome to the channel. If you haven't subscribed, you can do so below. Make sure to do that because this channel
is all about business. Today. I'm going to show you how I make a living
on the internet from anywhere in the world. There are seven steps in total and I'm going
to say the entire inside story. You're going to learn how I do up to $6,000
in commissions in one week from promoting other people's products. I'll go over how I did over $143,000 in one
week launching my own product line and I'll walk you through exactly how I did it. I'm going to demonstrate how you too can make
a Facebook fan page and do simple newsletter promotions, making affiliate commissions from
them, and then how to do a webinar, how to get amazing click through rates with email
marketing. All are basically the everyday tasks in everyday life. People ask me how I built a sustainable business
online as they see.

I truly love the freedom I have. I say if you can post on social media, make
some screen captures and email people, you've got what it takes. All right, so let's get started. Step one, find your niche and what you're
passionate about. This is a good tip. Make sure that you know what you're doing
and about what market you are working in, what products you're selling and what you're
talking about.

If you want to make a hundreds of sales a
day, you need to make sure that the niche has a market in the first place. Are there enough people out there that want
what you have to offer or will buy certain items from companies that will pay you a commission? That's pretty much how you get paid, but there
are some exceptions. For instance, selling a domain name, winning a contest, and there's a lot more income-producing
models to basically write down the list of everything that you're really good at.

Then you can cross reference your experience
level in a niche with a marketplace like on ClickBank for instance. Pick a niche that you're already interested
in, something that you know better than your competition, know the products and services
that you'll be selling. One of the things that I was really passionate
about was the blockchain and crypto technology and that's what was blowing up in 2017 so
that's why I chose to go with step two. Build your first asset. What I did to get started in affiliate marketing
is I built a Facebook fan page first. See, after I was experiencing success trading
cryptocurrencies, I knew I needed to build a fan base, so what better way to do it than
on Facebook? I clicked on start a fan page, created the page, added cool cover and began building
a fan base. Not only would I broadcast my results with
crypto, but I really wanted to entertain folks too and develop a community. Step three, promote your asset.

In the beginning you start off with zero fans,
so I would post a pic plus a description and then click on boost for Facebook advertising. I'd sped sometimes as low as $5 and get a
few hundred likes on the post. The hundred of the post that cheaper it is. Step four, start your first promotion. So now I have this fan page was around 8,000
fans. When I started posting or doing a Facebook
live, the fans were actually very active. The theme of the page was crypto. So I always kept relevant to the crypto niche
and really trying my best to help deliver value and good information. So a very useful product came out and there was a launch contest announced and I remember
thinking, man, my page and list might love this. So I emailed the owner of the new product
coming out and asked if I could participate in the launch and promote his product. I scheduled a webinar and my go to webinar
account to demonstrate using the product and then began to post the registration link on
my fan page. I had around a hundred or so people registered
for a certain time on a certain day and then I did the webinar.

During the webinar. I first introduced myself, talked about the
strategies and software. I demonstrated the software and then I showed
people how they could buy it in that same order. Now when I started showing how to buy it,
people didn't buy it right away. I had to answer questions. Then showed the sales page a couple of times. Then I saw my first sale called in for $100
commission. I then spent another hour helping people and
talking to them about their purchases. Then I said goodnight and went to sleep. In the morning. I saw people were still buying. I went into the GoTo webinar account and I
grabbed the replay video and posted it on my fan page.

More sales started coming in from the re-play. Meanwhile, the sales leaderboard came out
and I was tagged by the owner on Facebook and other social media as I was in the top
10 of affiliates for this particular launch and by the end of the week I came in number
three on the leaderboard for a $250,000 launch and those were reoccurring commissions. I was getting. It tallied up to around $6,000 when all was said and done. So the great thing was that I got to meet everyone on that leaderboard. We messaged each other, we introduced ourselves, and later on this would become some Epic friendships. Step five, creating products. I had been meaning to create crypto control
panel that would give indicators to find buying prices and selling prices. So I hired a programmer off freelancer.com
to build one. Not only was I going to use a software for
myself, but I'll release access to it for free to handle bandwidth and pay the bills.

So I put my crypto site on ClickBank and told
all my new friends that I was going to do a launch contest to kick off my new brand. The price to get access was $37 and then I
offered an upgrade to come to biweekly webinar meeting for 97 those were my products. Step six, launch your software. So launch day came and all my new friends
all promoted me at the same time. And in the first seven days I did $143,000 in sales. By the end of the month we did almost $250,000
in sales, 1500 transactions, a very exciting competitive sales contest in tons of happy
customers and many of them I was going to meet live on my webinars. Step seven promote to your buyers list. So now I had over 1500 buyers in my software
who are automatically added to my autoresponder@sunlane.com and you can broadcast to the list when other
offers come out or to invite them to my webinars and workshops there. I would speak with them and the webinars and
share my screen again doing something that I knew well and enjoyed doing. I still do these webinars to this day for
up to seven hours.

