6090 CNC router machining a $1,200 coin medallion demonstration in solid brass with ArtCAM,

hello once again welcome to my workshop today we're going to do something really special today we're going to make a coin on this machine so I hope you enjoyed you because there is the finished item although this is an American dollar coin now there's a few floors built into it the main one is it's twice as big as what the original is so this is really my artist impression of a dollar coin and they will notice also notice that I've engraved the the right in around the edge and of course the original the writing is risen so you really can't spend anything like this this is really just a representation or a medallion so I hope you've enjoyed watching this demonstration today and I hope you look at all my other demonstrations in actual fact up in the top pearl your right hand corner up here you'll find a little red box you press on that and it'll take you straight to my youtube station have you in the youtube station if you press on videos all my videos will come up some maybe 50 now I think this is 49 and please subscribe and press like if you like so until next time thank you very much for watching bye for now

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