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channel we keep you informed on a daily basis   in today's video i want to talk about certain 
cryptocurrencies that are doing two things number   one making big news and number two cryptos that 
are primed for big moves ahead some of the coins   we're talking about in today's video are bitcoin 
algorand ferocity cardano rally tezos elrond xrp   many of these coins you have been commenting at 
us lately saying cover ferocity cover xrp cover   elrond that's exactly why i'm covering it today 
if there are coins that you want us to talk   about going forward let us know in the comments 
below and let's get into it first of all because   this is huge news let's talk about something that 
affects every single cryptocurrency that you hold   this is global adoption another country has 
come around to bitcoin and cryptocurrency   the news is this that ukraine has passed a law to 
legalize bitcoin and cryptocurrency businesses the   new law will allow crypto businesses to operate 
legally in the ukraine this is hugely bullish   the key takeaways are this ukrainian parliament 
has voted in favor of the virtual assets bill   the bill recognizes crypto as an intangible 
asset and creates norms for exchange operations   it permits citizens to open and use bank accounts 
for transactions with cryptocurrency assets   what do you think about the news that i 
just shared a country doing this a country   in my opinion this cannot be understated and 
they're one of the first but they surely will not   be the last and it's going to be a domino effect 
it's going to be a snowball rolling down a hill   this is global adoption hugely bullish for the 
entire space not just bitcoin but crypto in   general with that being said let's move forward 
with some altcoins elgarand is making a major   play to build out its defy ecosystem 
now if you're unfamiliar with algorand   it's basically an open source depth platform 
ethereum's the biggest name brand you can compare   algorand to a solana to a tezos to an avalanche 
and it's creating a fund we've seen plenty of   other layer ones create funds like this and go 
on with major success the algorand foundation   has launched a new 300 million dollar fund to 
build out a d5 ecosystem so let's talk about   this algorand has entered the ongoing race among 
various layer 1 blockchains to acquire d5 users   of course ethereum has the biggest market share 
in this regard and el grand is trying to make   its ecosystem more robust however they already 
host several d5 projects already including idecs   hummingbot yieldly opulus securitize however the 
amount of liquidity and activity in the ecosystem   for algorand is low compared to many 
other layer ones however by adding   a war chest of over 300 million and by adding key 
pieces of infrastructure like a bridge in oracle's   hopes to lay the foundation for a flourishing 
ecosystem and fuel early growth of defy in   the algorand platform a 300 million dollar fund 
like this could really fuel algorand and really   make its defy ecosystem competitive now i've been 
getting a lot of comments like i said on algorand   recently which is why i was happy to cover it the 
next cryptocurrency i've also been getting tons   of comments about let me know in the comments if 
you like ferocity and why you like it because this   is a project everybody's still trying to fully 
understand i'm going to break it down for you   the news is this ferocity receives notice 
of allowance for second view patent   so veracity uses proof of view to detect the 
fraudulent creation and manipulation of nfts   let's unpack this a little bit first of all if 
you're unfamiliar verocity aims to significantly   increase user engagement and video monetization on 
video platforms its products include a proprietary   ad stack as well as a reward system that is 
integrated into software development kits for   youtube vimeo and twitch and all other major 
video platforms now the news what's happening   their achievement verocity a leading company 
and blockchain powered ad tech has received a   notice of allowance for the second patent of its 
blockchain proof of view system and a method from   the united states patent and trademark office 
once ferocity the product layer platform for   esports and video entertainment once they pay 
the issuing fee the patent will automatically   be granted to the company within a few weeks 
this patent can be found in full under u.s   patent application number 17 1920-45 and in fact 
this is a globally protected patent now again this   is about fraud detection the proof of view patent 
covers all aspects of how nfts can be fraudulently   created and manipulated including ways that 
are often overlooked or not yet common practice   so veracity it's like a theta a little bit they're 
certainly differentiating themselves from many   other cryptocurrency projects just the way they're 
going about growing it's interesting to keep track   of let's talk about cardano and actually 
how cardano is surpassing ethereum in a few   different metrics so cardano buys with ethereum 
for most active developers cardano is launching   smart contracts this weekend as part of its alonso 
network upgrade so in brief ethereum and cardano   ranked first and second for most active monthly 
developers and cardano beat ethereum on the number   of github commits per month to get specific with 
this data there is a report done from blockchain   development trends top 50 blockchains they pull 
data from july 2020 through june 2021 and they   found that cardano had the most commits per month 
on github code repositories with 701 that's a 24   increase from the previous year ethereum came in 
second with 447 to go further ethereum and cardano   ranked first and second in terms of monthly active 