Sometimes they are so FUN, but users will
also want to know about other products and opportunities that come out. I now had this list of 1500 buyers, so I had
done many promotions to the list, so I had done $4,000 promos, $7,000 promos. Usually all in a week's time. It's fun, rewarding and allows you to work
when you want. All right guys, what are the affiliate marketing
sites that I like to use is warrior plus. What is amazing about these product lines
is their iCloud based software, technological or tutorial systems.

So in the beginning when I first started doing
this, outside of the crypto niche, one of the best ones that I did a promotion
for was this one StealthD the front end ticket cost was like $11. So it was just a lot of repetition of $11,
but some of the upgrades within the sales funnel got as high as $95. The front end offers really low, but then
as you go in, they may want, you know, a little bit more details, a little more access to
technology that's been designed within that niche or that realm. So this is a really exciting launch. I really like Stealth D, but there's other
platforms beyond warrior plus that are still gonna make you money also, which is like a
JV zoo site and ClickBank and visible was another great launch.

This particular creator of the product
actually was selling to his subscribers too. And he did this thing where if you selling
the product, then he would give you some of his sales too. So it was amazing. I think I made an additional $300 just by
him doing what he calls a reverse Kanga. That was pretty fun. So there's a lot of different options during
launch week that these product producers they give to the salespeople just to get them
to promote. And that's another thing is
I didn't win a contest with any of these, but this was my first year in affiliate
marketing outside of the crypto niche.

But beyond the contest money, there's other, perks. Sometimes these sales guys where the product
creators will give you a hundred percent commission for a few hours of the launch or also a hundred
percent commission, maybe for like one or two days during a launch or even a post launch
promotion will happen on a weekend. So this is an AWEBER email account. We are in my Crypto Girl email list. That was just designed specifically from
people that have come to my weekly webinars. So this isn't from a product launch, this
is just when people that come to the weekly tutorials.

So here we have 18% on this particular email
that went out, 18.6% opened it, 106 people opened it, 34 people clicked on it. Now I don't sell anything in this email. So there's no sales and this is the email. Oh my goodness, you've got to see this. Always looking to find ways to put more and your investment portfolio. See you Wednesday, CG. So right now what you're looking at is the
emails that I've sent out to our subscribers on the left it's showing what
what you see in your email box. On the right, you're going to see all
the numbers. Like it's going to say a percentage of the
people that actually opened the email. You know, it's very rare to have 100% open
email, right? Anything over 10% is really good.

So 21% open rate is pretty good. 33% is very good. The second digit is the click
clicks is the percentage of the people that opened clicked on it. This is the when, when I was doing the "Invisible"
launch and these are some one of my lists that I would email to and I would say all
right in 30 minutes and "Invisible"going live and then to get people excited, give them
information, that new technology that's coming out, the new tutorial and that way that when
it does go live and they're getting early bird pricing, they get the best deal of the

All right, so that's my best advice and overall instructions on how to get started. But no, the pitfalls and no, this is just
to kind of prioritize as you're building. Just always remember, pick your niche carefully. If you're a basketball player, people may
want to know how you're achieving that awesome jump. If you're good with makeup and make-overs,
people may want to know just how you got that perfect look. Or if you're an expert in dogs, maybe you
want to put together a dog training fan page. The secret is the more qualified and experienced
you are and the more accolades you have in that niche, the better the video product or
fan page is going to do. Basically, if you're going to teach something,
know what you're talking about. No fake gurus allowed. I was actively trading crypto before I decided
to create a business. Being a blockchain activist and educator, this is the key. People fail when they don't have accolades,
proof and experiences in a niche, and now start opening a fan page in your perfect niche. Then you can build your own product if you

Remember, you always have the choice to pick
and choose which business model you want to get into. This guy is the limit and no worries. If you cannot do all of your favorite niches
at the same time, it's definitely impossible. If you have no technical background, I am
absolutely not a computer genius here, but Hey, look, if you want to learn more, I strongly
suggest you come to my weekly webinar.

It's at LAPTOPMODE.COM/GO that's
a GO and I'll get you a free upload. You can sell for commission, and I look forward
to meeting you this week and Hey, remember subscribed and channel, press the like button
and click the bell. Make sure you leave a comment and I'll get
back to you. Thanks for watching this video and let me
know if you've got a lot out of it..

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