7 Coins Under a Penny with Millionaire Potential (2020 Crypto Picks)

most people agree that the bitcoin is heading to hundreds of thousands of dollars if not soon then some point over the next few years this is fantastic if you either got into Bitcoin very early or you have a lot of money already to invest but most people don't fit into either of those categories this is why all coins are so powerful they give people a second chance to get in early enough to make a killing new investors are always drawn to coins that are as cheaply priced as possible so today we are gonna be looking at the very best coins you can buy that are under a penny each oh and I'm gonna be giving away $100 in any of the coins you choose from the list to one lucky winner let's get it [Music] [Music] hello and welcome to Pip Boy crypto your one-stop shop for all things related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency I make videos on this channel almost every single day if you like what you hear or see then please make sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell to turn on notifications if you'd like to take the conversation even further then please make sure to join my telegram group the bit squad alright guys I'm back if you didn't know I lost my ability to upload for a few days based on some YouTube stuff and I talked about it on my live stream last night but the point is it was out of my control but I'm back now make sure you are signed up for my email list @ bit boy crypto comm so you can stay up to date if anything like this ever happens again but today we're gonna be taking a look at my top seven coins valued under one penny each these are coins that could make you an ungodly amount of money to give you a jump start I'm gonna give away $100 in the corner of your choice from the list today you get to pick any of the seven all you have to do is go join my telegram group and join the Bose Agoura telegram group if you do those two things all you have to do is drop your telegram handle in the comments below and I'll pick a winner next week and yes I'll confirm you join both groups but Sakura is a project I have been working with that's been pumping and I'm very bullish on it so make sure to do that and I will be giving an update on why bow Sakura has been pumping in my next video but you do have to understand one thing before we get started which is the relationship between the circulating coins in the price bitcoin has eight point two five million circulating coins this is one of the lowest amounts in crypto aetherium for instance has a supply of 110 billion coins you see supply and demand dictates that the less of something there is the more valuable each individual part is you will find that all of the coins we are covering today have large supplies so if you think a project priced at half a penny with 50 billion coins in its supply is going to hit $1 and Mergui cap would have to 200x so when you are factoring in how many gains you can get you have to look at the market cap and figure out what is reasonable if a project is at forty million dollars in market cap then it would have to reach almost a trillion dollars to see those gains projects with large supplies diminish the values of each coin individually which is why they're priced so low the price is not nearly as important as the amount of coins and the market cap for each of these coins I'm also going to be telling you how much the market cap would need to be for these coins to reach $1 hopefully to put it into perspective for you it won't be exact because projects release new circulating coins over time but it'll be close enough you guys will get the point I know you guys love sub penny coins so let's count them down kicking off the list I have poon DX it's coming in at a shade over 1/100 of a penny this is a project based out of Indonesia whose goal is to bring mass adoption to retailers through their point of sale devices I do believe that this project has potential and my review of it was one of the first videos I made on this channel that actually did well the one thing I do worry about in regards to this project is whether or not they have enough first mover advantage to block companies like square or Visa from crushing them if retail crypto payments becomes popular but I've been encouraged because I've seen a lot of people in my community asking me about this project and that has made me get a little more bullish on it because there's something going on that's making people excited for puni x to reach $1 per npx token and PX s token the market tab would have to be 234 billion dollars it's six we have hollow chain the prices coming in right now at about one fifth of one tenth of a penny these numbers are so small it's really hard to even comprehend the prices hollow chain technically doesn't even use blockchain it hopes to be the next iteration of technology that can actually be more decentralized and more secure than blockchain itself ho jane has a strong community and many people who like what they are trying to do at its heart ho Jane is a community project since hollow chain apps can only be ran by the people who use them without the need for servers hollow chain is only seven Satoshi's compared to the Bitcoin price the token for hollow chain is the hot token for this project to reach $1 the market cap would have to be one hundred and sixty three billion dollars next DX chain the price of its token DX is currently coming in at about 15% of one penny this is an up-and-coming data block chain that is looking to solve