developers with 168 and 165 per month respectively   so it does seem that ethereum is still leading 
the charge but cardano is nipping at its heels   and open source dap platforms could not be hotter 
the question is what dapps will be going live on   cardano after september 12th after the upgrade 
cardano's defy ecosystem is likely to develop   over months following alonzo hard fork well what 
dapps exactly will we see you know guys keep in   mind september 12th isn't the end this is just the 
beginning and building out an ecosystem takes time   there will be plenty of projects that fail like 
we see in ethereum all the time throughout the   years and there will be plenty of projects that 
succeed and basically cardano's ecosystem is   going to look a lot like ethereum's ecosystem 
or solana's ecosystem defy dexes play to earn   games nfts but this does not happen overnight 
but we're looking forward to it and with support   from some of the biggest exchanges around 
like finance cardano surely is one of the   one of the blue chips in the cryptocurrency 
space to watch one of the most talked about   the most beloved coins this year is cardano 
changed my mind someone else to watch   ucla bruins basketball player jalen clark launches 
his own cryptocurrency he's launching a social   token he's using the rally platform this is the 
future pay attention jaylen clark is now the first   ncaa player to launch his own cryptocurrency 
taking advantage of the ncaa's new name image   likeness policies the details are this ucla bruins 
men's collegiate basketball player jalen clark   may still only be a substitute but this sophomore 
guard is hoping to net mvp status in the crypto   world through his upcoming cryptocurrency launch 
called j-rock so ucla players tapping into social   tokens clark partnered with tokenization platform 
rally to create j-rock rally is a no-code platform   that lets creators launch their own social 
tokens if you're unfamiliar social tokens   are personalized cryptocurrencies that followers 
of influencers or in this case college athletes   can buy and redeem for goods and services or 
hold to gain access to exclusive privileges   so those who buy j-rock which currently trades 
for a price of 54 cents down six cents from its   current price can expect from its launch price 
these people who hold the token can expect access   to special tickets giveaways exclusive merchandise 
or the chance to appear in one of the rising stars   youtube videos which go out to 23 000 subscribers 
in december 2020 of course we know little yachty   releases on yachty cryptocurrency through swedish 
tokenization platform farwooz anyway it's not   just about this guy or lil yachty it's about how 
we're only going to see more of this happen right   moving forward tezos up 24 on 
back of dozier cat nft launch   doja cat has done more for tezos this year than 
almost anybody price of tezos has skyrocketed   over the past 24 hours following the launch of an 
exclusive nft collection from the musician dojicat   now here we're talking about a following with 
3.4 million followers on twitter and another 14.3   million on instagram american singer-songwriter 
rapper and singer doja cat has an outsized   influence on pop culture she's now launching a 
non-fungible token or nft on the tezos powered   platform one of the news could not be more bullish 
for the tezos token so tezo's still in the game   thanks to doja cat and the bigger picture here 
is that dap platforms are hot this year speaking   of that big step forward eagled elrond holders 
big step forward for global adoption the world's   largest retail economy now has direct access 
to e-gold i believe he's talking about the us   e-gold available for purchase in the u.s via 
moon pay hq using meijer and our on-ramp page   it's time new growth phase begins so it's 
just another it's a major platform in the   us and you can buy and sell e-gold on this 
platform so this is good for adoption right   let's talk about xrp something interesting is 
happening with xrp lately as you know they're   going through their case with the sec in my 
opinion whenever this gets settled they will   either get a slap on the wrist like we've seen the 
sec do so many times or they'll get off i don't   think they're going to come down that hard on xrp 
because they haven't come down hard on anybody   really the interesting thing is this many people 
are speculating that coinbase is going to re-list   xrp soon it's because the xrp trading pair started 
to appear on the coinbase pro mobile application   today september 10th and then coinbase quickly 
said oh it was a mistake we didn't mean to you   know to to realist to to show the price of x rp 
on coinbase pro mobile app that was a mistake and   you know it's like does coinbase know something 
we don't that's the question is xrp closer to   winning their case than farther it's pretty 
interesting we're going to keep you informed   on this so make sure you subscribe and let's 
move forward let's talk about eth layer twos   huge metric for each layer twos there's already 
more daily transactions on ethereum layer twos   than on bitcoin yesterday according to coinmetrics 
which is very reliable each layer twos are just   getting started not a knock on bitcoin but 
hugely bullish for each layer twos and i'm   bullish on both and it could not have come 
at a perfect time now we're at a burn rate   of 5 8 per minute the ethereum ecosystem 
continues to explode with that being said   let me know which coins you are looking at in 
the comments below which coins you want to cover   in the future if you appreciate us coming 
at you in the video give the video a like   let me know what you think is going to happen 
with the xrp lawsuit if you like ferocity   algorand cardano whatever you like join us on our 
road to 1 million subscribers see you tomorrow

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