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everyone in crypto is always looking for the next small-cap coin that can get them rich overnight I know one person in real life who put $500 in a coin in 2017 and made a million dollars that's not an urban legend so it's possible to invest a small amount of money and get incredible returns at the peak of the 2017 bull run you could throw money at almost any coin and get absolutely huge ROI but will that be the same in 2020 I'm gonna explain why this all coin season will be much different than the last off coin season and why it is so crucial that you are very selective when trying to pick your next moonshot coin for your portfolio today I'm gonna be giving you six extremely low cap alt coins that could be in line for the next 1000 X let's get it [Music] hello and welcome to bit boy crypto your one-stop shop for all things related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency I make videos on this channel almost every day if you like what you hear or see then please make sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell to turn on notifications if you'd like to take the conversation even further ask me questions or just chat please head on over to my telegram group the bit squad alright guys today we're gonna be taking a look at six extremely low cap coins or as I like to call them mini caps that's because these coins are outside the top 300 but they're ranked lower than the number 1000 coin I've scoured coin market capcom to find six projects that I believe have a future and could outperform other low cappers now first and foremost I need you to understand that this video should serve as a starting point for research you must do your own research and remember these are just my opinions for full transparency I want you to know that at the current moment I don't know any of these so the information is completely unbiased I was not paid or even contacted by any of these projects however immediately following this video I'm gonna go scoop up each of them but I didn't want my own portfolio to get in the way of my research I found probably about 50 coins that I could have used for this video but I joined 'old it down to the top six but that does not mean that there are not other great minicab coins and also watch out next week because I'm gonna be doing a micro cap gem video to show you what I believe the top picks are for coins that are outside of the top 1000 on Quinn market cap but please remember well I do believe it is important to diversify your portfolio your best bet in crypto is sticking with coins that are in the top 10 or 20 however the low cap gems offer a great amount of upside but also a great amount of risk the portion of your portfolio that you invest in tiny cap coins should be minimal we should never put all of your portfolio or even I would say more than 20% at the max of your portfolio and akoi ng's that we would consider to be low cap moon shots because a lot of these small cap coins may not pump and here's one you see back in the 2017 bull run there were a total of 1359 Kryptos listed on market cap today they're 50 100 coins on coin market cap and that's an increase of 75 percent more coins that's 75 percent more garbage to wait through to find the great moon shots the fact is a lot of projects gained anywhere from 1,000 X to 650,000 X in the last bull run the higher the market cap of a coin the less likely that it is to pull a 1000 X there's only so much money in the world these are my picks that could be the next ones up to get those kinds of gains or more the coins will appear in the order that they're listed on coin market cap first we have contentos now continuous is the coin based off of cost TV a video platform ranked at number 317 contentos has recently seen a good uptick on the chart YouTube is the number two web site in the world for traffic and it shows the power of video platforms but something has happened in the last few years YouTube which is owned by Google has D monetized and E platform many creators and unfortunately that will continue to happen so people all across the world are looking for more places to create Cosmo TV has really branded itself as an international video platform it's not dominated by Americans or any one group of people and it is very friendly to international groups now while we talk a lot about how the quality of the product doesn't necessarily matter in crypto utility tokens that power platforms such as exchanges or video websites do provide incentive for their users to actually use them contentos is one I believe that you should pay attention to next we have pirate chain I interviewed crypto rich a while back on this channel and he's a huge fan of this coin and I understand why privacy coins were under attack for much of 2019 but what we've seen over the past several months is it is looking more and more like privacy coins are proving their use case simply by the surveillance state that we live in as governments and countries scramble to watch our every move and every transaction privacy coins give us a way to be private with the way that we spend our money while many of the top privacy coins like Z cash Manero and others get a lot of the attention there's definitely room for another privacy coin to move its way up into the top 100 or higher pirate chain is currently sitting at number 359 and I can envision it definitely making its way up the ladder next we have a coin coming in at number 435 vite now I was given this project by one of my bit squad members and I have to say I was definitely impressed with what I saw it recently had a large pump of 77% but I think there is more room to grow for this coin as you can see it's up 8% just today vytas live with a main net as of right now and it brands itself is a decentralized ecosystem now one thing the fight definitely has going for it is it its own finance abiding it's listing can help legitimize a project when a low cap coin is combined with a major exchange listening it's really the perfect storm because one problem many cap coins have is that their own obscure exchanges often and that makes it difficult to buy and sell them finance provides liquidity which means projects there can pump quickly invite might be that project nimac is another project I really like and it's available on KU coin another reputable exchange at one time nimac sponsored a ledger giveaway on my channel so I'm a little more familiar with this project than some of the other minicab coins but right now nimac is coming in at number 596 but the chart for nimac looks great in my opinion when troubles of the thing for low-volume coins is when you see a lot of jagged sideways lines this usually mean the coin is purely a pump-and-dump project in the lower you get on coin market gap the more common they are but to be ranked solo nimac has a natural looking chart in my opinion and looks like right now it is in the midst of a take off so what is Nemec well it's basically attempting to become a digital currency of the internet is Bitcoin has evolved into really just a store of value the opportunity exists for a project to rise up and become the currency people trade while on the worldwide web nimac runs within a regular browser which i think gives it a good shot to possibly do that alright we're really starting to get deep in coin marquee cap as our next coin is coming in at number eight hundred and fifty one player is av chained based gaming ecosystem for a long time v chain was absolutely struggling and people were calling it a scam even people inside of their own community we're starting to question the direction of the project but over the last several months things have really changed and now everyone is talking about the bright future of V chain many vjing projects stopped getting any press such as their exchange ocean X and projects like player now many crypto enthusiasts agree that gaining is a huge pathway to adoption so any token that involves gaming has an easier path to success than some other niches player aims to be an ecosystem kind of like twitch in a way where gamers are rewarded for their content skills and achievement and that sounds exciting to gamers you also have to consider how much cross investment there is between V chain and V chain based projects is V chain continues to pump it would stand to reason that it could help pump beat based projects and players the one that I'm looking at lastly let's check out up firing it's coming in at number 942 barely making the top 1000 a firing made big news as it launched its staff about a year ago it's basically a BitTorrent competitor as BitTorrent was acquired by the ever controversial justin sun and tron many people were hoping out of sheer hate for tron that up firing could compete with BitTorrent up firing is a cryptocurrency powered torrenting platform while up firing has certainly not become a heavy topic of conversation there was definitely interest in it when it launched now one thing about a bear market is that it stifles fledgling projects their budgets just aren't high enough to be able to absorb that but in a bull run some of these projects may find a second life and begin to gain traction and momentum I do believe that up firing could be one of those projects that we see during this next bull run so what do you guys think about my list are there some coins that I left out if so drop me a comment and let me know what coins you're looking at there were many more projects that I could have listed but I thought I would keep it simple with only six so you could easily do research without your head spinning I hope you enjoyed this video if you did smash the like button for me and if you haven't done so already make sure that you hit that subscribe button to become a member of the bit squad thank you so much for watching this video have a blessed day big boy out [Music]

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