three real big problems in the world which are computational power storage and privacy this is something that's going to become a bigger and bigger problem in the world no question about it and honestly I've not been super impressed with other projects in this niche like storage or sign while crypto may not see adoption any time soon in terms of retail I do believe these larger issues with privacy and data storage are going to need to be addressed sooner rather than later for DX to reach $1 per D X token the market cap of this project will need to reach a shade under 50 billion dollars at number 4 let's take a look at the classic dogecoin which is coming in at 1/5 of a penny now dogecoin is one of the oldest curved notes and is one of the highest-ranked projects under a penny Doge doesn't really do anything it is known as simply a meme coin that's based off of a famous internet meme involving a Shiba dog there is not a lot of promise for this project to become some type of a two cryptocurrency in the future for anyone outside of its own community so you're probably wondering why it's on this list well the reason is actually very simple Doge has been known to preclude big price bumps in the market if you check out its order books on major exchanges you will find much more volume on Doge than other projects the reason is because since the Satoshi value is low of movement of one Satoshi up or down can be the difference in a lot of money this provides a lot of liquidity on exchanges for people to jump in and out a Bitcoin which provides a lot of value for the space and when the market goes up we're gonna need that for dozier each $1 the market cap would have to go to 123 billion dollars third my favorite project iOS T the price of iOS T is the largest we've seen yet on this list and is coming in at a little over half a penny so many people have a lot of hope that this project is going to be able to rebound as it's now dropped to number 80 on claim ArchiCAD but the quality and decentralization of this project has been on full display when compared to the Tron networks recent hostile takeover of steamin plus when you add in the 15% annual staking returns you can get if you buy this coin and vote for my node on the network it could be a good deal if you're interested in learning about staking coins then please make sure they check out my top staking coins video above iOS D has reached Heights of 13 cents in the past so for iowa's T to reach $1 doesn't seem that out of the question the market cap would have to reach a total of 12 billion dollars second I have digit bite coming in at about three-fifths of a penny like Iowa's t d g/b has seen some pretty big drops across claim market cap is it as a former top thirty project now down in the 70s recently I haven't seen anyone bullish on this project outside of its community as it has been dropping and no one is really talking about it and that actually makes me think when there's blood on the streets what are you supposed to do buy usually going to do the exact opposite of what people are expecting them to do in vigil bite has a strong community and it is a super fast cryptocurrency that has great apps already built for it the one thing this project is missing is a major exchange listing if it can ever manage to secure a top three exchange listing I think you can make a big comeback it reminds me of what V chain went through last year when the Sinemet just suddenly changed on it it went from completely negative to positive seemingly overnight and it's come rushing back I could see the same future for did you bite for d g/b to be worth $1 per coin the market cap would have to be 13 billion dollars speaking of V chain I have it taking the top spot as I mentioned this was a project that I believe has really turned things around over the last year the price of one ve T is coming in at about the same price as DG B at 3/5 of a penny per coin v chain is sitting right now in the number 30 spot on coin market cap but I believe it has strong momentum I can definitely see this project we're turning to the top 20 so I'm buying several projects in front of it that I think it has more momentum than we've talked pretty extensively about V chain on this channel it has big partnerships and is making big moves in the development and supply chain tracking world for V T to reach $1 per coin the market cap would need to be 55 billion dollars I believe that there is a path for some of these coins to get to at least one dollar but for others like Puni X it would take aliens dropping us more money out of this guy they're probably not enough money in the world to justify that but just make sure to study the way that circulating supply market cap and price all worked together a coin with a trillion coins in its supply would never reach a number like $1 it just doesn't make economic sense but many of these projects do have huge potential and also don't forget to enter my contest by joining my telegram group and Bose agura's telegram group those links will be down below in the video description and probably in the comments as well but now it's your turn what are your top off coin picks that are less than a penny drop your favorite ones down below in the comment section I hope you enjoyed this video if you did don't forget to smash the like button and join the fastest growing community in crypto the bit squad by hitting the subscribe button thank you so much for watching I'm glad to be back have a blessed day way out [Music]

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