6 GPUs Auto Start Walton Coin!

ladies and gentlemen this is the digital gold channel we were on Walton day one mining its release pulling in $100 a day on 110 seventy TI GPU today I am here with a remote computer super excited to show you something breakthrough technology right as you can see we have our normal Walton GPU and when we click on node one we go to key stores and there's nothing in there when you normally load a miner you have to go through and type in your start bat and load up your program then you got to go back and hit all kinds of buttons well I'm here to show you that not only is there a way to auto run all of that typing and configuration automatically on your own but if you notice right here in device manager this is for real we have a gtx 1070 TI three of them and gtx 1080s three of them that is a total of six GPUs with a whopping eight gigabytes of RAM and a 16 actual core CPU this is an eight rise in seven eight core processor as you can see I'm not making this stuff up raw and exciting here if you go to any of these six GPUs you can see inside of node one is a keystore file however when you actually open up that file there is literally nothing but an address no way this is insane so we can mine to this public address met whether you be a GM n or MN or just a regular guy collecting the Walton check this out I'm going to run six GPUs all at once all on Walton on random different addresses or all in one address Ready Set run this is remarkable here we go it's booting up there is number one it is pulling in the block nope what is this window incredible counting down number two it is making sure that the computer will not be overloaded with the amount of processing power that's about to happen right here and as you can see number two is good and going strong here it comes in another 15 seconds number three there it is another graphics card pulling in on the Walton chain it is absolutely amazing I am so excited about this as you can see our CPU is steadily climbing or Ram is steadily staying around the 4 gigabyte range and we are cranking in some serious coin all of them are being updated on the current block as you can see right now on this address there goes another one it is the same address I showed you in the bad file and it is 36 420 and right now we are on block number with all these 36 410 will calculate in a minute here GPU number 6 there it is absolutely incredible these are just a few blocks behind it will recalculate and catch up on the next 50 to 120 seconds amazing six GPUs all mining Walton all in one computer dad is remarkable if you guys want to get yourself one of these we will only allow this program to be want run by here at digital gold with our client base get your rig orders in because this is getting exciting until then we'll check in with you next time Thank You digital gold

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